Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Los Angeles Times Media Group is seeking press operators



  • As a Pressroom operator and working crew lead person, operator is responsible for the overall direction and operation of the assigned press and crew members.
  • Responsible for the efficient use of available time and staff to meet make ready production requirements.
  • Duties of the operator are to monitor and adjust the folder assembly, and to instruct, direct and work with crew members in the press operation to produce a quality product to meet the distribution schedules.


  • 2-3 years’ experience as a pressperson
  • leadership ability
  • excellent communication skills


Anonymous said...

Why not someone in house for the job? Wait, I know, 2 weeks vacation instead of 5 weeks, no sick days, no holiday pay and at a lower pay scale. Right Russ?

Anonymous said...

Right, that is what the union and the company agreed to at the table and what the memembers (press employees) voted for. If you ever asked Russ he always owned his part, have the union and the employees ever owned their part?

Anonymous said...

why not hire coin monkeys 2 do the same daily simple routine of slapping tape, plates, and stringing a piece of paper?

Anonymous said...

And what is it you do that any monkey couldn't do? Turn on their own kind. Belittle any craft? What next, they're savages, hillbillies, inbreds? Now you can sleep at night. Why dear they're just heathens. Lucky I even give them the sweat off my balls. Why Russ built this company from scratch dear.

Anonymous said...

Russ owned his part. Why don't you reach up your ass and see if there is a ham sandwhich also?

Anonymous said...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wigDHjEwPuE Copy and paste. This explains it all.