Thursday, December 31, 2015

After working for the Los Angeles Times for forty-five years, Chuck Lee has retired

(left to right) Mike Chavez, Chuck Lee, and Tony Domingo

Chuck Lee has taken the latest buyout after spending forty-five years working as a machinist for the Los Angeles Times. Chuck has witnessed the heyday at the newspaper first hand, and also experienced the large drop in circulation. It may take a few weeks but his ink stained hands will come clean within a few weeks.

Chuck was never afraid of hard work or getting into the printing units, coming out covered with ink from head to toe. His expertise in making repairs to the machinery will definitely have a negative impact on production at the newspaper.

Chuck's wife, Betty Ann Lee, is also a former employee of the Los Angeles Times, and I'm certain she has a honey do list to keep Chuck busy in retirement.

Enjoy retirement Chuck

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Anonymous said...

That's my dad !!!!!
I'll miss all those donuts and muffins.
But miss you being there the most!!!!