Friday, September 24, 2021

Covid-19 by the numbers September 24th



Friday September 3, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 220,384,342                   4,564,470
United States
  40,703,674                     664,935        31,215,847 Recovered U.S.

Tuesday September 7, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 222,416,780                   4,595,697
United States
  41,164,460                     668,831        31,503,194 Recovered U.S.

Friday September 10, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 224,430,878                   4,628,889
United States
  41,741,693                     677,017        31,820,994 Recovered U.S.

Tuesday September 14, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 226,355,974                   4,657,729
United States
  42,282,851                     682,319        32,138,520 Recovered U.S.

Friday September 17, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 228,122,547                   4,689,196
United States
  42,799,907                     690,714        32,430,151 Recovered U.S.

Friday September 24, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 231,643,578                   4,748,381
United States
  43,669,696                     705,293        33,117,412 Recovered U.S.

Recovered from virus world wide


Source: World Stats

Los Angeles County Covid-19

September 24, 2021
New Cases: 1,571 (1,451,438 to date)
New Deaths: 32 (25,972 to date)
Current Hospitalizations: 956


Los Angeles County Covid-19 Trends September 1st - 24th

                      NEW CASES               DEATHS            HOSPITALIZATIONS

1ST                 2,277                    38                      1,699

2ND                2,741                    43                      1,673

3RD                2,673                    37                      1,641

4TH                2,097                    36                       1,593

5TH                2,122                    11                       1,537

6TH                1,540                    11                       1,480

7TH                1,060                      9                       1,463

8TH                2,006                    49                       1,433

9TH                2,218                    49                       1,385

10TH              2,024                    50                       1,368

11TH                N/A                     N/A                        N/A

12TH                N/A                     N/A                        N/A

13TH              1,121                    13                       1,218 

14TH              1,725                    27                       1,224

15TH              1,930                    37                       1,214

16TH              2,023                    28                       1,185

17TH              1,823                    25                       1,156

18TH              2,130                    29                       1,125

19TH              1,322                      5                       1,070

20TH                 996                      6                       1,053

21ST              1,238                    32                       1,034

22ND             1,750                    41                        1,018

23RD             1,900                    32                           991

24TH              1,571                    32                          956   

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Billings Gazette’s building for sale

The Billings Gazette’s (Montana) downtown headquarters is for sale, says the paper. The building was listed for $7.87 million.

“This decision is being made simply because the building is too large for our current needs,” said Dave Worstell, the Gazette’s president and publisher. 

Lee Enterprises owns the Gazette.

The Gazette’s press could go with the sale. Should that happen, it would probably mean the loss of press-related jobs, says the paper.

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Today in Labor History September 24, 2021


The Chicago 8

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) were declared illegal in Canada. The ban was lifted in 1919. By 1923, the IWW had several branches in Canada, including the Lumberworkers International Union (LWIU) 120 and Marine Transport Workers International Union 510 in Vancouver, and an LWIU branch in Cranbrook BC for a total of 5,600 members. – 1918

David Dellinger, Rennie Davis, Thomas Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, John Froines, Lee Weiner, and Bobby Seale all went on trial before Judge Julius Hoffman for inciting a riot.  – 1969

The Judiciary Act of 1789 is passed by Congress and signed by President George Washington, establishing the Supreme Court of the United States as a tribunal made up of six justices who were to serve on the court until death or retirement. That day, President Washington nominated John Jay to preside as chief justice, and John Rutledge, William Cushing, John Blair, Robert Harrison and James Wilson to be associate justices. On September 26, all six appointments were confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

More than 15 years after it was first established, the National Museum of African American History and Culture opens on the National Mall on September 24, 2016. Barack Obama, the nation’s first African American president, leads the ceremony and officially opens the museum by ringing the Freedom Bell, a bell from an African American Baptist church founded in 1776.

As far back as 1915, there had been proposals for a museum recognizing the achievements of African Americans. In 1929, President Herbert Hoover approved a commission to create such an institution, but it never received funding. Various attempts were made to pass legislation establishing a museum through Congress, including multiple bills introduced by Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis, but even after the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution joined the effort in the 1990s it still took more than a decade.

Finally, in 2003, Congress approved and President George W. Bush signed legislation allocating $17 million to plan the museum and choose a site. Eventually, it was decided that the museum would sit on the National Mall, the newest addition to what is literally a long line of museums stretching from the Washington Monument to the Capitol. The final design, however, was like nothing else in the area: an inverted step pyramid, encased in a bronze screen that references historic iron grilles from African American communities in Charleston, South Carolina and New Orleans, Louisiana. In the words of David Adjaye, a British architect of Ghanaian descent who was part of the design team, the building was meant to provide a “punch” at the end of the “row of palaces” that was the rest of the Mall. The building rises five stories into the air and reaches equally deep underground.

