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Robert Goulet, RIP

Get Lost With Easy-Writer: Remember when they could belt them out?

Just Another Tuesday

LAT Orange County Plant Knocked Offline

On Saturday October 27th, 2007 the Los Angeles Times Costa Mesa Production Facility lost all power to the plant. The entire Sunday edition was produced at the downtown Olympic Facility, with subscribers in Orange County affected directly with late newspapers Sunday morning.

The reason for the outage are still a mystery, one source claimed it was caused by a burst water main under the sidewalk at the facility, and yet another claimed it was caused by the Plate Making Department.

After speaking with Warren Tice, Electronic Department Supervisor at Olympic, he stated the four main breakers overheated and tripped into the off position. The water main had nothing to do with the outage, and if the generators could be started, the power would still not flow into the building as the breakers were tripped off, not allowing any power into the plant. The electric shop employees made many attempts at resetting the breakers without success. Russell Electric was called in Sunday morning, and found nothing wrong with the system?

If this was a test of the output from the Olympic Facility, it appears we can produce the Los Angeles Times at one facility if need be.

Los Angeles Times Composing Room

As I searched the Internet for photographs of the Times Orange County Production Facility I discovered a website run by former Composing Room employees. The site has five pages of images of the old timers, which many of you will recognize from Anthony’s and the Redwood. Drop in and take a look for a step back in time by clicking here.

The Missing Man Formation

Retired pressroom shift supervisor, Bill Widner, is seeking contact information of two former colleagues, Robert Whaples, and Dick Ware. If you know the whereabouts of either of the two, please contact Bill Widner at

Monday, October 29, 2007

Passing of Colleagues

October has not been one of our best months with the loss of three former colleagues.

Former first color at the shuttered Chatsworth Facility, Martha Hernandez, passed away from a stroke in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 11.

Klaus Belda, retired pressman from the former downtown printing facility, passed away October 14th from a heart attack.

Former Olympic Pressroom supervisor, Jose Delmendo, lost his father as well. I do not have his father’s name at this time, but he worked at Times Mirror Square in the Facilities Department before retirement.
Jose's fathers name was Dominador Delmendo.
h/t Emmett Jaime III

Internet Speed Monitor

Having used computer’s for over twenty years I thought of myself as an experienced user, until a program called Internet Speed Monitor showed me how little I really know.

Last week my computer started giving me a warning notice with a popup that said my server was busy, and could not continue what I was doing. The message gave me two options, retry the program or cancel the task at hand, but I could not close the warning popup box. Clicking on any of the options, or trying to close the box resulted in the activation of the Internet Speed Monitor. This program would open a new window in my browser, which would display a different advertisement every time it was activated.

It did not matter if I was running Internet Explorer or not, the program would take control of my computer for five minutes at a time, that’s how long I had to wait before I was able to close all the open windows. It was a pain in the rear, and a waste of my time.

After upgrading Spybot and Ad-Aware, I ran each program separately, and removed all the adware, malware, and cookies that were suspect. Yet, Internet Speed Monitor continued running, displaying all types of advertisements I had not ask to be bothered with.

My next step was to run the spyware removal programs in safe mode, which you can do as well by tapping on the F8 key as your computer boots up. This method also failed to achieve the results I was seeking, removal of the Internet Speed Monitor.

Just by accident, as I prepared to remove a video program I was testing, from the add/remove area of control panel, I discovered Internet Speed Monitor had been installed as a program onto my hard drive. After un-installing this adware generator, I have not been troubled with any further false alarms or unwanted advertising. I am back in control of my computer, for the time being.

Monday Morning News

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

How To Help Those Affected By The Fires

KTLA and the Los Angeles Times have created a joint program that will help those affected by the 2007 California wildfires.

Walk For Hope Canceled

Tomorrow’s Walk for Hope 5 kilometer walk has been canceled due too poor air-quality, a direct result of the recent wildfires in Southern California. The Southern California walk is one of the nine walks held across the country for City of Hope research, treatment and education programs. The Los Angeles walk is expected to be rescheduled sometime next month, for additional information call 800.544.3541, ext. 26304 or visit City of Hope online.

My daughter Lauren raised $520.00 for the fundraiser.

Save Our Trade: Local 404 Meeting November 4th

By Ronnie Pineta

Local 404 President Doug Brown asked me to invite our members to attend their Annual General Meeting on Sunday November 4th at 10:00 AM.

