Monday, August 11, 2014

Support Photography School Campaign by Haywood GoldenEagle Galbreath

  • A new school year starts in a few weeks. I would appreciate if you would share this with your friends and help us make a positive change in some young people’s lives. The world of photography, photojournalism and broadcasting is a very exciting world. The students that we have taught so far in the class have gone to college.

    We need your help to continue giving the students a positive outlet for their creative talents and to purchase more equipment for them to use and take them on photography’s fieldtrips helping them to see and understand that there is a world outside the world that most of them grow up in. A positive world that they can be a very positive part of!
    Minority Photo/Journalism Institute (MPJI) was established in 2004 to give underprivileged youth the opportunity to learn photography, photojournalism and broadcasting. The mission is to give young people an outlet to develop and see the results of their creative talents. In 2010 in conjunction...

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