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Important Events From This day in History September 26th

26 Sept, 2007 Burma "Saffron Revolution"

2007 : Following the monks joining the protests in Burma tens thousands of ordinary men and women also take to the streets in the so called "Saffron Revolution" the ruling military Junta answer was to move against street protests by Buddhist Monks and others with riot police leaving over 1,000 protesters dead after firing indiscriminately into the crowds.

26 Sept, 1923 Bulgaria To Fight Communist Control

1923 : The Bulgarian Premier has declared Bulgaria will fight to the last breath against communist control and domination of our country.

26 Sept, 1932 India Mahatma Gandhi

1932 : Mahatma Gandhi broke his death fast after 6 days and 5 hrs after the British Government had approved most of the compromise plan on the privileges of Indian Untouchables in legislative elections.

Gandhi Public Domain Photo

26 Sept, 1936 Japan Takes Control of Shanghai

1936 : Japanese Marines are now in control of the Shanghai district of China, this follows the deaths of 4 Japanese citizens in Shanghai and Japan in a statement has stated "we must protect our citizens."

26 Sept, 1946 San Salvador General Strike

1946 : A general strike by workers, merchants and students demanding political change has bought the country to a standstill, currently the government in San Salvador has ignored all requests for change but may well soon need to.

26 Sept, 1949 Russia Demands Stop To Nuclear Weapons Research

1949 : The Russian demands for stopping all research into nuclear weapons and to destroy all existing Atom Bombs has been rejected by the British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin who has stated great Britain will continue it's research into Atom Bomb technology.

26 Sept, 1956 Jordan / Israel Clash

1956 : The bloody clash between Jordanian and Israeli forces leaving heavy casualties on both sides, this is the seventh such clash in a short period as the area becomes more unstable.

26 Sept, 1960 Nixon / Kennedy TV Debate

September 26th, 1960 : The first televised debate between presidential candidates for the 1960 election takes place in Chicago between U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democratic nominee, and Vice President Richard Nixon, the Republican nominee. The debate was watched by an estimated 80 million viewers or close to half the population of the United States. The debate was a success for Kennedy who was generally considered to have won the debate.

Nixon Kennedy Debate Public Domain Photo

26 Sept, 1962 U.S.A. James Meredith

1962 : African-American student James Meredith tried for the third time to register for classes at the University of Mississippi today but was turned away by Governor Paul Johnson in defiance of the US Justice Department. It is believed that federal troops will be sent to Mississippi to enforce the laws of the country in what is becoming a case of federal against state control.

James Meredith Public Domain Photo

26 Sept, 1962 U.S.A. "Beverly Hillbillies"

1962 : TV comedy series "Beverly Hillbillies" about a hillbilly family transplanted to Beverly Hills, California after finding oil on their land premieres on CBS, it proved a big hit with TV watchers and became the top ranking network show on television for two seasons.

26 Sept, 1963 U.S.A. Tax Reforms

1963 : The most wide ranging tax reform cuts in history have been passed by the house and will become law by the spring, the cuts will cut income tax by an average of 10% for every working man and women in this country and would also provide additional tax relief for corporation tax. The Tax cuts are being used to bring the country out of the current recession cycle.

26 Sept, 1965 Beatles Get MBE's

September 26th, 1965 : Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II appoints the four members of The Beatles Pop Group John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison " Members of the Order of the British Empire." The Beatles are given their MBEs at Buckingham Palace by the Queen on October 26th.

The Beatles 1968 Public Domain Photo

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26 Sept, 1969 "Chicago Seven" Trial Begins

1969 : The trial of the "Chicago Seven" begins they were accused of conspiring to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. They were antiwar activists who organized protest marches and rock concerts at the Democratic National Convention which turned into full scale rioting, complete with tear gas and police beatings. The defendants did whatever they could to disrupt the trial through such acts as reading poetry and chanting Hare Krishna.

Chicago Seven Poster Public Domain Photo

26 Sept, 1969 The Beatles "Abbey Road Album"

1969 : The Beatles release the "Abbey Road Album " in the UK (US Release date October 1st 1969). The album is the 11th official album released and below are some of the tracks included on the album:

Come Together


Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Octopus's Garden

I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Here Comes the Sun


She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

Carry That Weight

The only other original album released by the Beatles was "Let It Be" on 8 May 1970 shortly after the Beatles announced they had broken up.