There are quite a few of us who are card carrying members of Local 404, so President Brown would especially like for you to make every effort possible to attend.

GCC/IBT President Tedeschi and GCC/IBT Organizer Marty Keegan will also be in attendance at this meeting so if you may not be planning on attending our meeting on Monday November 5th in Fountain Valley, you might consider joining us a day earlier in Monrovia.

Local 404 is located at 518 west Duarte Rd. Monrovia, Ca.91016 Just south of the 210 fwy at the Myrtle exit, west of Myrtle on the left immediately after Mayflower Ave.

Everyone is welcome to come and witness the processes that take place in these type of meetings and get a look at our future, because we will also have meetings like this one.

See you there!

Save Our Trade: Local 404 Meeting November 4th

Editors message:
GCC/IBT President Tedeschi urges all Los Angeles Times departments to attend either the Nov. 4th or 5th meetings, since so many have shown an interest in becoming part of the union movement at the newspaper. Union Organizer Marty Keegan will also be in attendance to answer your questions and supply authorization cards for your colleagues.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Firefighters photographed escaping danger

Photo by Karen Tapia-Anderson / Los Angeles Times

Twelve firefighters are trapped atop a ridge off Santiago Canyon Road in Orange County after flames jumped the road. The blaze roared up the hillside and prompted the crew members to deploy their fire shelters. They were surrounded by burning brush, but they made it out alive. "We just remained calm, everyone did," one firefighter said after he was checked out by paramedics. All of the firefighters were treated at the scene and did not want to go to the hospital.

Saul Daniels pointed out this fascinating report about an LA Times photo from tonight's NBC Nightly News: Firefighters photographed escaping danger Oct. 26: A group of firefighters was photographed using their silver-coated emergency suits in a moment some feared was the end of their lives. Don Teague reports.

Jim O'Shea Editor Los Angeles Times to Staff

To the staff:

Before the fires die down, I want to mark an extraordinary moment in the long, proud history of the Los Angeles Times: Its transformation from a great newspaper to a great interactive newspaper and website.

Readers expect outstanding newspaper journalism from us, and we delivered it this week. More than ever before, we simultaneously demonstrated the power and reach of our website, a reflection of outstanding work by many people over the past several months.

We are building the technical and journalistic capabilities to provide readers with exciting storytelling in print and online. Those efforts coalesced in our fire coverage and readers reaped the rewards. Millions of additional readers sought our journalism with record-shattering visits to

I hope everyone noticed the creative additions to the site: slide shows embedded in the home page, tools to connect displaced residents with family and friends, real-time interactive maps, live updates to mobile devices, cell phone photos from reporters on the ground, and user-generated video. We also sharpened our breaking news blog with more than 100 updates a day.

We gave readers the opportunity to share stories with us and with others. And, boy, did they respond. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were the three highest traffic days ever. On Tuesday, the site had 8 million page views, double the previous record and three times the daily average. The number of unique online visitors surpassed by 30 percent the number of people who bought our newspaper. Talk about a news organization with reach!

None of this would have happened a few short months ago. But this newsroom, starting with the Spring Street Report and continuing with the Reinvent project, responded to a challenge. We started the year with the Internet 101 training in the newsroom. Many editors and reporters have received additional training. Every daily section -- and many of the weekly sections -- now have web deputies to shape the online report. The website has beefed up its editorial and technical staff, giving us the flexibility to compete in this rapidly changing media landscape.

What draws people to our site are the same things that have drawn them to our newspaper for more than 125 years: Great storytelling, community and context. People want to understand the world around them. In times of crisis, they turn to us. The staff of The Times earned and held the trust of Southern California this week with crack coverage, sweeping stories of the struggle between nature and mankind, and vital lists of useful information on closures, evacuations and emergency procedures.

The web is vital to our future. Readers and advertisers are moving there and we have to move there, too. But the fire coverage showed that we don't have to leave great journalism behind. It also showed that we can move forward together and forge a prosperous future.

Over the next few weeks, we will accelerate our video training to give reporters another form of storytelling. We are also integrating the newsgathering process more tightly to eliminate the gaps and disconnects between what we do "for the web" and "for the paper." When we treat the paper and the web as one, we all benefit.

Thanks so much for all your hard work this week. I hope you are as proud of the results as I am.


