Saturday, September 06, 2014

Eugene Jones Rest In Peace - Former LA Times Employee

I've just learned our friend and colleague from the Los Angeles Times, Gene Jones, has passed some six months ago.

Gene was a very likeable man that would supply the presses with newsprint, something he had done for three or four decades. Gene will be missed by all whom he touched.

From his daughter Andreya Jones:

"Hello Edward, my name is Andreya Jones the daughter of Eugene Jones. I an reaching out to those that I've seen on his Facebook page that have posted messages. I wanted to let you know that my dad passed away on Friday, 3/14/14."

Please note, I just discovered Ms. Jones message completely by accident, a friend that's not using Facebook texted that she sent a message my way on Facebook, which was found in the OTHER in-box of my message area. The OTHER box is basically a spam filter, check this box as you may have messages from friends also. 

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