Scripps launching Newsy

E.W. Scripps Company is launching a free, over-the-air live 24/7 news network called Newsy.

Newsy is already available on nearly every major over-the-top and connected TV platform, says Scripps. Newsy also will launch over the air in roughly 90% of U.S. television homes, and in all major markets, on Oct. 1. It will be carried primarily over Scripps-owned broadcast stations’ spectrum as well as that of partner broadcasters. Its distribution over the air will make it the only American news television network to be ubiquitous on both growth platforms, says Scripps.

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Important Events From This day in History September 24th


1961 U.S.A. "I Love Lucy"

1961 : The last episode of I Love Lucy is aired created by and featuring Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz, ran for 10 years.

1908 Ford Model T

1908 : The first factory-built Ford Model T was completed which became affectionately known as the Tin Lizzie.

Ford Model T Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

1925 France War Debts

1925 : France has made a new offer to the United States over payment of it's war debt of $4,000,000,000 stating it had not forgotten it's debt to America but it can not pay the full debt without forcing economic misery on it's people . The proposal from France is to pay $5,000,000 per year for 5 five years which would be a very small percentage of the debt owed.

1938 Germany and Russia Carve Up Czechoslovakia

1938 : As Russia and Germany carve up Czechoslovakia, both have given warnings to Poland, Great Britain and France to stay out of the area and not to send troops near Czechoslovakia or it will be considered an act of war.

1941 Pearl Harbor

1941 : The Japanese consul in Hawaii is instructed to divide Pearl Harbor into five zones and calculate the number of battleships in each zone and report findings back to Japan which was then used in the planning of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

1948 Germany Berlin Blockade

1948 : Russian anti aircraft gunners are planning to fire dangerously high in practice today in the American British airlift corridor to blockaded Berlin. The Russians also announced they would be bombing and fighter firing practice in that same corridor. Both sides realize if any mistakes are made in this area causing the deaths of innocent civilians, which the British and Americans are using to fly in supplies to the blockaded city, could well lead to an all out war.

Berlin Blockade Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

1958 U.S.A. Auto Workers Strike

1958 : The increased chance of an Auto strike by the United Auto Workers looks more likely against General Motors and Chrysler, the date for an all out nationwide walkout is not scheduled till next week but walkouts at local level are increasing on a daily basis with 30,000 on strike at GM and 15,000 on strike at Chrysler.

1960 USS Enterprise

1960 : The USS Enterprise (CVN-65) becomes the worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, she is still part of the US Navy but is scheduled for decommissioning in 2014 and still holds the record for the longest naval vessel in the world.

USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

1964 Warren Commission Report

1964 : Warren Commission report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which had occurred on November 22nd1963, in Dallas, Texas is given to President Lyndon B. Johnson. It's conclusion was that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone and that the Secret Service had made poor preparations for JFK’s visit to Dallas and had failed to sufficiently protect him.

1968 U.S.A. "60 Minutes"

September 24th, 1968 : The investigative television news magazine program "60 Minutes" is shown for the first time on CBS.

1978 U.S.A. Spread of ATMs

1978 : More supermarkets are offering ATMs in the supermarket and consumers who have the service from their bank like the ability to avoid trips to the bank and be able to bank outside of normal banking hours.

1980 Iran Iraq Begins Bombing

September 24th, 1980 : Iraqi planes have bombed Iran's Kharg Island crude oil export terminal which is currently burning out of control. The war is over the sovereignty over the lower reaches of Shatt al arab waterway which marks the border between Iraq and Iran. The war ended 8 years later in August 1988 after a cease fire was agreed and the war is thought to have claimed the lives of nearly 1/2 million in that time.

1988 South Korea Ben Johnson

1988 : Ben Johnson (Canada) wins the 100m gold at the Seoul Olympics in a new world record with a time of 9.79 seconds. Three days later after being tested positive for anabolic steroid, Stanozol he was stripped of his gold medal and sent home in disgrace by the Canadian team.

1989 South Africa Arrests Anti Apartheid Marchers

1989 : South African police arrested over 200 people during an anti apartheid march by anti-apartheid women's groups.

1989 Lebanon Fighting

1989 : Fighting has again broken out between Syrian and Christian Forces with mortars and machine guns ending a period of cease fire.