Dennis FitzSimons on Southern California Wildfires

From: Dennis FitzSimons
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 11:22 AM
Subject: Southern California wildfires

Dear Fellow Employee,

The devastating wildfires out West seem to be coming under control—good news as we close out the week. As the incredible work and collaboration by KSWB-TV, KTLA-TV and the Los Angeles Times continues, we’re reminded of how important the work we do is to the people and communities we serve. Tribune employees are once again going “above and beyond” to fulfill our journalistic mission.

KSWB (“ San Diego ’s CW5”) has been providing live shots and other video to KTLA, which in turn has supplied with a steady feed of streaming video. That’s great teamwork, and our customers have responded enthusiastically to the expanded coverage. Web traffic on has tripled thanks to around-the-clock reporting and features such as eyewitness blog accounts, stunning photography from Times staff members and readers, and information on evacuations, road conditions and air quality. Print coverage also has been comprehensive, and the Times delivered free papers to evacuation centers and went “off road” to serve subscribers in the fire zone.

While it appears the worst may be over, thousands of people have been impacted by the wildfires. Our Southern California business units are responding with Fire Relief Campaigns in partnership with the McCormick Tribune Foundation. Two fundraising campaigns are under way. In the San Diego area, KSWB is working with the North County Times, based in Escondido . In Los Angeles , KTLA and the Times are conducting a joint campaign. More information is available at

Finally, I’m including a link to a remarkable photograph taken on Tuesday by John Weigand, KSWB’s chief engineer (CW5 photo). It shows the station’s tower and transmitter at the summit of Mt. Miguel completely surrounded by wildfire. CW5’s dedicated staff, through hard work, preparedness and good fortune, kept the station on-air without disruption.

Thanks once again to all of our employees in Southern California for their outstanding efforts on this important story.


Los Angeles Times People Finder

By Margit Rubins

In a unique collaboration during the Southern California wildfires, the Los Angeles Times launched a "people finder" site with several other newspapers that allows residents to register information so that others will know where they are. The site,, is also being linked to Web sites of KTLA-TV, San Diego Union-Tribune, The Voice of San Diego, North County Times of Escondido and the Daily Transcript of San Diego. Meredith Artley, executive editor of, estimated at least 1,500 people have registered since the site launched on Oct. 24.

The Times also announced the creation of a relief fund, along with KTLA-TV, which will match donations at 50 cents per dollar. The Los Angeles Times Family Fund/KTLA-5 Charities Fire Relief Campaign is a joint effort of the McCormick Tribune Foundation, The Times and KTLA.

The Times editorial staff is preparing a special section on the wildfires for Sunday, Oct. 28.

Finally Friday News

In Memory of Bryan Padgett

Kevin Sites Reports on Jill Leovy

Los Angeles Times reporter Jill Leovy reports on every murder in Los Angeles County in her blog "The Homicide Report." It provides recognitions for otherwise anonymous victims and vital statistics about the invisible war of violence within our own country.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

On His Way Home!

Today I heard from my daughter Candice that her husband Thomas is on his way home from Iraq! She spoke to him this morning and he was in Kuwait, waiting for his flight back to the United States. He's expected to arrive in Hawaii sometime this weekend. Needless to say, Candie is excited and happy at the prospect of having him home.

Thanks to all who prayed for his safe return. Please remember to keep praying for our troops and their families. They need our love and support.

God bless you!

LA Times Fire Relief Campaign

LA Times Family Fund and KTLA Charities Fire Relief Campaign

The Los Angeles Times, KTLA-TV and the McCormick Tribune Foundation have teamed up to create a fire relief campaign to raise funds for agencies that help those affected by these devastating fires.

The Foundation will match at least the first $500,000 raised at fifty cents on the dollar, with additional matching funds available based on fundraising response.

The Los Angeles Times, KTLA, and the Foundation will cover all administrative costs, so 100% of your donation plus the match will be granted to organizations supporting disaster response and recovery in Southern California.

You may make a donation online, by phone or by check.


For information, please contact the Los Angeles Times Public Affairs Department at 213-237-5390.

David Hiller and LAT Fire Fund


I first want to thank everyone involved in our extraordinary efforts to cover the fire story, and to get the news out to our friends and neighbors in a time of great need. It has been a truly heroic effort all across the company. I recounted some of these efforts on my blog this morning ( for our MAC users), including the nice things Sam Zell had to say about the paper and our website. Please feel free to post your own comments or experiences about the fire and our coverage.

