Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Morning in the Blogosphere

Merly Fragata, Pastor Jim Miller, and Edward


How To Stop Fake News AND Save Newspapers - Huffington Post

Some 198 UK local newspapers have closed since 2005 - Press Gazette

Retailers Are Abandoning Newspapers This Holiday Season - emarketer

Egypt's newspapers face uncertainty after printing price hikes - Al-Monitor

LA Times Didn't Hire Writer 'Cause He's Old, Fired Him for Testifying - OC Weekly

Hoping to earn rental income, The New York Times is redesigning its office - Poynter

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened to Sunday's paper? No delivery, took 15 minutes on waiting on the phone to get through to file a complaint. Also, after getting through, 'No manufacturer's coupons in the paper' -- according to the announcement on the complaint line.