Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Los Angeles County Covid-19

June 28, 2022
New Cases: 3,671 (3,105,867 to date)
New Deaths: 9 (32,316 to date)
Current Hospitalizations: 807
Today’s Positivity Rate: 12.2%


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Time for Real Coverage of the Supreme Court - Second Rough Draft

Los Angeles County Covid-19 Trends June 1st - 28th

                            NEW CASES                        DEATHS              HOSPITALIZATIONS

1ST                    4,454                              5                            502

2ND                    5,047                            10                           524

3RD                    5,051                            10                           522

4TH                    5,708                              7                           510

5TH                    4,404                              3                           540

6TH                    4,282                              5                           530

7TH                    3,722                            10                           557

8TH                    6,195                              8                           555

9TH                    4,846                              7                           595

10TH                  6,202                              8                           616

11TH                  6,385                              6                           571  

12TH                  3,583                              4                           574   

13TH                  2,998                              7                           593

14TH                  3,310                              9                           579

15TH                  5,693                              9                           606

16TH                  4,583                              9                           605

17TH                  5,122                              5                           612

18TH                  4,344                              6                           639

19TH                  4,217                              3                           653

20TH                  3,566                              2                           671

21ST                  2,294                              2                           664

22ND                 5,575                              8                            679

23RD                 5,621                            12                            688

24TH                 6,129                               8                            741

25TH                 5,852                             11                            762

26TH                 4,761                               5                            n/a

27TH                 3,110                               3                            n/a

28TH                 3,671                               9                            807 

Today in Labor History June 28, 2022


New York City - Grand Demonstration

This date marked the birthday of machinist Matthew Maguire, who many believe first suggested Labor Day. Others believe it was Peter McGuire, a carpenter. – 1850

President Grover Cleveland signed legislation declaring Labor Day an official US holiday. – 1894
The federal government sued the Teamsters to force reforms on the union, the nation’s largest. The following March, the government and the union signed a consent decree requiring direct election of the union’s president and creation of an Independent Review Board. – 1988

Important Events From This day in History June 28th


1997 Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield

1997 : Mike Tyson was disqualified after biting off part of Evander Holyfield's ear.

1837 Queen Victoria Coronation

1837 : Queen Victoria moves to Buckingham Palace, and the coronation takes place at Westminster Abbey on June 28th, 1837.

1919 : Germany signs the Treaty of Versailles with the Allies, officially ending World War I.

1925 U.S.A. Jack Dempsey

1925 : A match between Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier scheduled for July 2nd will attract the largest crowd ever for a Boxing match with over 70,000 tickets sold and all accommodation in the area and for many miles sold out when the World Heavyweight Champion defends his title in Jersey City.

1940 England Free French Forces

1940 : Following the German occupation of France General Charles De Gaulle, set up headquarters in England for free French Forces and is recognized as the Leader.

1952 South Africa Nelson Mandela Jailed

1952 : Police struck at the heart of the resistance to segregation by throwing top jailing the leaders of the movement for crossing forbidden race barriers the leaders included Nelson Mandela.

1958 Algeria Political Prisoners Released

1958 : With tensions increasing in Algeria and the call by Muslim nationalists for independence. General Charles de Gaulle has announced the release of 30 Algerian political prisoners prior to local elections in Algeria, and a referendum of all French citizens on changes to the constitution which may well include additional independence for Algeria.

1960 Great Britain Mining Disaster

1960 : A gas explosion at a coal mine at the Six Bells Colliery in Abertillery, Monmouthshire, Wales has left 37 dead and a further 8 missing presumed dead.

1969 U.S.A. The Stonewall Riot

1969 : A police raid of the Stonewall Inn a gay club located on New York City's Christopher Street turns violent as patrons and local sympathizers begin rioting against the police this was known as The Stonewall Riot.

1972 U.S.A. Vietnam

1972 : President Nixon announces that no more draftees will be sent to Vietnam unless they volunteer and a continuing decrease in US troops in Vietnam will continue.

1991 UK Margaret Thatcher

1991 : The former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher who has held her Finchley seat for more than 30 years has announced she is to give up her seat (Member of Parliament for Finchley) in the House of Commons at the next general election.

