Sunday, March 26, 2017

GateHouse consolidating printing, packaging

GateHouse consolidating printing, packaging: The Milford Daily News reported that it is a cost-saving measure.

Today in Labor History

March 26  --  Union Communications Services, Inc.

San Francisco brewery workers begin a 9-month strike as local employers follow the union-busting lead of the National Brewer’s Association. and fire their unionized workers, replacing them with scabs. Two unionized brewers refused to go along, kept producing beer, prospered wildly and induced the Association to capitulate. A contract benefit since having unionized two years earlier, certainly worth defending: free beer - 1868

March 25

Toronto printers strike for the 9-hour day in what is believed to be Canada’s first major strike - 1872
First “Poor People’s March” on Washington, in which jobless workers demanded creation of a public works program.  Led by populist Jacob Coxey, the 500 to 1,000 unemployed protesters became known as “Coxey’s Army” - 1894
A total of 146 workers are killed in a fire at New York’s Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, a disaster that would launch a national movement for safer working conditions - 1911
An explosion at a coal mine in Centralia, Ill., kills 111 miners. Mineworkers President John L. Lewis calls a 6-day work stoppage by the nation’s 400,000 soft coal miners to demand safer working conditions - 1947

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The L.A. Times Is in the Middle of Yet Another Power Struggle

By Hillel Aron

 There appears to be yet another power struggle over control of America's most hilariously named newspaper chain, tronc (with a lowercase t), formerly known as Tribune Publishing, which includes a little daily newspaper called the Los Angeles Times. This contest pits two rich men against each other: the daring and wily tech entrepreneur and would-be savior of journalism Michael Ferro, and the enigmatic South African-born surgeon and second richest Angeleno Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong.

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, left, and Michael Ferro

Photo credit NHS Confederation (Soon-Shiong), Gary He/Insider Images/Polaris/Newscom (Ferro)

h/t Jim Wright

‘Farewell, Etaoin Shrdlu’

By THE NEW YORK TIMES | Oct. 13, 2016 | 29:18

Filmed on July 1, 1978, this documentary by David Loeb Weiss chronicles the end of “hot type” at The New York Times — and the introduction of computers into The Times’s printing process.

h/t Matthew Locke

Friday, March 24, 2017

Wallit releases instructions for publishers

Wallit releases instructions for publishers: Publishing AMP pages allows publishers to get the benefit of prioritized search results from Google on mobile devices.

Friday Morning in the Blogosphere

Top photo 1939, bottom 1941  from USC Digital Library

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Newspaper vendor told 'push off' from stand where he has worked for 40 years - Independent

Today in Labor History

March 24  --  Union Communications Services, Inc.

Groundbreaking on the first section of the New York City subway system, from City Hall to the Bronx. According to the New York Times, this was a worker’s review of the digging style of the well-dressed Subway Commissioners: "I wouldn't give th' Commish'ners foive cents a day fer a digging job. They're too shtiff" - 1900

Axel Springer works with Innex ad exchange

Axel Springer works with Innex ad exchange: The app aggregates news from 1,200 publishers and comes preinstalled on Samsung S7 and S7-Edge, A5 and A3 across the UK, Germany, France and Poland.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

JW Phillips Rest in Peace

Just heard the sad news that former Los Angeles Times pressman JW Phillips passed today at his sons home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Phillips was a quiet man that was quick to throw you a smile and say howdy. He was often seen wearing turquoise jewelry, which he also sold to his colleagues.

From his daughter Starling Phillips

To all my family and friends, my father JW Phillips passed away today at the age of 86, at my brother Jim's house in Las Vegas. He is in a better place, he will be missed, he was loved by friends and family. You can call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please let family and friends know.

If you would like Starlings phone number please send an email my way.

Mississippi paper cuts print days

Mississippi paper cuts print days: The Hattiesburg (Mississippi) American has cut print days to three, the paper announced.

