Friday, January 30, 2015

Today in Labor History

January 30  --  Union Communications Services, Inc.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is born in Hyde Park, N.Y. He was elected president of the United States four times starting in 1932. His New Deal programs helped America survive the Great Depression. His legislative achievements included the creation of the National Labor Relations Act, which allows workers to organize unions, bargain collectively, and strike - 1882

To all our union brothers and sisters – we have created a group that is strictly for fighting the upcoming campaign that the Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago are gearing up for to make the good state of Illinois right to work. Because of this, we are asking for your help to join us in this extremely important battle. We cannot afford to lose another state to RTW. We cannot allow our elected officials to take away what we have fought so hard to keep. If Illinois passes RTW it will only encourage other states to follow suit. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. Those of us that live in states that are RTW know exactly the negative affect it can have on all working men and women. Please join us on our page RTW is Wrong for IL.

We will be organizing Facebook meetings each week to strategize on what WE can do to stop any more States becoming RTW. This fight will take ALL of us. We need to send a loud message that we, the working men and women of America, will no longer sit idly by and let the government decide what is good for us. They are OUR elected officials, we are not THEIR elected followers. We need to let them know they are here to serve US, not their wallets. Because we are working people we do not have the luxury of deep pockets, but what we do have is SOLIDARITY and if we fight together we can show them that this is worth more than any money they have in their bank accounts. Our ancestors have won this war before us and we can win it again. It is time for change! It is time to let them know that WE the PEOPLE are taking back what was taken away and KEEPING what we have so rightfully earned. 

Join us in standing with our union brothers and sisters in Illinois. There are many things we can do from our own homes. You have a voice and it is time to use it. We ALL must stand up and fight. No longer can we afford to have members that have the “I got mine” attitude, we need to wake them up and shake them up to make them realize that what was fought so hard to get for them can easily be taken away and because of this it takes ALL of us. An injury to one is an injury to ALL. 

Solidarity to all. I hope you join us in this important fight.

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