Saturday, September 20, 2014

Aaron Kushner's Los Angeles Register

Aaron Kushner meets The Blogging Pressman

If the rumors hold true, I will not be calling when my Los Angeles Register is missing from my driveway in the morning.

As many newspapers fold, Aaron Kushner had a vision of creating a two newspaper town in Los Angeles.

My Los Angeles Register was usually read in my bed every morning, with a hot cup of coffee within reach. The last two days I brought it to union negotiations with the Los Angeles Times.

I'm still a subscriber to the Los Angeles Times, and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, but the LA Register was something new, which can be fun and different from the other newspapers I enjoy.

You have to give Mr. Kushner credit for attempting to launch a brand new product, that just didn't seem to catch on with readers.

I'll be watching for the dreaded news that the newspaper has ceased publication, with sadness.

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