1992 U.S.A. California Earthquakes

1992 : Two of the strongest earthquakes ever to hit California strike the desert area east of Los Angeles, a 7.3-magnitude quake in Landers, 100 miles east of Los Angeles. Just over three hours later, a second 6.3-magnitude tremor hit in Big Bear just e few miles from the first quake.

1999 U.S.A. Trillion Dollar Surplus

1999 : Following nine straight years of economic growth in the US, the US Government says that its budget surplus will be $1,000bn which it plans to use for strengthening Medicare and paying off some of the countries $3,700bn national debt. The current National debt is $9.0 trillion or $90,000.0 billion or nearly 24 X what it was in 1990 just 9 years ago.

2004 US Hands back power to Iraq

2004 : The US has transferred sovereignty of Iraq back to Iraq ending 15 months of US control in Iraq. Iraq's interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and his cabinet have now been sworn in and have made a televised address to the people of Iraq after formally taking office.

2007 Ireland Elects First Black Mayor

2007 : The town of Portlaoise elected the first black mayor in the country of Ireland. Rotimi Adebari came to Ireland in 2000 as an asylum seeker from Nigeria. He became involved in local politics in 2004 and received a Master's degree from Dublin City University. His election as mayor came only after a voting pact between different factions and independent councilors.

2008 U.S.A. Handgun Laws

2008 : Following the US Supreme Court decision that a ban on the private possession of handguns in Washington DC was unconstitutional as it violates the Second Amendment. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is planning to fight similar bans in other states and cities including San Francisco and Chicago.

2008 China Olympic Bird's Nest Ready

2008 : The main venue for the Beijing Olympics, the Bird's Nest, was completed and declared operational. The $500 million project was the last to be completed of all the Olympic buildings and made to host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as other sporting events. With a 91,000 seat capacity, the stadium was chosen from hundreds of designs and created by Chinese architect Li Xinggang with help from the Swiss design firm Herzog and de Meuron.

2010 US Senator Byrd Dies

2010 : United States Democratic Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia died at the age of ninety-two. Byrd was the longest serving Senator at the time of his death and had been in office since 1952 when he became a US representative. Byrd became a Senator in 1959 and had adamantly campaigned against civil rights in the 1960s only to change his opinion and apologize for his actions later in his career. He had also been outspoken against the Iraq invasion.

2012 Israel Stages Miss Holocaust Survivor Pageant

2012 : A controversial pageant was staged in Israel as contestants vied to win the title of the holocaust survivor beauty pageant. Fourteen elderly contestants paraded on stage and described the events they survived during the holocaust, organizers stated it was a celebration of life and critics stated it made light of a solemn and serious event. The winner was seventy-nine year old Hava Hershkovitz from Romania.

2013 China Riots in Xinjiang

2013 : The death toll of riots in the Xinjiang region of China rose to thirty-five. Rioters had reportedly attacked police stations with knives and had killed twenty-four people. Police had killed eleven of the attackers and arrested four others.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Los Angeles County Covid-19


Los Angeles County Covid-19 Trends June 1st - 27th

                          NEW CASES                        DEATHS              HOSPITALIZATIONS

1ST                    4,454                              5                            502

2ND                    5,047                            10                           524

3RD                    5,051                            10                           522

4TH                    5,708                              7                           510

5TH                    4,404                              3                           540

6TH                    4,282                              5                           530

7TH                    3,722                            10                           557

8TH                    6,195                              8                           555

9TH                    4,846                              7                           595

10TH                  6,202                              8                           616

11TH                  6,385                              6                           571  

12TH                  3,583                              4                           574   

13TH                  2,998                              7                           593

14TH                  3,310                              9                           579

15TH                  5,693                              9                           606

16TH                  4,583                              9                           605

17TH                  5,122                              5                           612

18TH                  4,344                              6                           639

19TH                  4,217                              3                           653

20TH                  3,566                              2                           671

21ST                  2,294                              2                           664

22ND                 5,575                              8                            679

23RD                 5,621                            12                            688

24TH                 6,129                               8                            741

25TH                 5,852                             11                            762

26TH                 4,761                               5                            n/a

27TH                 3,110                               3                            n/a        