We are also launching a Fire Relief Fund, in partnership with KTLA and the McCormick Tribune Foundation. All the funds raised will go to help people left homeless or needing other help after these devastating fires. McCormick Tribune will match at least the first $500,000 we raise, 50 cents on the dollar, and we will cover any administrative expenses so all the contributions get put to work. We and KTLA will start promoting the Relief Fund tomorrow. For more information on the fund, be sure to visit

Thanks again for all your efforts. It’s times like these that really remind us why we do what we do, and how much it means to our communities.


Is It Friday Yet News?

Raul Compos, Bill Conover, and your favorite Blogger

San Francisco Peninsula Press Club: Hearst considers offers for Chron building

Hearst Corp. is talking to developers about selling the Chronicle building at Fifth and Mission streets to take advantage of the area's surging real estate values. The Chron quotes Stephen Hearst, vp and gm of Hearst's West Coast land management unit, as saying the company is committed to keeping the Chron in San Francisco. But he provided no details about a potential new location. He expects to receive proposals from developers by mid- to late-November. Hearst said he is "reasonably confident" a sale will take place. A story today gives details about what Hearst plans to sell. Chron management has been talking about selling the building for a couple of years. In December 2005, Pubisher Frank Vega said a developer was interested in buying the Fifth and Mission site, but he said at the time it wasn't for sale.

Hearst considers offers for Chron building
(Photo credit: Deanne Fitzmaurice, Chronicle)


October 25, 2007

Tribune to Sell Southern Connecticut Newspapers CHICAGO, Oct. 25, 2007

Tribune Publishing, a division of Tribune Company (NYSE:TRB), today announced the sale of its Southern Connecticut Newspapers, The Advocate (Stamford) and Greenwich Time, to Hearst Corporation for $62.4 million. The newspapers will be managed by MediaNews Group, Inc., under an existing joint venture agreement with Hearst.

The transaction is expected to close within the next few weeks. It does not include real estate in Stamford and Greenwich, which Tribune plans to sell separately.

Ashes In My Hair

Photos from the LA Times

We've had fires here in Southern California, and all week I've been worried about my house going up in flames. Tonight, I took the dog out. It smells of something beyond just wood burning. It's sickly sweet. It's the smell of metal, and all sorts of materials being incinerated. It isn't good. The winds roared from the desert, picking up speed as they came down the mountains and the force could be heard all Sunday night.

It was with a familiar feeling of dread that I thought about the fires already raging in Malibu. I'd had been nervous before. At one point, we lived in a gorgeous canyon area. But we knew it had a wicked side. There was one flat road in, and one hilly road back down the ridgeline if ever the flat road got closed. When fire season came, I'd put records and belongings in empty laundry baskets, line up the pet carriers, talk to a neighbor about a plan of evacuation --essential for her because she not only had horses, but an adult son with CP, confined to a wheelchair. Then, I'd listen to the volunteer fire department patrol all day & night.

On Sunday night, it was apparent that the fires had the upperhand. I spent the day rewatering potted plants, fretting over a tree that I hadn't had money to trim this summer. And then if felt like I just waited, sniffling, sneezing, and worrying about my youngest with asthma. One of my staff called in sick on Monday --like the rest of us, she hadn't slept and sounded extraordinarily stressed and congested. On Tuesday, we found out that her elderly grandparents had been evacuated into Qualcomm center in San Diego.

The winds have stopped. Some of the fires are only 10% contained, a few burning out of control. All the fires are in steep terrain, and people live there because they love it. 25 years ago, even 8, many of these new communities didn't exist. But then 25 years ago, we didn't have as massive a population (42 million, I think) that we do today.

At some point, we need to talk about the numbers we have in California. It's expected to reach 50 million in the next decade. This isn't the state I grew up in. It's already at numbers that aren't environmentally sustainable. The more we push into these rugged terrains, the more terrible loss of homes and lives we'll see. I take the very conservative view that a bit of planning and can act as prevention. Unfortunately, politicians would rather talk about feeling gypped that they didn't "get" the funding for fire fighting equipment. While this might be true, they have to realize they were part of the process that let it slip through. Simply put, we've got to quit building entire developments where they don't belong.