Thursday Afternoon in the Blogosphere

The Los Angeles Times from the parking structure

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Gannett closing Milwaukee call center

Gannett closing Milwaukee call center: Gannett Co. said it will close its call center in Milwaukee this spring, according to the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Journal Sentinel.

Today in Labor History

Trial of 101 Wobblies, charged with opposing the draft and hindering the war effort, begins in Chicago - 1918
Norris-La Guardia Act restricts injunctions against unions and bans yellow dog contracts, which require newly-hired workers to declare they are not union members and will not join one - 1932

Five days into the Post Office’s first mass work stoppage in 195 years, President Nixon declares a national emergency and orders 30,000 troops to New York City to break the strike. The troops didn’t have a clue how to sort and deliver mail: a settlement came a few days later - 1970

Coalition of Labor Union Women founded in Chicago by some 3,000 delegates from 58 unions and other organizations - 1974

Fifteen workers die, another 170 are injured when a series of explosions rip through BP’s Texas City refinery. Investigators blamed a poor safety culture at the plant and found BP management gave priority to cost savings over worker safety - 2005

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tronc partners with WaPo

Tronc partners with WaPo: The Los Angeles Times will be the first newspaper in tronc’s portfolio to transition to the Arc platform. Arc engineers will work with the technology team at tronc to design and launch LAT on the Arc platform and enhance the tronc platform SNAP (Simple News Assembly Platform) story editor.

Today in Labor History

March 22  --  Union Communications Services, Inc.

Mark Twain, a lifelong member of the Int’l Typographical Union (now part of CWA), speaks in Hartford, Conn., extolling the Knights of Labor’s commitment to fair treatment of all workers, regardless of race or gender - 1886
The Grand Coulee Dam on Washington state’s Columbia River begins operation after a decade of construction.  Eight thousand workers labored on the project; 77 died - 1941
Eight hundred striking workers at Brown & Sharpe in Kingstown, R.I. are tear-gassed by state and local police in what was to become a losing 17-year-long fight by the Machinists union - 1982
A 32-day lockout of major league baseball players ends with an agreement to raise the minimum league salary from $68,000 to $100,000 and to study revenue-sharing between owners and players - 1990
A bitter six-and-a-half-year UAW strike at Caterpillar Inc. ends. The strike and settlement, which included a two-tier wage system and other concessions, deeply divided the union - 1998

ABB uses Azure to build digital services

ABB uses Azure to build digital services: ABB has partnered with Microsoft to develop and build next-generation digital solutions and services on the Azure platform.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Advice Goddess Blog

Advice Goddess Blog

Live In Or Visit A Muslim Majority Country And -- Yes -- You Might Be Subjected To Medieval-Style Laws

Today in Labor History

Michigan authorizes formation of workers’ cooperatives. Thirteen are formed in the state over a 25-year period. Labor reform organizations were advocating "cooperation" over "competitive" capitalism following the Civil War and several thousand cooperatives opened for business across the country during this era. Participants envisioned a world free from conflict where workers would receive the full value of their labor and freely exercise democratic citizenship in the political and economic realms – 1865
Fifty-eight workers are killed, 150 injured when a boiler explosion levels the R.B. Grover  shoe factory in Brockton, Mass. The four-story wooden building collapsed and the ruins burst into flames, incinerating workers trapped in the wreckage - 1905

The American Federation of Labor issues a charter to a new Building Trades Department. Trades unions had formed a Structural Building Trades Alliance several years earlier to work out jurisdictional conflicts, but lacked the power to enforce Alliance rulings - 1908

Members of the Int’l Union of Electrical Workers reach agreement with Westinghouse Electric Corp., end a 156-day strike - 1956

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that employers could not exclude women from (the often highest paying) jobs where exposure to toxic chemicals could potentially damage a fetus - 1991

Three hundred family farmers at a National Pork Producers Council meeting in Iowa protest factory-style hog farms - 1997

Research study seeks partners

Research study seeks partners: The object of the research will be obtaining a better understanding of this massive generation, including media usage, sources of information, content preferences and newspaper readership drivers.

Monday Morning in the Blogosphere

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