1998 United Nations Call For Cease Fire In Kosovo

September 24th, 1998 : The United Nations security council is calling for an immediate cease fire in Kosovo and the Serbian advance to end or put together an international peacekeeping force to stop the Serbian advance.

1998 Germany Extradition of Terrorist

1998 : The suspected terrorist bomber who is suspected of carrying out the bombing of the US embassy in East Africa last week is to be held until extradition can be arranged to the United States to face charges.

1998 U.S.A. New $20 Bills

1998 : New $20.00 bills enter circulation to deter counterfeiters, the new anti-counterfeiting measures include the use of color-shifting ink and a watermark. The bill is also redesigned with the picture of the White House is changed to the north side view and a larger, off-center portrait of Jackson was used on the front.

2000 US Formula One Grand Prix

2000 : Formula One returns to Indianapolis Motor Speedway,in Indianapolis, Indiana. returning to the US for the first time nine years. The race attracted the largest Formula One crowd ever with 250,000+ watching the race live and ending with a win by Michael Schumacher (Ferrari).

2005 U.S.A. Hurricane Rita

September 24th, 2005 : Hurricane Rita Category 3 with winds in excess of 115 MPH makes landfall between Sabine Pass, Texas, and Johnson Bayou, Louisiana. New Orleans was still cleaning up after hurricane Katrina just a month earlier and because a number of the levees were not rebuilt the city was evacuated. Hurricane Rita did not strike the city directly but the storm surges did still overwhelm some of the levees which were still under repair. The storm surge caused extensive damage along other parts of the Louisiana coast and extreme southeastern Texas completely destroying a few small coastal communities.

Hurricane Rita Flooding Galveston Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

2007 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

2007 : The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at New York's Columbia University has clashed with the Columbia President Lee Bollinger who described him as a "cruel dictator" who denied the Holocaust. In response Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Mr Bollinger's remarks were "an insult to information and the knowledge of the audience". During the debate and questions from the audience Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was asked about executions of homosexuals in Iran, to which Mr Ahmadinejad replied: "In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country."

2009 Iran Nuclear Program Continues

September 24th, 2009 : Iran announces that it has a second uranium enrichment plant. The Iranian government sent a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s chief telling him of the existence of the second site.

2011 Vladimir Putin Will Run for President in 2012

2011 : Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, stated that he would accept an offer to run for president in 2012. Putin had already been president for two terms from 2000 to 2008 but could not run for a third consecutive term. If Putin were to win the presidential election in 2012, he could theoretically serve as president until 2024 under new presidential term rules giving the leader 6 year terms.

2012 Bloggers Jailed in Vietnam

September 24th, 2012 : Three dissident bloggers were jailed after a brief trial for spreading anti-government propaganda. The bloggers jail sentences ranged from four to twelve years.

2013 China Bans Some Exports to North Korea

2013 : China has announced that they are banning the export of some materials and technologies to North Korea that could potentially aid in the development of nuclear weapons. The move is important because China is North Korea's only ally and is making a somewhat firm statement against the country in favor of cooperating with the international community and the United Nations.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Los Angeles County Covid-19 Trends September 1st - 23rd

                       NEW CASES               DEATHS            HOSPITALIZATIONS

1ST                 2,277                    38                      1,699

2ND                2,741                    43                      1,673

3RD                2,673                    37                      1,641

4TH                2,097                    36                       1,593

5TH                2,122                    11                       1,537

6TH                1,540                    11                       1,480

7TH                1,060                      9                       1,463

8TH                2,006                    49                       1,433

9TH                2,218                    49                       1,385

10TH              2,024                    50                       1,368

11TH                N/A                     N/A                        N/A

12TH                N/A                     N/A                        N/A

13TH              1,121                    13                       1,218 

14TH              1,725                    27                       1,224

15TH              1,930                    37                       1,214

16TH              2,023                    28                       1,185

17TH              1,823                    25                       1,156

18TH              2,130                    29                       1,125

19TH              1,322                      5                       1,070

20TH                 996                      6                       1,053

21ST              1,238                    32                       1,034

22ND             1,750                    41                        1,018

23RD             1,900                    32                           991   

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Hearst Newspapers to require vaccination proof

Hearst Newspapers has told its staff that COVID-19 vaccinations will soon be required for all workers, the Hearst-owned San Francisco Chronicle reported

An email from President of Hearst Newspapers Jeff Johnson said the policy would be active Nov. 12, to give people time to get the jabs, says the Chronicle.

Johnson also said all new staff in the newspaper division would have to show vaccination proof before being hired.