26 Sept, 1973 Transatlantic Air Travel Time Cut In Half

1973 : Concorde makes its first non stop crossing of the Atlantic in three hours 32 minutes flying at an average speed of 954 mph cutting the current time by half. Concorde began making commercial flights across the Atlantic between the US and Europe in 1979.

Concorde Public Domain Photo

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26 Sept, 1980 Afghanistan Terrorist Attacks

September 26th, 1980 : Afghanistan's Marxist regime and it's Soviet defenders are improving security in Kabul in response to a new wave of terrorist attacks by Muslim anti-communist tribesman after a successful attack on a power station earlier this week by the rebels.

26 Sept, 1981 Rolling Stones Concert Sell Out

1981 : 90,000 Rolling Stones fans from all over the country have jammed the streets of Philadelphia for these 40 year old aging rockers sell out concert.

26 Sept, 1984 Hong Kong Agreement

1984 : Britain and China finalize a date for hand over of Hong Kong (July 1st 1997) ending more than 150 years of British rule in Hong Kong.

26 Sept, 1997 Italy Assisi's Medieval Basilica

1997 : Two earthquakes have ravaged the Assisi's Medieval Basilica bringing down much of the vaulted ceiling and the important frescoes by the artist Giotto, a number of deaths occurred during the earthquakes. Italy has some of the oldest and important architecture from ancient times throughout the country including Churches, Tombs, Palaces, Castles, Pompeii and whole towns which are significant world heritage sites.

Assisi's Medieval Basilica Public Domain Photo

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26 Sept, 2000 Greece Express Samina Ferry Sinks

September 26th, 2000 : The Greek night ferry "Express Samina" traveling between Piraeus and island of Naxos has sunk in heavy seas close to the Island of Paros in the Aegean Sea with the loss of at least 60 passengers including children.

26 Sept, 2002 Gambia Ferry Capsizes

2002 : The ferry Joola from Senegal capsizes off the coast of Gambia, with the loss of over 1,000 passengers making it one of the worst maritime disasters in history.

26 Sept, 2005 Army Pfc. Lynndie England

2005 : Army Pfc. Lynndie England was convicted by a military jury during her court martial for charges of conspiracy to maltreat prisoners and assault consummated by battery stemming from the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal. She was later sentenced to three years in prison. She is currently serving her sentence and when her sentence is complete will receive a dishonorable discharge.

26 Sept, 2006 Prison Reclaimed After 10 Years

2006 : Guatemalan security forces took control over a prison that was taken over by prisoners for ten years. The prisoners had turned the prison into a luxury compound complete with shops and pubs. They had weapons and ran drug operations from the prison.

26 Sept, 2007 Vietnam Bridge Collapses

September 26th, 2007 : A bridge being built over the Hau River in Can Tho, Vietnam collapsed and killed over fifty workers while under construction. Building the bridge was to cost an estimated 300 million dollars and funded by the Japanese.

26 Sept, 2008 1500's Portugese Shipwreck Found

2008 : A Portuguese shipwreck dating to the 1500’s was found at the site of a Namibian diamond mine. The ship had cargo from all over the world including elephant tusks and copper ingots. Archaeologists marked the discovery as one of the most important finds in Africa in recent history and began working to identify who the ship belonged to.

26 Sept, 2009 Switzerland Roman Polanski Detained

2009 : Movie director, Roman Polanski, was detained in Switzerland. The seventy-six year old director faces extradition after skipping bail in 1977 amidst charges of having sex with a minor.

26 Sept, 2011 Bolivian Defense Minister Resigns

2011 : Bolivia's defense minister, Cecilia Chacon resigned as a protest against the government's decision to use police forces to break up anti-road marchers. Her resignation came after the Bolivian government sent 500 police with tear gas after a group of indigenous people who had been marching to protest the construction of a road to be built through a rain forest preserve.

26 Sept, 2011 Dead Sea Scrolls

September 26th, 2011 : A joint project between Israel's national museum and Google publishes a number of the Dead Sea Scrolls. These Dead Sea Scrolls generally date between 150 BCE and 70 CE and were only discovered between 1947 and 1956 on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea.

