Friday, August 18, 2017

Today in Labor History

August 18  --  Union Communications Services, Inc.

2017.08.14 history debs
Radio station WEVD, named for Eugene V. Debs, goes on the air in New York City, operated by The Forward Association as a memorial to the labor and socialist leader - 1927
Founding of the American Federation of Government Employees, following a decision by the National Federation of Federal Employees (later to become part of the Int’l Association of Machinists) to leave the AFL - 1932

Indian paper upgrades

Indian paper upgrades: The Times is owned by media group Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. (The Times Group) and has a daily circulation of more than 3 million. The company operates 13 printing centers around the country. Ahrensburg, Germany-based EAE will exchange the entire press and drive controls, the most important drives and the obsolete Interbus loop system. The existing PECOM system will be superseded by a modern EAE solution plus an EAE Print production planning and preset system. Three control consoles belonging to the very newest EAE Desk 7 generation will simultaneously replace the present PECOM press control consoles.

Friday Afternoon in the Blogosphere

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Alaska Dispatch News files for Chapter 11

Alaska Dispatch News files for Chapter 11: 'We've worked hard to help illuminate the issues of our day and provide a platform for points of view from across Alaska,' Rogoff said in a quote in the Dispatch News. 'Yet like newspapers everywhere, the struggle to make ends meet financially eventually caught up with us. I simply ran out of my ability to subsidize this great news product. Financial realities can't be wished away.'

Today in Labor History

August 17  --  Union Communications Services, Inc.

 IWW War Trials in Chicago, 95 go to prison for up to 20 years - 1918
Bakery & Confectionery Workers Int’l Union of America merges with Tobacco Workers Int’l Union to become Bakery, Confectionery & Tobacco Workers - 1978
Year-long Hormel meatpackers' strike begins in Austin, Minn. - 1985

August 16

George Meany, plumber, founding AFL-CIO president, born in City Island, Bronx. In his official biography, George Meany and His Times, he said he had "never walked a picket line in his life." He also said he took part in only one strike (against the United States Government to get higher pay for plumbers on welfare jobs). Yet he also firmly said that "You only make progress by fighting for progress." Meany served as secretary-treasurer of the AFL from 1940 to 1952, succeeded as president of the AFL, and then continued as president of the AFL-CIO following the historic merger in 1955 until retiring in 1979 - 1894
Homer Martin, early United Auto Workers leader, born in Marion, Ill. - 1902
Congress passes the National Apprenticeship Act, establishing a national advisory committee to research and draft regulations establishing minimum standards for apprenticeship programs. It was later amended to permit the Labor Department to issue regulations protecting the health, safety and general welfare of apprentices, and to encourage the use of contracts in their hiring and employment - 1937
National Agricultural Workers Union merges into Amalgamated Meat Cutters & Butcher Workmen - 1960
Int’l Union of Wood, Wire & Metal Lathers merges with United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners - 1979

Presteligence adds geo-targeting

Presteligence adds geo-targeting: The app will send notifications to users in the specified vicinity of a stadium and during a specified time.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cooper, retired from AJC, Post, dies

Cooper, retired from AJC, Post, dies: Cooper was born in 1932 in Chicago. He attended the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and was an airplane mechanic in the U.S. Air Force.

Today in Labor History

August 15  --  Union Communications Services, Inc.

To begin what proved to become one of the world’s longest construction projects, workers lay the foundation stone of Germany’s Cologne Cathedral, built to house the relics of the Three Wise Men.  The job was declared completed in 1880—632 years later - 1248
The Panama Canal opens after 33 years of construction and an estimated 22,000 worker deaths, mostly caused by malaria and yellow fever.  The 51-mile canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans - 1914
Populist social commentator Will Rogers killed in a plane crash, Point Barrow, Alaska. One of his many classic lines: "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts" - 1935
(Workplace Jokes: Only SOME of Them Will Get You Fired!: Did you hear the one about the supervisor and the new employee who bump into each other in a bar?  Maybe, but maybe not.  In either case, you can find it and a couple hundred other great workplace jokes in this new collection, the only one of its kind.  You won’t find working people as the butt of jokes here… it’s more likely to be the boss, the banker, the yes man and the union-busting lawyer.)
President Richard M. Nixon announces a 90-day freeze on wages, prices and rents in an attempt to combat inflation - 1971
Gerry Horgan, chief steward of CWA Local 1103 and NYNEX striker in Valhalla, N.Y., is struck on the picket line by a car driven by the daughter of a plant manager and dies the following day. What was to become a 4-month strike over healthcare benefits was in its second week - 1989
Eight automotive department employees at a Walmart near Ottawa won an arbitrator-imposed contract after voting for UFCW representation, becoming the giant retailer's only location in North America with a collective bargaining agreement. Two months later the company closed the department. Three years earlier Walmart had closed an entire store on the same day the government announced an arbitrator would impose a contract agreement there - 2008

ABB releases MPS Production 6

ABB releases MPS Production 6: In this version, the entire system is transferred to the PostgreSQL database, retaining all the functionality of MPS Production 5 but avoiding the expense of an Oracle license, which was required in the previous version, MPS Production 5, according to ABB.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Bay Area News Group upgrades

Bay Area News Group upgrades: The group, which prints The Mercury News, East Bay Times, 29 community newspaper titles and other materials, has hired manroland web systems for the job.

Today in Labor History

August 14  --  Union Communications Services, Inc.

President Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act, providing, for the first time ever, guaranteed income for retirees and creating a system of unemployment benefits - 1935
Members of the upstart Polish union Solidarity seize the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk. Sixteen days later the government officially recognizes the union. Many consider the event the beginning of the end for the Iron Curtain - 1980
Former AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland dies at age 77 - 1999

Press Maintenance Mechanic - Advance Central Services Pennsylvania

Our top-quality production team is looking for an experienced Press Maintenance Mechanic. This first shift position is responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing and resolving equipment related issues on a well maintained and latest vintage Goss Colorliner Press consisting of 8 - 4/4 Towers and 3 Goss 160PG Sovereign Rotary folders.  Job responsibilities include equipment knowledge with the ability to operate, perform preventive and repair maintenance, read mechanical blueprints and repair pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Some specific work tasks include: set & replace rollers, spray bars, ink rails, blankets, iron settings, unit, folder, driveline lubrications, ink systems, etc.   
Basic job skills required include knowledge and use of specific power and industry related tools with the manual dexterity to work in a safe oriented manner.  The job is physical requiring the ability to travel up and down stairs, stand on concrete surfaces, kneeling, bending, reaching, stretching, lifting overhead, crawling and working in confined spaces with the ability to lift a minimum of 50lbs. Must also possess good hand to eye coordination and the ability to react quickly around heavy production equipment. While personal protection is provided, must also be able to work in an environment where noise and exposure to dust, solvents, oil and ink are present. 
Email resume and salary expectations to Sue Sites at
The Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, physical or mental impairment, or any other category protected under federal, state or local law.

About Us: As a prominent daily commercial print company, Advance Central Services Pennsylvania fosters a collaborative working environment for talented individuals who can contribute to our commercial print success. Advance Central Services Pennsylvania is a shared services company that provides critical support functions for our sister operation PA Media Group, a digitally focused news and information company, which publishes and operates The Patriot-News, PennLive, Central PA Magazine.  Our state-of-the-art commercial print facility in Mechanicsburg, PA, also offers printing and advertising inserting services for a growing range of print clientele.  As an industry SNAP certified operation, we produce two high quality daily newspaper products, comics, several weeklies and our own editions of The Patriot News three days a week.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Today in Labor History

August 09  --  Union Communications Services, Inc.

Knights of Labor strike New York Central railroad, ultimately to be defeated by scabbing - 1890
Nine men and one woman meet in Oakland, Calif., to form what was to become the 230,000-member California School Employees Association, representing school support staff throughout the state - 1927
A fire and resultant loss of oxygen when a high pressure hydraulic line was cut with a torch in a Titan missile silo near Searcy, Ark., kills 53 people, mostly civilian repairmen - 1965
United Papermakers & Paperworkers merge with Int'l Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite & Paper Mill Workers of the U.S. & Canada to become United Paperworkers Int’l Union, now a division of the Steelworkers Union - 1972
Some 73,000 Bell Atlantic workers end a successful two-day strike over wages and limits on contracting out of work - 1998
The United Steelworkers and Amicus, the largest manufacturing union in the United Kingdom, announce formation of a strategic alliance to work on a range of mutual concerns - 2005

Palm Springs paper upgrades

Palm Springs paper upgrades: The upgrade from Harland Simon, supplier of newspaper press control and management systems, will replace EAE ANK interface modules, ABB KT98 control modules and DC IO on the paper’s existing KBA reelstands, as well as the ArcNet communications.

Wednesday Morning in the Blogosphere

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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Press groups launch abuse tracker

Press groups launch abuse tracker: Lead by the Committee to Protect Journalists and Freedom of the Press Foundation, the site “aims to be the first to provide reliable, easy-to-access information on the number of press freedom violations in the United States—from journalists facing charges to reporters stopped at the U.S. border or asked to hand over their electronics,” the release says.

In Memory of Bryan Padgett R.I.P.

Slideshow of Bryan Padgett and his family members, set to his favorite band, The Doors. Bryan passed away on August 8th, 2007 as the direct result of street racing in Azusa, California. Bryan is missed by everyone he touched in his short 24 years, but is still with us at all times.

A. H. Belo outsources to Gannett

A. H. Belo outsources to Gannett: The deal will result in 45 layoffs in advertising, accounting and finance, and personnel, according to the paper.

Today in Labor History

August 08 - Union Communications Services, Inc.

Delegates to the St. Paul Trades and Labor Assembly elect 35-year-old Charles James, leader of the Boot and Shoe Workers local union, as their president. He was the first African-American elected to that leadership post in St. Paul, and, many believe, the first anywhere in the nation - 1902

Cripple Creek, Colo., miners strike begins - 1903

Amalgamated Meat Cutters & Butcher Workmen of North America merge with Retail Clerks Int’l Union to become United Food & Commercial Workers - 1979

Cesar Chavez is posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton, becoming the first Mexican-American ever to receive the honor - 1994

(The Fight in the Fields: No man in this century has had more of an impact on the lives of Hispanic Americans, and especially farmworkers, than the legendary Cesar Chavez.  Born to migrant workers in 1927, he attended 65 elementary schools before finishing 7th grade, the end of his formal education.  Through hard work, charisma and uncommon bravery he moved on to become founder and leader of the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) and to win a degree of justice for tens of thousands of workers... and to set a moral example for the nation.)

California group consolidates production

California group consolidates production: Publications of the group, formed following Digital First Media’s 2016 acquisition of Freedom Communications, include the Sun (San Bernardino), Inland Daily Bulletin, Orange County Register, and Riverside Press Enterprise.

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