The kids haven't been allowed outside all week at school due to "unhealthful air" conditions. They're going nuts. On Friday I pick up my daughter and her new friend from school. I'm also picking up the sister. I'm taking them for ice cream, then they'll come play here. She's just moved here. Her mother works a lot as a nurse. Her father is a Marine in Iraq. They're divorced, but they both love their kids. All in all, it's not an easy situation. I hope that for awhile, my house can be a place where they can relax, have fun. I'll ask her mother if their dad has a camera and microphone. If not, I'll tell her they can connect at my house if it's possible.

That's all for now.
I really do like reading your blogs.
I'll write more on Monday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Save Our Trade: Message From Mike Laspina, Newsday Local 406 Business Agent to all other L.A. Times departments

By Mike Laspina

To all my brothers and sisters in the non-union departments,

When I was kid many years ago, my mother would tell my brothers and sisters and me to do chores, such as clean our rooms or pick-up after ourselves. The first words out of our mouths were “WAIT! We’ll do it later! Her response to us was always the same--Wait broke the wagon!

I would think to myself, what the hell does that mean? Well, after hearing this many times I finally asked her. She told me you put enough weights on a wagon, and it will break down and go nowhere.

I used this saying with my children, and I am saying it again to you. The latest win at the L.A.Times with the N.L.R.B. should show you that once you elect to unionize, you have a lot more rights with this company. (Our union, GCC, organized the pressman at LA Times this summer). We at Newsday are Local 406. We have 41 pages of rights called a collective bargaining agreement contract.

Mike's complete post can be read by clicking on the link below.

Message From Mike Laspina, Newsday Local 406 Business Agent to all other L.A. Times departments


October 24, 2007

Tribune Reports 2007 Third Quarter Results

CHICAGO, Oct. 24, 2007 Tribune Company (NYSE: TRB) today reported third quarter 2007 diluted earnings per share from continuing operations of $.69 compared with $.65 in the third quarter of 2006.

Third quarter 2007 results from continuing operations included the following:
  • A severance charge of $.02 per diluted share, primarily at publishing.
  • A net non-operating gain of $.33 per diluted share, which included a favorable income tax expense adjustment of $.72 per diluted share related to the settlement of the Companys Matthew Bender tax appeal, partially offset by a net loss of $.39 per diluted share primarily related to marking-to-market the derivative component of the Companys PHONES and the related Time Warner investment.

Third quarter 2006 results from continuing operations included the following:

  • A net non-operating gain of $.22 per diluted share, which included a gain of $.19 per diluted share related to the restructuring in September 2006 of TMCT, LLC and TMCT II, LLC, two limited liability companies that Tribune inherited in its acquisition of Times Mirror.

Tribune presents earnings per share amounts on a generally accepted accounting principles ("GAAP") basis only. This differs from the pro forma earnings per share amounts supplied by broker analysts to databases such as First Call.

"Our third quarter results reflect a combination of better revenue trends, strong expense controls and an increase in equity income," said Dennis FitzSimons, Tribune chairman, president and chief executive officer. "Publishing revenue trends improved slightly in the third quarter despite the impact of the housing slump on our Florida and California newspapers. We are also encouraged by positive national advertising trends, led by improved Tribune Media Net sales."

"In television, ad revenue improved as the quarter progressed. New York finished the quarter strong on higher ratings from new syndicated programming and the CW networks fall launch. Chicago also had a good September, thanks in part to Chicago Cubs telecasts."

"The closing of our going-private transaction is still expected in the fourth quarter, following FCC approval of our waiver requests and receipt of a solvency opinion," FitzSimons added.


SOURCE : Tribune Company

Breaking News...

CNN: President Bush signs a federal disaster declaration, freeing up federal funds for families affected by the wildfires.

WOW, Georgy Boy, that was fast! What's the difference in 'Qualcom' stadium and the 'Superdome?'

Just curious...

Iowa Caucus: The Animated Edition!

Ever wonder what the heck the Iowa caucus is really all about? Into animated stick figures? Man, have we got the video for you. We lay it all out for you in this week’s episode. Questions? Suggestions? Let us know about it in the comments.

- Jacob Soboroff

Mid-Week News Sources

LAT Olympic ElectroTech Dave Nelson

Save Our Trade: Incident Reports and L.A. Times/N.L.R.B. Settlement available on Save Our Trade

You can now download and print copies of the incident report document as well as the recent settlement between the company and the NLRB. Just click here to get to the Links/Resources page. I suggest you save the incident report on your computer should you need to report any incidents you feel violates our rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

Thank's Albaro for making these documents accessible to the members who utilize the resources you make available on Save Our Trade's Homepage. Keep up the good work.