26 Sept, 2012 Uruguay Votes to Legalize Abortion

2012 : Uruguay's lower house of Congress voted 50 to 49 in favor of legalizing abortion in the first twelve weeks of a pregnancy. The law would need the approval of the Senate to become effective and President Jose Mujica stated he would approve the law if the Senate passed it.

26 Sept, 2013 Australia Indigenous Council Formed

September 26th, 2013 : Australia's new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has announced the formation of the Indigenous Advisory Council. The council was formed with the purpose of addressing issues that concern the Aboriginal communities in Australia with things like job creation and welfare reform. This is a step toward keeping his campaign promises in which he stated he wanted to make Aboriginal affairs a priority.

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Legislation to force Big Tech to pay publishers for online news headed to Senate - The Morning Call

Today in Labor History September 23rd, 2022


President Richard Nixon

The Workingman’s Advocate of Chicago published the first installment of The Other Side, by Martin A. Foran, president of the Coopers’ International Union. This was believed to be the first novel by a trade union leader and some say the first working-class novel ever published in the U.S. – 1868
President Richard Nixon issued the Philadelphia Plan, forcing building trades unions to add black members into their ranks. Nixon did this believing that it would show him as a strong civil rights president without having to do very much to give in to the more radical demands of the civil right movement. More importantly to Nixon, he saw it as a way to undercut organized labor, creating a coalition of African-Americans and Republicans against racist unions. Opponents of the new rule of affirmative action immediately sued to kill the new policy, but the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in its favor in 1971 and the Supreme Court rejected the appeal. – 1969
A 42-month strike by Steelworkers at Bayou Steel in Louisiana ended in a new contract and the ousting of scabs. – 1996
California Governor Gray Davis (D) signed legislation making the state the first to offer workers paid family leave. – 2002

Important Events From This day in History September 23rd


23 Sept, 1952 U.S.A. Rocky Marciano

1952 : Rocky Marciano knocked out world heavyweight champion Jersey Joe Walcott in the 13th round and he went on to be the only heavyweight champion in boxing history to retire without a defeat or draw as a professional boxer.

23 Sept, 1924 U.S.A. Theodore Roosevelt

1924 : Theodore Roosevelt Assistant Secretary of the navy has been nominated as Governor of New York State.

Theodore Roosevelt Jr Public Domain Photo

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23 Sept, 1925 Birth of Commercial Airlines

1925 : President Hoover believes self supporting commercial air lines in the United States should be created and an authority to oversee the industry created with help and federal funding. He also has bought in the Postmaster General as Air Post would be an important part of helping the fledgling industry take off. He is pressing municipalities to provide local airports to help the new industry.

Varney Speed Lines Lockheed L-9 Orion Public Domain Photo

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23 Sept, 1934 U.S.A. Detroit Lions

1934 : The Detroit Lions plays its first NFL game the team was formerly called the Spartans and was located in Ohio.

23 Sept, 1938 New England Hurricane Victims

1938 : The Red Cross is putting out an urgent appeal for help with hurricane victims in New England as the death toll has now risen to over 500 and many thousands have lost their homes with many other homes flooded and temporary shelters being put up to provide comfort, medical assistance and food to the survivors.

New England Hurricane 1938 Public Domain Photo

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23 Sept, 1948 Overproduction of Potatoes

1948 : The current overproduction of spuds in the US and the cost to the government of $200,000,000 in price support for the last 5 years has prompted the government to set lower price support and lower production of spuds for 1949, this will mean lower prices for the consumer and less government subsidies.

23 Sept, 1952 Vice Presidential Candidate Richard M. Nixon

September 23rd, 1952 : Vice Presidential Candidate Richard M. Nixon running mate of General Dwight D. Eisenhower goes on television to defend against allegations of a secret cash fund provided by his sponsors. In his speech to defend himself he provided an independent third-party review of the fund's accounting, the speech gained additional publicity when he stated he had been given an American Cocker Spaniel named "Checkers" but he was not going to give the dog back. Because of this one fact many refer to his speech as the "Checkers speech."

President Nixon Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

23 Sept, 1957 Little Rock Nine

1957 : Nine black students "Little Rock Nine" who the police quietly slipped into Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas under the the U.S. Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education ruling which declared all laws establishing segregated schools to be unconstitutional. After the white mob outside mostly parents of the white students learn of the black students inside the school they begin to riot, and because police are outnumbered by rioters the "Little Rock Nine" are removed from the school.

