Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mike Carlson Retires from the Los Angeles Times

After spending forty-five years producing newspapers for the Los Angeles Times Mike Carlson has decided to hang it up and retire to the easy life.

Mike has seen many changes over his four and a half decade career, from Letterpress printing to offset, from manually operated presses to computer controlled machines.

Ownership of the newspaper changed several times, and publishers came and went rather quickly.

Mike helped open the Chatsworth Production Facility, and watched as it was closed as business fled to social media.

Mike was always cheerful and had many different jokes he would share with his colleagues while toiling away at getting the daily newspaper published.

Congratulations Mike on a job well done.


Anonymous said...

dont blame him for being there for along time. pressman job so ridiculous easy. 7th grader simple if even that, that pays still to much

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mike, way to go ( wonder if russ , jw , puss n' boots will show up )