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 Manny Whoya and John Garay

A newspaper’s job isn’t to tell people how to vote - The Boston Globe

When Local Newspapers Fold, Polarization Rises. Here's What You Can Do - CNET

Today in Labor History June 27, 2022


Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman, women’s rights activist and radical, was born in Lithuania. She came to the US at age 17. – 1869
The Bureau of Labor, which will become the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), was established. Today, the BLS is a governmental agency that collects, processes, analyzes, and disseminates statistical data on employment, labor, and economics. – 1884
The Industrial Workers of the World, also known as the “Wobblies,” the radical syndicalist union, was founded at Brand’s Hall, in Chicago, Illinois. The Wobblies advocated for industrial unionism, with all workers in a particular industry organized in the same union, as opposed by the trade unions typical today. The Wobblies motto was, “An injury to one is an injury to all.” – 1905
Congress passed the Wagner Act, authored by Senator Robert Wagner of New York. Also known as the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), the legislation created the structure for collective bargaining in the United States. – 1935
A 26-day strike of New York City hotels by 26,000 workers, the first such walkout in 50 years, ended with a five-year contract calling for big wage and benefit gains. – 1985
A.E. Staley locked out 763 workers in Decatur, Illinois. The lockout lasted two and one-half years. – 1993
In a 5-4 decision, a conservative Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Janus V AFSCME that fair share payments by public employees violate the First Amendment of the Constitution, Free Speech. This decision allows people who disagree with paying fair share payments to the union can become freeloaders and get all the benefits of the union. – 2018

Important Events From This day in History June 27th


1957 Great Britain Smoking and Lung Cancer Linked

1957 : A report by the British Medical Research Council has found there is a direct link between smoking and lung cancer, and the British government will launch an educational campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of smoking. Tobacco firms who sell cigarettes have rejected the findings saying they are merely a 'matter of opinion'.

1998 UK Diana Memorial Concert Althorp

1998 : A concert at Althorp where Princess Diana is buried raises substantial sums for the Princess Diana memorial fund, stars performing at the concert include Chris de Burgh, David Hasselhoff, Jasper Carrott, Jimmy Ruffin, Julian Lloyd Webber, The Royal Academy of Music and Sir Cliff Richard.

1929 U.S.A. New Immigration Laws

1929 : New Immigration laws come into place next week with an increased number of immigrants from England and Ireland but decreases from many other countries in Latin America and Mexico where many of the quotas are already used up for the year.

1940 World War II Enigma Machine

1940 : Germany started using their most sophisticated coding machine, Enigma, to transmit information and a team in England headed by some of the best mathematical brains set about breaking the code, and by the time of the German invasion of Poland the code was broken and all messages that the Germans still believed were secure were decoded by the allies.

1944 Cherbourg Liberated By Allies

1944 : Allied forces liberate Cherbourg as the first step to liberating France and the beginning of the end for World War II.

1957 Nigeria Promised Independence

1957 : Nigeria is the largest colony in the commonwealth that does not have independence and the British Government has promised independence after free elections have been held in Nigeria.

1976 Sudan Ebola Virus

1976 : The world’s first recorded Ebola virus epidemic begins making its way through the area. By the time the epidemic is over, 284 cases are reported, with about half of the victims dying from the disease.

1985 U.S.A. Supreme Court Ruling

1985 : The Supreme Court invalidated a Connecticut law stating that workers had the right not to work on their chosen religious day off. This was done in an effort to make sure that the government remains neutral regarding the subject of religion.

1986 U.S.A. Nicaragua

1986 : The United Nations International Court of Justice has found the United States guilty of violating international law by training, arming and financing armed paramilitary Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

1991 Slovenia Yugoslav Troops

1991 : Following Slovenia declaring independence Yugoslav tanks, troops and aircraft sweep into the republic of Slovenia, seizing control of border crossing points with Italy, Austria and Hungary and gaining control of other strategic areas of the country to crush the uprising.

1998 KKK Marches In Jasper, Texas

1998 : Three men who are linked to the KKK have been arrested and charged with the murder of James Byrd and members of the activist Black Panthers group are marching in protest to members of the Ku Klux Klan staging a demonstration in the Texan town of Jasper. Racial tensions in the town are continuing following the racially motivated murder of James Byrd three weeks ago.

2002 Canada G8 Summit

2002 : Leaders of the world's richest nations meeting at the G8 summit in Canada have agreed to promote economic and political development in Africa. They have agreed to fund the military regional intervention force to help stop wars and civil wars on the continent which cause many of the problems in the area. They have also agreed to fund a program to eradicate polio. The other important announcement is the increase of debt relief for poorest countries by $1bn.