23 Sept, 1958 United Nations China Entry

September 23rd, 1958 : The United Nations general assembly is expected to vote today on China's entry and a seat in the United Nations.

UN General Assembly Public Domain Photo

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23 Sept, 1968 Cuba Plane Crash

1968 : Two Colombian Passenger jets have been hijacked and taken to Cuba where it is presumed they have been given political asylum . It is unknown how the hijackers managed to board the plane with guns as all passengers are supposed to be checked prior to boarding.

23 Sept, 1977 Los Angeles Refuses Concorde

1977 : Plans to create a new route for Concorde from London Heathrow to Los Angeles have been halted after the Mayor of San Francisco has said Concorde can not meet the cities anti-noise requirements and will not be given permission to land.

Concorde Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:

23 Sept, 1989 German Autobahn Accidents

1989 : In one of the worst days for accidents on the German Autobahn, due to fog five huge pileups involving 256 cars with a large number of series injuries. The Autobahn's in Germany have no speed limits with cars travelling as fast as 140 MPH which is a recipe for disaster in foggy conditions.

23 Sept, 1999 Mars Climate Orbiter

September 23rd, 1999 : Mars Climate Orbiter reaches Mars and when after the spacecraft passed behind Mars it never emerged or made radio contact. NASA believe Mars Climate Orbiter was at too low an altitude and was destroyed by atmospheric stresses and friction at this low altitude. After an investigation the loss of the spacecraft was blamed on a NASA subcontractor (Lockheed Martin) who used Imperial units (pound-seconds) instead of the metric units (newton-seconds) as specified by NASA in the control software on Earth used to control thrusters causing the spacecraft to fail.

Mars Climate Orbiter Public Domain Photo

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23 Sept, 2003 Earth Ward Hunt Ice Shelf

2003 : Researchers - Warwick Vincent, Derek Mueller and Martin Jeffries report the break-up of Ward Hunt Ice Shelf in the journal Geophysical Research Letters (GRL). The Ward Hunt Ice Shelf which was the largest ice shelf in the Arctic has fractured, releasing all the water from the freshwater lake it dammed. In April 2008 a new report details that the shelf is fractured into dozens of cracks and it seems likely the shelf is disintegrating.

23 Sept, 2004 Haiti Hurricane Jeanne

September 23rd, 2004 : Hurricane Jeanne slams into Haiti, killing thousands although the storm was only a category 2 hurricane the accompanying heavy rain caused the floodgates for the Peligre River to fail which caused flash floods to sweep through entire villages, carrying away hundreds of people. Jeanne was part of a series of deadly storms to hit the region during the 2004 hurricane season.

Hurricane Jeanne Flooding Haiti Public Domain Photo

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23 Sept, 2006 Iraq Ramadan Violence

2006 : A car bomb attack on a kerosene tanker in Baghdad leaves 35 dead and many more injured. The attack is part of the violence that is sweeping through Iraq during the holy month of Ramadan between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

23 Sept, 2006 Argentina Enrique Gorriaran Merlo

2006 : Rebel leader of the People’s Revolutionary Army, Enrique Gorriaran Merlo, died of a heart attack at the age of sixty-five. In 1980, the squad he commanded assassinated Nicaraguan leader Anastasio Somoza.

23 Sept, 2007 Burma / Union of Myanmar "Saffron Revolution"

2007 : Since the monks in Burma have taken to the streets just six days ago, thousands of ordinary men and women are now joining the protests against the ruling military dictatorship and the latest rally in the former capital Rangoon was estimated to be 20,000 strong. The protest originally began because of the large increase in the cost of fuel but are now focused in removing the current regime. Over the next few days the numbers involved increased and on September 25, the ruling junta warned demonstrators that military force would be used to break up the demonstration, at the same time placing army trucks at Shwedagon Pagoda the assembly point for monks leading the protests. Please refer to September 26th.

23 Sept, 2008 Burma Prisoner Release

September 23rd, 2008 : Nine thousand prisoners in Burma were to be released by the military-run government on good behavior in order to participate in the country’s elections set to be held in 2010.