Incident Reports and L.A. Times/N.L.R.B. Settlement available on Save Our Trade

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Front Page I Never Read

Seems many newspapers are having a difficult time delivering their products to subscribers, with fires raging and wind howling through Southern California the last few days. On Monday Kevin Roderick reported that the Daily News was unable to deliver their product to many consumers, and today my San Gabriel Valley Tribune was missing the main section, both MediaNews papers. They made up for the missing sections by adding an additional local news section into my newspaper, which I did not discover till I unwrapped my paper tonight. Appears the production transition from Azusa to Valencia is not going very smoothly.

AT&T California Offering Free Emergency Phone Services to Customers Displaced by Southern California Fires

Below is information about free emergency phone services to

customers displaced by fires. I thought this information may be of

value to friends, neighbors, relatives, etc.

For more information contact:

Brian Brokowski, 619-246-3810 or

Courtney Bylund, 714-926-8106

San Francisco, October 22, 2007 - In response to the fires in Southern California, AT&T California is making available a number of free services to support AT&T customers displaced by the fires to ensure they have the ability to send and receive calls to family members and others.

AT&T California is providing certain voice mail and call forwarding features, free of charge, for 30 days to displaced consumers and small businesses. For customers who need a local service line installed at a temporary or new location the Line Connection Fee will be waived. AT&T residential customers displaced by the fires can call 1-877-722-6787 and small business customers can call 1-800-750-2355 to set up the following services:

• Call Forwarding - Automatically forwards calls to any phone number.

• Remote Access to Call Forwarding – Allows displaced customers to dial in and direct normal home phone calls to another number from any phone.

• Remote Call Forwarding – Allows displaced customers to permanently forward their number to another number.

• Message Center/Voice Mail Series 50/50+ - Allows displaced customers to retrieve messages left at their home or business phone line from any location, as well leave a greeting telling callers their status.

• Phone Line – For displaced AT&T customers who set up phone service at a new location, AT&T will waive installation charges.

"The necessity to communicate with family, friends and loved ones, as well as critical community support services, becomes even more vital during a crisis," said Mark Leslie, San Diego area vice president for external affairs. "We are doing all we can to ensure those impacted by the fires will be able to keep in touch with family and have access to other important contacts during this difficult time.”

The voice mail box being made available is located inside AT&T’s central office, so it will be a central and secure place to leave and receive messages. With call forwarding and remote access to call forwarding, impacted AT&T customers can direct incoming calls to their home numbers to the telephone number of their choice to ensure they are receiving their phone calls.

Again, AT&T residential fire victims can call 1-877-722-6787, and small business customers can call 1-800-750-2355 for information regarding the free AT&T phone services.

Despite the severity of the fire emergency and the mass evacuations, calls to 911 are being routed appropriately and the AT&T network is performing well.

About AT&T

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is a premier communications holding company. Its subsidiaries and affiliates, AT&T operating companies, are the providers of AT&T services in the United States and around the world. Voice Mail services provided by AT&T Messaging. Among their offerings are the world's most advanced IP-based business communications services and the nation's leading wireless, high speed Internet access and voice services. In domestic markets, AT&T is known for the directory publishing and advertising sales leadership of its Yellow Pages and YELLOWPAGES.COM organizations, and the AT&T brand is licensed to innovators in such fields as communications equipment. As part of its three-screen integration strategy, AT&T is expanding its TV entertainment offerings. Additional information about AT&T Inc. and the products and services provided by AT&T subsidiaries and affiliates is available at

© 2007 AT&T Knowledge Ventures. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Knowledge Ventures. For more information, please review this announcement in the AT&T newsroom at

Colleagues Impacted by Fires

Four of our colleagues from the Olympic Facility have been impacted by the wildfires in the Aqua Dulce and Castiac Fires, Greg Malcolm, John Walker, Kal Hamalanen, and families have been evacuated from their homes. Everyone at Olympic is hoping for a positive outcome in the aftermath of this terrible disaster.

Our prayers are with you.

Bill Delgado, on his way home to Apple Valley last night, was caught in the closure of the 15 Freeway. Both directions of the freeway were closed, and Bill was awaken by the California Highway Patrol around 2:30 a.m., as he slept waiting for the passageway to open. He was unable to drive home, but returned to his parents home in Los Angeles. Let's hope he has better luck getting home to his family tonight.