2003 U.S.A. Do-Not-Call List

2003 : Registration begins for the Do Not Call List with nearly 3/4 million phone numbers registered on the first day providing consumers with an opportunity to limit telemarketing calls. Enforcement on telemarketing begins on October 1st.

2007 Gordon Brown Becomes UK Prime Minister

2007 : Gordon Brown, former prime minister Tony Blair's chancellor, became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Brown was sworn in as prime minister after Tony Blair resigned after being in the position for ten years. Brown was expected to reshuffle the cabinet soon after and promised to address new priorities for the country. Opposition leader David Cameron demanded that Brown call for an immediate general election because he had not earned the prime minister's position through voters.

2008 Mars Phoenix

2008 : One month after the NASA Mars Phoenix touched down successfully on Mars to undertake a three-month study of the planet's geological history, the first results have staggered many in the scientific world by sending back information that shows Martian soil was much more alkaline than expected and contain traces of magnesium, sodium, potassium and other elements. The findings indicate that there are sufficient nutrients, to support life.

2008 North Korea Demolishes Nuclear Tower

2008 : The North Korean government demolished a nuclear tower, a highly symbolic action of the country's commitment to comply with ending its nuclear program after talks. The demolition came only a few days after the reclusive country turned over details of its controversial nuclear program to inspectors.

2010 Guinea Holds Democratic Elections

2010 : The African country of Guinea held its first democratic elections since 1958 with twenty-four presidential candidates competing for the position. The country had been ruled by a series of civilian and military autocrats since gaining independence from France in 1958. The elections were held after the current military ruler pledged to return the country to civilian rule after the military took control in 2008, and the reported turn-out of the country's over four million eligible voters was high.

2011 Former Illinois Governor Found Guilty of Corruption

2011 : Former governor of the US state of Illinois Rod Blagojevich was found guilty on seventeen of twenty corruption charges after being accused of trying to sell the senate seat that was held by President Obama. Blagojevich was arrested in late 2008 and was kicked out of office in January 2009. The fifty-four year old former governor could face up to three hundred years in prison. Blagojevich became the second Illinois governor in a row to be convicted of federal charges.

2012 Screenwriter Nora Ephron Dies

2012 : Nora Ephron, famous for penning movies like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle died at the age of seventy-one. Ephron died of complications related to acute myeloid leukemia in Manhattan. The writer had been nominated for three Academy Awards but never won.

2013 French Label Home-Made Food

2013 : Members of the French parliament have approved a bill that would mandate a label being placed on dishes in restaurants made from raw ingredients in their own kitchens. The purpose of the bill is to fight against restaurants that purchase pre-made meals and reheat them before service, trying to pass them off as freshly made.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Newspaper headlines: 'Crackdown on unions' and PM plans for third term - BBC

Aspen Times publisher responds to politicians’ criticisms, demands - The Aspen Times

Roe overturned; how newspaper homepages across the country covered historic day - Los Angeles Times

Today in Labor History June 25, 2022


Aerlex Corp fireworks factory – Day after explosion

21 workers were killed when the Aerlex Corp fireworks factory near Hallett, Oklahoma exploded. – 1985

Decatur, Illinois police pepper-gassed workers at the A.E. Staley plant gate one year into the company’s two and one-half year lockout of Paperworkers Local 7837. – 1994

The Haymarket Martyrs Monument was dedicated at Forest Home Cemetery, Chicago to honor the 8 anarchists who were framed and executed for the bombing at Haymarket Square on May 4, 1886. More than 8,000 people attended. At the base of the monument are Haymarket martyr August Spies’ last words: “The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are throttling today.” – 1893

The Wages and Hours (later Fair Labor Standards) Act was passed, which banned child labor, set the 40-hour work week and set a national minimum wage. – 1938

A. Philip Randolph (president Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters) called off the Negro march on Washington that had been planned for July 1 when President Roosevelt agreed to issue Executive Order 8802 banning racial discrimination in defense industries and government employment (creating the Fair Employment Practices Committee). – 1941

Congress passed the Smith-Connally War Labor Disputes Act over President Franklin Roosevelt’s veto. It allowed the federal government to seize and operate industries threatened by strikes that would interfere with war production. It was hurriedly created after the third coal strike in seven weeks. – 1943

Important Events From This day in History June 25th


1876 U.S.A. Custers Last Stand

1876 : Custer's Last Stand during the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Six hundred men of The U.S. Seventh Cavalry led by George Armstrong Custer, were attacked by 3,000 native American Indians consisting mostly of Sioux and Cheyenne led by Crazy Horse, within one hour of the attack every last one of the soldiers were dead.