23 Sept, 2009 India World Bank Loan

2009 : The World Bank commits to sending 4.3 billion dollars worth of loans to India. The loans are expected to be used for infrastructure and to support state banks.

23 Sept, 2011 New Zambian President Sworn In

2011 : Michael Sata, the opposition leader in Zambian politics, was sworn in as the country's new president after beating the incumbent, Rupiah Banda, in a close election. Sata ran on the platform of addressing the problem of corruption and reforming the government and stated he would keep those promises after his ceremony.

23 Sept, 2012 Green Day Singer Goes to Rehab

2012 : Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day admitted that he was seeking treatment for substance abuse. The announcement came only days after the group performed at the MTV Video Music Awards.

23 Sept, 2013 Cambodia Opposition Protest Parliament

September 23rd, 2013 : Cambodia's opposition party, the CNRP, boycotted the opening of parliament after hotly disputed elections in which the ruling party, the CPP, were accused of fraud and rigging.

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Today in Labor History September 22nd, 2022


Emancipation Proclamation signed - 1862
Eighteen-year-old Hannah (Annie) Shapiro leads a spontaneous walkout of 17 women at a Hart Schaffner & Marx garment factory in Chicago. It grows into a months-long mass strike involving 40,000 garment workers across the city, protesting 10-hour days, bullying bosses and cuts in already-low wages - 1910
Great Steel Strike begins; 350,000 workers demand union recognition. The AFL Iron and Steel Organizing Committee calls off the strike, their goal unmet, 108 days later - 1919
Martial law rescinded in Mingo County, W. Va., after police, U.S. troops and hired goons finally quell coal miners' strike - 1922
U.S. Steel announces it will cut the wages of 220,000 workers by 10 percent - 1931
United Textile Workers strike committee orders strikers back to work after 22 days out, ending what was at that point the greatest single industrial conflict in the history of American organized labor. The strike involved some 400,000 workers in New England, the mid-Atlantic states and the South - 1934
Some 400,000 coal miners strike for higher wages in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois and Ohio - 1935
The AFL expels the Int’l Longshoremen's Association for racketeering; six years later the AFL-CIO accepted them back into the house of labor - 1953

OSHA reaches its largest ever settlement agreement, $21 million, with BP Products North America following an explosion at BP's Texas City, Texas, plant earlier in the year that killed 15 and injured 170 - 2005
Eleven Domino's employees in Pensacola, Fla., form the nation's first union of pizza delivery drivers - 2006
San Francisco hotel workers end a 2-year contract fight, ratify a new 5-year pact with their employers - 2006

Important Events From This day in History September 22nd


22 Sept, 1938 New England Hurricane

1938 : 250 have died in the New England Hurricane and Cape Cod is completely isolated due to high winds and tidal waves, many fear for the lives and safety of those on Cape Cod and it is expected it will be tomorrow before the full scale of the catastrophe can be assessed. Currently the property damage is estimated at many million of dollars and will only increase when an assessment of the damage to Cape Cod can be assessed.

22 Sept, 1914 German U-Boat Submarine

1914 : For the first time in wartime the capabilities of Submarine warfare is seen when a German U-Boat submarine sinks three British cruisers, the Aboukir, the Hogue, and the Cressy, in just over one hour.

German U Boat Public Domain Photo

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22 Sept, 1922 Bootleggers Winning

1922 : In the ongoing war against bootleggers 125 Prohibition agents have been killed against 50 bootleggers and Rum Runners.

Underground Brewery during Prohibition Public Domain Photo

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22 Sept, 1927 U.S.A. Dempsey - Tunney Fight

1927 : The long awaited re-match between ex-champion Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney is watched by 150,000 Chicago fans at Soldier Field for this 10 round World Heavyweight Championship Match. Tunney won but only after a hard fight and fans wondering if he did get up before the count in the seventh round after Dempsey knocked him out.

Gene Tunney Stamp Public Domain Photo

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22 Sept, 1948 No War Over Berlin Blockade

1948 : Following the blockade of Berlin by Russia the British Foreign Secretary has stressed that the western powers are not committed to going to war over the situation as they believe there will be a political solution . It is estimated that Berlin have enough food, fuel and other supplies to last a short time which should be long enough to find a solution without going to war.

Berlin Blockade Public Domain Photo

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22 Sept, 1949 Soviet Union Nuclear Bomb

1949 : The Soviet Union explodes it's first Nuclear Bomb 4 yrs after America.

