Friday, January 08, 2016

Friday Night in the Blogosphere

The Jeepney is seen throughout the Philippines, if you look closely you can make out 
they were once American jeeps converted to public transportation vehicles. 

On the Edge of Recession - Robert Reich

Delivering newspapers is tough work - PRI

‘The Line Between Fact and Fiction’ revisited - Poynter

Newsonomics: Setting the news table for 2016 - NiemanLab

Man-machine marriage in newsrooms likely - Editors Weblog

Tribune Media rebuilds IT from the ground up - Network World

As Time Warner Cable crows, I'm cutting the cord - David Lazarus

Chicago ABC to power newspaper weather page - Newscast Studio

OC Register to cut a bunch of community weeklies - Gustavo Arellano

Gawker union to management: Reasonable pay increases are essential - Romenesko

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