“The public facing nature of our business and the strong interaction we have with the public, advertisers and each other make our collective well-being our highest priority,” Johnson wrote.

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Today in Labor History September 23rd, 2021


Richard Nixon

The Workingman’s Advocate of Chicago published the first installment of The Other Side, by Martin A. Foran, president of the Coopers’ International Union. This was believed to be the first novel by a trade union leader and some say the first working-class novel ever published in the U.S. – 1868
President Richard Nixon issued the Philadelphia Plan, forcing building trades unions to add black members into their ranks. Nixon did this believing that it would show him as a strong civil rights president without having to do very much to give in to the more radical demands of the civil right movement. More importantly to Nixon, he saw it as a way to undercut organized labor, creating a coalition of African-Americans and Republicans against racist unions. Opponents of the new rule of affirmative action immediately sued to kill the new policy, but the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in its favor in 1971 and the Supreme Court rejected the appeal. – 1969
A 42-month strike by Steelworkers at Bayou Steel in Louisiana ended in a new contract and the ousting of scabs. – 1996
California Governor Gray Davis (D) signed legislation making the state the first to offer workers paid family leave. – 2002

Sun Chemical raising prices

Sun Chemical will increase prices across its entire portfolio of publication, packaging and commercial sheetfed inks, coatings, and adhesives in North America, effective immediately.

“The inflationary cost trends in raw materials used within the ink industry have continued to accelerate throughout the course of the year,” says a news release from Sun Chemical.

“Availability of skilled labor remains a challenge and in order to attract and retain a committed team, labor costs and benefits have risen exponentially. International and domestic logistics costs have continued their steady climb and forecasts show no change in these trends in the near term,” it says.

Sun Chemical will communicate specific increases directly with its customers. 

Sun Chemical Corporation is a subsidiary of Sun Chemical Group Cooperatief, the Netherlands, and is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey.

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Important Events From This day in History September 23rd


1952 U.S.A. Rocky Marciano

1952 : Rocky Marciano knocked out world heavyweight champion Jersey Joe Walcott in the 13th round and he went on to be the only heavyweight champion in boxing history to retire without a defeat or draw as a professional boxer.

1924 U.S.A. Theodore Roosevelt

1924 : Theodore Roosevelt Assistant Secretary of the navy has been nominated as Governor of New York State.

Theodore Roosevelt Jr Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

1925 Birth of Commercial Airlines

1925 : President Hoover believes self supporting commercial air lines in the United States should be created and an authority to oversee the industry created with help and federal funding. He also has bought in the Postmaster General as Air Post would be an important part of helping the fledgling industry take off. He is pressing municipalities to provide local airports to help the new industry.

Varney Speed Lines Lockheed L-9 Orion Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

1934 U.S.A. Detroit Lions

1934 : The Detroit Lions plays its first NFL game the team was formerly called the Spartans and was located in Ohio.

1938 New England Hurricane Victims

1938 : The Red Cross is putting out an urgent appeal for help with hurricane victims in New England as the death toll has now risen to over 500 and many thousands have lost their homes with many other homes flooded and temporary shelters being put up to provide comfort, medical assistance and food to the survivors.

New England Hurricane 1938 Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

1948 Overproduction of Potatoes

1948 : The current overproduction of spuds in the US and the cost to the government of $200,000,000 in price support for the last 5 years has prompted the government to set lower price support and lower production of spuds for 1949, this will mean lower prices for the consumer and less government subsidies.

1952 Vice Presidential Candidate Richard M. Nixon

September 23rd, 1952 : Vice Presidential Candidate Richard M. Nixon running mate of General Dwight D. Eisenhower goes on television to defend against allegations of a secret cash fund provided by his sponsors. In his speech to defend himself he provided an independent third-party review of the fund's accounting, the speech gained additional publicity when he stated he had been given an American Cocker Spaniel named "Checkers" but he was not going to give the dog back. Because of this one fact many refer to his speech as the "Checkers speech."

President Nixon Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

1957 Little Rock Nine

1957 : Nine black students "Little Rock Nine" who the police quietly slipped into Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas under the the U.S. Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education ruling which declared all laws establishing segregated schools to be unconstitutional. After the white mob outside mostly parents of the white students learn of the black students inside the school they begin to riot, and because police are outnumbered by rioters the "Little Rock Nine" are removed from the school.

1958 United Nations China Entry

September 23rd, 1958 : The United Nations general assembly is expected to vote today on China's entry and a seat in the United Nations.