22 Sept, 1953 North Korea Pilot Defects With MIG15

1953 : The communist pilot who defected to the west yesterday landing in Seoul and bringing with him the latest MIG15 or MIG17 will not only obtain his freedom from the communist regime but will also collect the $100,000 reward offered by the Air Force for the first MIG delivered intact to the US Air Force.

MIG 15 Public Domain Photo

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22 Sept, 1955 UK New Independent TV Channel

1955 : The first independent TV channel "Independent Television Authority (ITA)" run by Associated Rediffusion and ABC (Associated Broadcasting Company) which is funded by advertisements instead of by the government and TV licensing fees began today with live coverage of a ceremony at the Guildhall marking the start of Britain's first ever commercially funded television station. The new station is only available in the London Viewing area but other areas of the country are expected soon. The first Television advertisement was for "Gibbs SR toothpaste" and other ads featured Cadbury's chocolate and Esso petrol.

22 Sept, 1961 Peace Corps Established

1961 : President John F. Kennedy signs legislation establishing the Peace Corps as a permanent government agency which could provide a new and unique weapon in the war against communism and reinvigorate U.S. foreign policy by improving the lives of people in less developed countries.

22 Sept, 1965 Pakistan Cease Fire Agreed

1965 : A cease fire is declared between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.

22 Sept, 1968 UK Prince Charles

1968 : The future King of England Prince Charles has joined the Cambridge Footlights and will been treading the boards as an actor, Many famous stars and singers started their career in this club.

Prince Charles Public Domain Photo

Full Size Original Here:,_Prince_of_Wales.jpg

22 Sept, 1980 Iraq Launches Attack Against Iran

1980 : After a series of border disputes between Iran and Iraq the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein launches an invasion of Iran's oil-producing province of Khuzestan.

22 Sept, 1989 Kent Barracks Bombing

September 22nd, 1989 : An IRA bomb at the recreation center at the Royal Marine School of Music in Deal, Kent has killed 10 young soldiers and injuring 22 more.

22 Sept, 1998 Serbia Reports of Ethnic Cleansing

1998 : Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has denied reports of a Humanitarian Catastrophe in war torn Serbia Kosova Province , this was in answer to the International Aid Organizations report that 300,000 ethnic Albanians have fled their homes in response to ethnic cleansing by Serbian troops forcing their displacement.

22 Sept, 1999 Saudi Arabia Boycott Walt Disney

September 22nd, 1999 : Saudi Arabia has added its voice to other Arab countries threats to boycott the Walt Disney entertainment company in protest against the Israeli exhibit at the millennium show in Florida which portray Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is a divided city and the status of Jerusalem remains one of the core issues in the Israeli - Palestinian conflict as Palestinians foresee East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

22 Sept, 2004 CBS Fined Over "Wardrobe Malfunction"

2004 : CBS owned stations are fined $550,000 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) after the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl half time show. Due to the "wardrobe malfunction" when Justin Timberlake tears off part of Janet Jackson's wardrobe which causes Janet Jackson's right breast to be exposed to the public. In 2008 the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit voided the FCC's fine.

22 Sept, 2005 Indonesia Bird Flu Outbreak

2005 : Three children in Indonesia who have died in the last week and exhibited symptoms of the H5N1 strain of the Bird Flu virus are being tested and if positive will join the confirmed 4 deaths in Indonesia from H5N1 strain of Avian Flu. Indonesia is one of the only countries who have not carried out mass culling of domestic birds following an outbreak with other countries culling many millions of chickens and other domestic birds.

22 Sept, 2006 Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf

2006 : President Pervez Musharraf has revealed that the former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage informed Pakistan's intelligence director that if Pakistan did not cooperate with the US on it's fight against al-Qaeda, the US would bomb Pakistan "back to the stone age." The US has denied all claims.

President Pervez Musharraf Public Domain Photograph

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22 Sept, 2006 German Monorail Crash

September 22nd, 2006 : A German monorail train near Lathen crashed into a maintenance vehicle on this day. The crash killed a total twenty-three people.