Something to think about

Just so you know, Ed, Nubia & I are still supporting the fundraiser to send military kids to summer camp. Today we learned that among the many who have been evacuated are many military families down around the Navy Base around Coronado.

Fire Information

Those of you who have friends or family in the local fire areas can get information at these sites:

SOURCE : Claremont Insider

Outstanding Fire Coverage - OShea memo

Congratulations to the staff for the outstanding newspapers of the last few days. We've distinguished ourselves with our incredible fire coverage, both in the newspaper and online. We've given the reader compelling, authoritative fire coverage but also utility in our consumer features. The layout and design of the paper have been great. And I can't take my eyes off the fire photos. We are also working much better with our colleagues online. Our website traffic is soaring. You are simply the best. We've continued to cover the rest of the world, too, with stellar reporting, photos, graphics, headlines and writing throughout the paper. You should all be proud of your work. I know I am.

Thanks so much,


James O'Shea
Los Angeles Times

Wild Dogs Run in Packs

A pet agency with an Iron Hand has littered the news lately. Ellen DeGeneres adopted a dog, then gave it to the family of her hairdresser. No big deal, unless a contract says you cannot do this. Read all contracts! Also take note of Ellen's hair, could this woman really care for a dog??
Marina Baktis, (rhymes with Bat Kiss) the owner of "Mutts and Moms", explained that her policy is "A new house must fill out an application online." Well, long story short, authorities came to recover "Iggy the Dog", from Ms. Hairdresser. Here is a picture of Bat Kiss holding the dog in question, and demanding a can of Chuckwagon for the ride back to doggy jail.

While I did not personally sign any contracts to get our dog "Wrinkleskins" from the seller, I am sure there may be some unspoken guidelines. For instance, this week Mrs. Speedcat and I went to the Halloween Pet Show at the community center back in Hollydale MN. Wrinkleskins` costume was probably NOT very comfortable, and as you can see, she is in the front seat behind the steering wheel without a seat belt. I'll have to be careful not to let anyone see this! They might send PETA or the Humane society to take her away from our home.

. . . . . . . Basketball Neck Wrinkleskins
I wrote all of this to convey the way in which news is blown out of proportion. We have issues with children in homes where neglect is common, a major health care problem in the US, and issues of free speech being squelched. Let the dog be....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

NLRB Notice to Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times has reached a settlement regarding violations of the labor code at the newspaper, and signs in the two pressrooms have been posted for employees to better understand the charges and the settlement.

Ronnie Pineta has the full story at Save Our Trade.

Photo by Victor Banuelos

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mixed Messages on Tribune Transaction

On Thursday, October 18th, the mainstream media informed the American public the Tribune deal with Sam Zell would be consummated. Yesterday, the media did a flip-flop, and questioned weather the FCC would approve the transaction, which in turn ran the price of Tribune stock down to $26.49.

I suppose us gullible readers are to believe there is actually a debate occurring regarding cross ownership of media in the same city. The Tribune Company deal will go through as planned, end of debate.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Message from Dennis FitzSimons - CEO Tribune

From: Dennis FitzSimons
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 1:46 PM
Subject: FCC review process

Dear Fellow Employee,

During the last two days, you may have seen some of the stories about the Federal Communications Commission’s ongoing review of local media ownership rules. There has been a great deal of speculation about the FCC’s process and its impact on our going-private transaction. Two months ago, however, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin told a congressional oversight committee he expected that during the fourth quarter the commission would vote on our request to transfer our TV licenses and extend our waivers in markets where we own both a television station and a newspaper. We continue to believe that the commission will act within the chairman’s stated timeframe, enabling the company to close the going-private transaction before the end of the year.

In the meantime, let’s continue to focus on serving our readers, listeners, viewers and advertisers in the best way possible.


United States of Mexico?

As I exited the Santa Monica Freeway, at Sante Fe/Mateo, Monday I noticed something unsettling on Enterprise Street, the Mexican Flag in front of a pallet business. As you know, my mother is from Mexico, and has a home on the Island of Cozumel, so I’m not anti-immigrant. But, I am pro American, and disagree with the message S.A.Q. Pallets is sending out to the drivers that pass the business daily. Someone needs to tell S.A.Q. Pallets this is still an American City, so hang the Flag of the United States above the Mexican Flag, or return to Mexico.

