Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon in the Blogosphere

With all this dismal news about newspapers I can only wonder how much longer can the Los Angeles Times continue publishing seven days per week, or even producing their own newspaper?

Why media companies are ‘sick’ of Facebook - Poynter

Newspapers still top choice for news - Detroit Lakes Online

Print LA Times falls to lowest number of pages - LAObserved

Eisendrath wants Sun-Times to serve ‘the 99 percent’ - Robert Feder

The Not-So-Bitter Rivalry of Dean Baquet and Marty Baron - Politico

Tronc Would Be Overpaying for Sun-Times at $15 Million - The Street

News Media Alliance to partner on mega-conference 2018 - News Media

CNN to Invest $40 Million in Its Video Startup Great Big Story - Bloomberg

Why Newspapers Need to Invest More in Political Cartoons - Editor and Publisher

When student journalists need defending, these lawyers swoop in. For free. - WaPo

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Anonymous said...

yep, and a cut in production employee pay would help a bit also to keep paper afloat