22 Sept, 2007 Afghanistan Polio Vaccinations Start

2007 : The Taliban announced that it would allow 10,000 health workers to conduct immunizations in the southern part of the country without any disturbance. The workers are set to vaccinate over one million children for polio. Afghanistan is one of just four remaining polio-endemic countries Nigeria, India (specifically Uttar Pradesh and Bihar), Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

22 Sept, 2007 France Marcel Marceau

September 22nd, 2007 : Marcel Marceau, the famous French mime artist, died at the age of 84. Marceau was most famous for his character Bip, the white-faced clown.

22 Sept, 2011 World Stock Markets

2011 : Following an earlier report by the IMF (September 20th) of a possible global double-dip recession World stock markets plunge amid growing global fears of recession.

22 Sept, 2012 Catholic Church Admits Sex Abuse in Australia

2012 : The Roman Catholic Church in the Australian state of Victoria has admitted that over six-hundred children suffered from sexual abuse by priests since the 1930s. The numbers were released as a response to a parliamentary inquiry over the handling of abuse cases.

22 Sept, 2013 Pakistan Suicide Bombing Attack on Church

2013 : At least seventy-five people were killed in a twin-suicide bomb attack on the All Saints Christian church in the Peshawar, Pakistan. Taliban members of Pakistan claimed responsibility for the attacks. Over 120 other people were injured as a result of the attack, which was done in retaliation to US drone attacks.

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Los Angeles County Covid-19

September 21, 2022
New Cases: 1,451 (3,444,076 to date)
New Deaths: 12 (33,509 to date)
Current Hospitalizations: 573
Today’s Positivity Rate: 4.6%


Los Angeles County Covid-19 Trends September 1st - 21st

                               NEW CASES                  DEATHS                HOSPITALIZATIONS

1ST                        2,566                       17                          764

2ND                        2,705                       16                          788

3RD                        2,545                       10                           n/a

4TH                        1,481                        10                           n/a

5TH                        1,029                          9                           n/a

6TH                        1,430                          8                           n/a

7TH                        1,737                        10                          783

8Th                        1,767                         15                         780

9TH                        2,228                         15                         765  

10TH                      2,348                         17                         771

11TH                      1,255                         10                         701

12TH                         941                         10                         713

13TH                      1,601                         13                         735

14TH                      1,777                         16                         717

15TH                      1,862                         19                         677

16TH                      1,944                         16                         669

17TH                      1,705                         16                         624

18TH                      1,072                         11                          601

19TH                         725                           9                          607

20TH                      1,520                         14                          633

21ST                      1,451                         12                          573          

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 Retired press room supervisor, Jose Delmendo, paid me a visit

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Today in Labor History September 21st


Mary Harris “Mother” Jones

The militia was sent to Leadville, Colorado to bust a miners’ strike.  Leadville was a leading mining community during the latter half of the 19th century due to its rich silver deposits. The amazing mineral wealth of Colorado turned it into the nation’s main mining region, and contributed to the wealth of families like the Guggenheims. The Leadville miners’ strike was an action by the Cloud City Miners’ Union, which was the Leadville, Colorado local of the Western Federation of Miners (WFM). They protested against those silver mines paying less that $3.00 per day. The strike lasted 8 months and resulted in a major defeat for the union, largely due to the unified opposition of the mine owners. The failure of the strike caused the WFM to leave the American Federation of Labor (AFL), and is regarded as the cause for the WFM turn toward revolutionary socialism. – 1896

Mother Jones led a march of miners’ children through the streets of Charleston to illustrate the effects of poverty. Between 1912 and 1913, there were frequent violent conflicts during the Paint Creek-Cabin Creek strike in West Virginia. – 1912
National Football League Players Association members began what was to become a 57-day strike, their first regular-season walkout ever. The NFL Players Association demanded, among other things, that its members receive 55% of the league’s gross revenues. The players walked and didn’t return until seven regular-season games had been lost, to say nothing of the $275 million in revenues and wages. The owners were also forced to return $50 million to the networks. – 1982
Members of five unions at the Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas began what was to become the longest successful hotel strike in U.S. history. All 550 workers honored the picket line for the entirety of the 6-year, 4-month, 10-day fight against management’s insistence on cutting wages and eliminating pensions. The locals taking part in the strike were Culinary Workers Local 226, Bartenders Local 165, Operating Engineers Local 501, Teamsters Local 995, and Carpenters Local 1780. – 1991