UN General Assembly Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

1968 Cuba Plane Crash

1968 : Two Colombian Passenger jets have been hijacked and taken to Cuba where it is presumed they have been given political asylum . It is unknown how the hijackers managed to board the plane with guns as all passengers are supposed to be checked prior to boarding.

1977 Los Angeles Refuses Concorde

1977 : Plans to create a new route for Concorde from London Heathrow to Los Angeles have been halted after the Mayor of San Francisco has said Concorde can not meet the cities anti-noise requirements and will not be given permission to land.

Concorde Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

1989 German Autobahn Accidents

1989 : In one of the worst days for accidents on the German Autobahn, due to fog five huge pileups involving 256 cars with a large number of series injuries. The Autobahn's in Germany have no speed limits with cars travelling as fast as 140 MPH which is a recipe for disaster in foggy conditions.

1999 Mars Climate Orbiter

September 23rd, 1999 : Mars Climate Orbiter reaches Mars and when after the spacecraft passed behind Mars it never emerged or made radio contact. NASA believe Mars Climate Orbiter was at too low an altitude and was destroyed by atmospheric stresses and friction at this low altitude. After an investigation the loss of the spacecraft was blamed on a NASA subcontractor (Lockheed Martin) who used Imperial units (pound-seconds) instead of the metric units (newton-seconds) as specified by NASA in the control software on Earth used to control thrusters causing the spacecraft to fail.

Mars Climate Orbiter Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

2003 Earth Ward Hunt Ice Shelf

2003 : Researchers - Warwick Vincent, Derek Mueller and Martin Jeffries report the break-up of Ward Hunt Ice Shelf in the journal Geophysical Research Letters (GRL). The Ward Hunt Ice Shelf which was the largest ice shelf in the Arctic has fractured, releasing all the water from the freshwater lake it dammed. In April 2008 a new report details that the shelf is fractured into dozens of cracks and it seems likely the shelf is disintegrating.

2004 Haiti Hurricane Jeanne

September 23rd, 2004 : Hurricane Jeanne slams into Haiti, killing thousands although the storm was only a category 2 hurricane the accompanying heavy rain caused the floodgates for the Peligre River to fail which caused flash floods to sweep through entire villages, carrying away hundreds of people. Jeanne was part of a series of deadly storms to hit the region during the 2004 hurricane season.

Hurricane Jeanne Flooding Haiti Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

2006 Iraq Ramadan Violence

2006 : A car bomb attack on a kerosene tanker in Baghdad leaves 35 dead and many more injured. The attack is part of the violence that is sweeping through Iraq during the holy month of Ramadan between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

2006 Argentina Enrique Gorriaran Merlo

2006 : Rebel leader of the People’s Revolutionary Army, Enrique Gorriaran Merlo, died of a heart attack at the age of sixty-five. In 1980, the squad he commanded assassinated Nicaraguan leader Anastasio Somoza.

2007 Burma / Union of Myanmar "Saffron Revolution"

2007 : Since the monks in Burma have taken to the streets just six days ago, thousands of ordinary men and women are now joining the protests against the ruling military dictatorship and the latest rally in the former capital Rangoon was estimated to be 20,000 strong. The protest originally began because of the large increase in the cost of fuel but are now focused in removing the current regime. Over the next few days the numbers involved increased and on September 25, the ruling junta warned demonstrators that military force would be used to break up the demonstration, at the same time placing army trucks at Shwedagon Pagoda the assembly point for monks leading the protests. Please refer to September 26th.

2008 Burma Prisoner Release

September 23rd, 2008 : Nine thousand prisoners in Burma were to be released by the military-run government on good behavior in order to participate in the country’s elections set to be held in 2010.

2009 India World Bank Loan

2009 : The World Bank commits to sending 4.3 billion dollars worth of loans to India. The loans are expected to be used for infrastructure and to support state banks.

2011 New Zambian President Sworn In

2011 : Michael Sata, the opposition leader in Zambian politics, was sworn in as the country's new president after beating the incumbent, Rupiah Banda, in a close election. Sata ran on the platform of addressing the problem of corruption and reforming the government and stated he would keep those promises after his ceremony.

2012 Green Day Singer Goes to Rehab

2012 : Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day admitted that he was seeking treatment for substance abuse. The announcement came only days after the group performed at the MTV Video Music Awards.

2013 Cambodia Opposition Protest Parliament

September 23rd, 2013 : Cambodia's opposition party, the CNRP, boycotted the opening of parliament after hotly disputed elections in which the ruling party, the CPP, were accused of fraud and rigging.