1938 U.S.A. Swastika

1938 : Problems with Native American Indian businesses using the Swastika which is an Indian symbol of good luck and predates the modern world including the use of the swastika buy the Nazi Party in Germany is causing those Indian businesses to stop displaying the sign due to people believing it stands for the Nazis.

1928 U.S.A. Jewish National Home

1928 : The Jewish community in the United States has pledged to raise $3,000,000 each year for the next 5 years to rebuild Palestine as a Jewish National Home.

1943 World War II Dwight D. Eisenhower

1943 : Major General Dwight D. Eisenhower takes command as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. After proving himself on the battlefields of North Africa and Italy in 1942 and 1943, Eisenhower was appointed supreme commander of Operation Overlord in 1944 the Allied invasion of northwestern Europe.

1948 Germany West Berlin Blockade

1948 : Following the Russian blockade of West Berlin stopping fuel, electricity and food US Soldiers are patrolling the streets in armored cars with mounted machine guns. In retaliation to the blockade the US and UK have stopped all exports to East Berlin and the USSR.

1950 North Korea Attack South Korea

1950 : Armed forces from communist North Korea smash into South Korea, setting off the Korean War which lasted until 1953. The US becomes involved as part of the United Nations effort to help South Korea repel the invasion from the North and pushes back to North Korea beyond 38th parallel into North Korean territory and following US involvement China become involved on behalf of North Korea

1951 U.S.A. Color Television

1951 : The first commercial color television show was transmitted by the Columbia Broadcasting System CBS . While color television sets were generally not available it was estimated that about 40,000 people saw the first color program.

1956 U.S.A. Packard

1956 : The last 1956 Packard was produced, marking the end of production at Packard's Connor Avenue plant in Detroit, Michigan. Packard would continue to manufacture cars in South Bend, Indiana, until 1958, but for those familiar with Packard the last 1956 is considered the last true Packard car.

1957 U.S.A. Packard

1957 : Hurricane Audrey hits Gulf Coast which kills 390 people. Water on the coast reached as high as 15 feet above the normal high-tide mark. Boats were washed ashore by the tremendous waves. The towns of Cameron, Creole and Grand Chenier were devastated by the hurricane. Only one building survived in Creole and only two were left standing in Cameron.

1967 UK Beatles "All You Need Is Love"

1967 : The Beatles record "All You Need Is Love" in front of an international television audience on "Our World", the first live global television link. Broadcast to 26 countries and watched by an estimated 350 million people. The BBC had commissioned the Beatles to write a song for the UK's contribution to the program containing a simple message to be understood by all nationalities.

1993 Canada Kim Campbell

1993 : Kim Campbell is sworn in as Canada's 19th prime minister, becoming the first woman to hold the country's highest office.

1996 Saudi Arabia US Base Attacked

1996 : A truck loaded with high explosives is detonated at a U.S. military housing complex killing 19 Americans and injuring hundreds more.

1998 Algeria Lounes Matoub Murdered

1998 : The Algerian popular singer "Lounes Matoub" is murdered by unknown masked gunmen in a remote mountainous road in eastern Algeria. 10's of thousands of mourners / protesters took to the streets including a large number of young protesters who clashed with riot police and attacked government property.

2011 Gay Marriage Approved in New York

2011 : New York became the sixth state in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage. The state senate approved it with a 33-29 vote in favor of a bill that had already been passed in the state's lower house and Governor Cuomo immediately signed the bill into law. Same-sex weddings were expected to start within thirty days of the approval.

2012 US Tropical Storm Debby Hits Florida

2012 : The governor of Florida declared a state of emergency as tropical storm Debby hit the state causing flooding. Officials said that at least 35,000 businesses and homes were out of power due to the storm.


Friday, June 24, 2022

Los Angeles County Covid-19

June 24, 2022
New Cases: 6,129 (3,088,482 to date)
New Deaths: 8 (32,291 to date)
Current Hospitalizations: 741
Today’s Positivity Rate: 11.3%