Thursday, May 25, 2017

Watch this video tribute to The Boston Globe’s newspaper printing presses

The Press-room, the unmistakable smell of ink, the loud noise, the plate cuts, ink in places only your mother has ever seen when you were a baby, the danger, yes danger that kept you on your toes so you wouldn't lose a finger, an arm, or your life. The satisfaction of creating a quality newspaper is an accomplishment that only a person that works or worked in a Newspaper Press-room understands and strives for.

Newspapers have survived the invention of radio and television but the internet has had the most damaging effect on subscriptions and circulation. Newspapers, I believe, will continue to exist but, in my opinion, not to the betterment of society or as a historical record, instead, newspapers have evolved and are mainly used to manipulate and mold the minds of their readers to the benefit of their corporate owners and shareholders. 

Now we have arrived at the reason so many newspapers have closed their doors, or as in the Boston Globes case, and others, subcontract & relocate the work to maintain or increase profits. This type of "restructuring" saves the newspaper temporarily by subcontracting the printing process in order to maintain exuberant salaries for upper management, supervision and dividends for stockholders.

I would have loved to have worked with you, my Bostonian Brothers & Sisters, you Strong Union minded men and women, United to the end! God Bless you all and your families.
In Solidarity, for Eternity!
Ronnie Pineda
Former President,
GCC/IBT Local 140-N
Los Angeles

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