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The Weekend is Upon Us News

Former LAT Pressman Robert Rios with Victor Banuelos

San Dimas Invaded by Pirates

Yesterday as I scanned my favorite blogs I ran across an article on the Foothill Cities Blog regarding the take over of San Dimas by pirates. The only problem was the lack of an address, so I mentioned the pirate ship to my grandson David, and we were off on an adventure to discover where the house turned ship could be located. All we had to go on was the decorated home was near the Clint Eastwood movie being filmed in San Dimas. As we drove up and down the streets, we became discouraged and finally decided to head home. Just as we started home we spotted the ship, and stopped to admire the homeowners work.

As I snapped several photo's of the ship, I caught the attention of the homeowners, and they told me channel 7 had also came out for some footage, with no date of when the story would be aired.

The pirate ship is located at 623 Pershire Ave., San Dimas, CA.
Here's the map from Mapquest in case you would like to pay the ship a visit.

The owners requested that visitors bring a bag of candy for all the children that come to see the house nightly.

Veracruz Mexican Restaurant

Former San Fernando Valley pressman, Robert Rios, always wanted to own his own restaurant, and his dream finally materialized after leaving the Los Angeles Times. I have only met Robert twice, yet his charm gives you the impression you have known one another much longer as he greets his customers with a big smile and welcome. Located but a few miles West of the Times Olympic Facility, at the Hoover exit of the Santa Monica Freeway, call in your order and it will be ready as you walk in the door as I did just a few days ago. And Robert would enjoy seeing his old colleagues as well, so either give him a call or better yet, stop in before your shift begins. And for you non-Spanish speakers, Robert's restaurant specializes in sea foods such as Camarones, Langosta, Cocktails, Pescado, and Caldos.

Veracruz Y Cocina Mexicana
2306 South Union Avenue
Los Angeles, CA. 90007
Closed on Monday's the regular hours of operation are11:00 am to 9:00 pm.
MAP to restuarant

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Message from Lauren Padgett on Breast Cancer

Walk For Hope To Cure Breast Cancer

I just wanted to inform everyone that I'm not only doing this Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer, to aid cancer victims; I have volunteered to do this special walk in honor of my Nana, she passed away on May 14, 2007 from breast cancer.

Her case was a little bit different from others. The doctors gave her a few months to live about 3 years ago. Well she proved those doctors wrong! She kept on fighting the entire time and ended up living much longer than predicted.

I remember when I first found out my Nana had breast cancer, I was devastated as was my family. I remember saying to myself why her? She is such a loving and good person and to top it off my grandma. I always knew she was a fighter and she knew it wasn't her time to go.

I cherish the last few years I have had with my Nana. She was always there for me any time I needed her. She always had answers to any questions I had about life or just anything. I always would go to her for any advice I needed, as it was always good advice! I just hope one day we will be able to find a cure for this horrible cancer so others won't have to lose loved ones in such a horrible way.

Thank you to everyone for your support and donations. I never thought I would be over my original goal of $300 by now as I just signed up for the walk on Monday, October 15. I have raised the bar a little bit and I hope you will all support me!

In Loving Memory
Mary Bridget Martinez
January 19, 1941 - May 14, 2007

Lauren G. Padgett

Editors Message: Yesterday I visited our human resources office at the Olympic Facility seeking the matching gift form from the Tribune Company. When I was unable to locate the form I asked our representative, Sam Parks, if he could supply the needed form to match my one-hundred dollar donation, and Sam told me "The Tribune has reached it's limit this year for matching employee contributions". WOW, I said to myself. I challenge all Tribune Employees to make a donation, even if our company will not do so, by clicking on the link below the picture or clicking on the title of this post. If you would rather donate by check or money order feel free to contact me for the file I will send via email. Thank you, Edward

Rehabilitation Program for Tribune Employees

As I pondered checking myself into the Tribune sponsored rehabilitation center in Malibu, California, I daydreamed about how I would spend my time rubbing elbows with stars also attempting to give up cigarettes. But when I logged onto the cessation site, my dreams were shattered when I discovered I would not be staying at the plush rehabilitation center after all.

If you would like to kick the smoking habit, for personal reasons or to avoid the $100.00 per month tariff to your health insurance premiums, visit Free & Clear to register for the program today.

Thursday Morning Links

Olympic Pressman Tim Stock