Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Morning in the Blogosphere

Congratulations to former Los Angeles Times Employee Victor Banuelos 
on the graduation of his son Adam from the University of Northridge

How the NYT Mismanaged Jillghazi - The Daily Beast

Tribune names new sports, business editors - Robert Feder

Internet news: Slightly more satisfying than the post office - Poynter

Print is not dead, but research needed to dig deep - The Media Online

Canadian Newspapers Going Digital at Postmedia - What's Your Tech

Times' Newsroom Stunned Over Jill Abramson's Abrupt Dismissal - Bill Lucey

Newspaper reporter discovers that he’s allergic to newspaper ink - Romenesko

NYT has worst gender gap of big papers. LAT is in the middle - Washington Post

Inmates' Newspaper Covers a World Behind San Quentin's Walls - New York Times

Arthur Sulzberger’s Interview About the Turmoil at The New York Times - Vanity Fair

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