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Joseph Mailanders Latest Work - Days Change At Night

I'm blessed with many unique individuals I cross paths with almost daily, and I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph Mailander at a political function through a blog called Mayor Sam's Sister City six or seven years ago, where he was once a contributor. Joseph's a very affable person and extremely enjoyable to be in his presence, as everyone is at ease.

If your friends with Mr. Mailander on Facebook your treated to one to two paragraph nuggets almost daily, which makes his newest book a must read for myself and his worldwide fans.

His latest work of art Days Change At Night can be purchased for your Kindle at Amazon for a mere $2.99.   

Photographer Eric Charbonneau Joins AP’s Invision

Photographer Eric Charbonneau Joins AP’s Invision

Black History Month - Dreamers, Visionaries, and Leaders

The image and article below were sent from my friend and writer Theresa Polly-Shellcroft, if I can locate the original I will replace the image with an easier to read version.

Thursday Night in the Blogosphere

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Small-town politics hinges on community newspaper’s power - Poynter

Teacher uses newspapers to encourage students to write - SD Union Tribune

Trend transitioning newspapers to online news hits the Northshore - WWLTV

Today in Labor History

February 28 -- SOURCE: Union Communications Services, Inc. 

U.S. Supreme Court finds that a Utah state law limiting mine and smelter workers to an 8-hour workday is constitutional - 1898

(Actually Leap Year Feb. 29) The minimum age allowed by law for workers in mills, factories, and mines in South Carolina is raised from 12 to 14 - 1915

2013.02.25history-kidsjobs(The Worst Children’s Jobs in History takes you back to the days when being a kid was no excuse for getting out of hard labor. This British book, nearly all of which will strike a chord with youngsters around the world, tells the stories of all the children whose work fed the nation, kept trains running, and put clothes on everyone’s backs over the last few hundred years of Britain’s history. Their jobs ranged from chimney sweep to cesspool cleaner, from tooth-donor(!) to turnip-picker, from manure-shoveler to matchbox maker—and much more. The next time your children complain about having to help with the dishes, put this book in front of them.)

Members of the Chinese Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union in San Francisco’s Chinatown begin what is to be a successful four-month strike for better wages and conditions at the National Dollar Stores factory and three retail outlets - 1938

In response to the layoff of 450 union members at a 3M factory in New Jersey, every worker at a 3M factory in Elandsfontein, South Africa, walks off the job in sympathy - 1986

Working Class Heroes shared Zinn Education Project

This day in history just goes to show you can’t separate Black history, labor history, women's history, and education activism: Sue Cowan Williams represented African-American teachers in the Little Rock School District as the plaintiff in the case challenging the rate of salaries allotted to teachers in the district based solely on skin color. The suit, Morris v. Williams, was filed on Feb. 28, 1942, and followed a March 1941 petition filed with the Little Rock School Board requesting equalization of salaries between black and white teachers. She lost the case, however she won in a 1943 appeal. 

Roots Rock Reggae

Hiring: Editor for this blog &

Hiring: Editor for this blog and;

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Aaron Kushner: ‘We don’t like negative political advertisements’

Aaron Kushner: ‘We don’t like negative political advertisements’

EXCLUSIVE: Rarely Seen Film "King: A Filmed Record" Traces MLK's Struggle from Montgomery to Memphis

EXCLUSIVE: Rarely Seen Film "King: A Filmed Record" Traces MLK's Struggle from Montgomery to Memphis

What Is Sequestration and What Does It Mean for Me? -

What Is Sequestration and What Does It Mean for Me? -

Wednesday Night in the Blogosphere

Eric Garcetti Mayor of Los Angeles 2013

Today in Labor History

February 27

Legendary labor leader and socialist presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs becomes charter member and secretary of the Vigo Lodge, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. Five years later he is leading the national union and in 1893 helps found the nation’s first industrial union, the American Railway Union - 1875

Birth of John Steinbeck in Salinas, Calif.  Steinbeck is best known for writing “The Grapes of Wrath,” which exposed the mistreatment of migrant farm workers during the Depression and led to some reforms - 1902

Thirty-eight miners die in a coal mine explosion in Boissevain, Va. - 1932

Four hundred fifty Woolworth’s workers and customers occupy store for eight days in support of Waiters and Waitresses Union, Detroit - 1937

The Supreme Court rules that sit-down strikes, a major organizing tool for industrial unions, are illegal - 1939

Mine disaster kills 75 at Red Lodge, Mont. - 1943
Today in #LaborHistory : February 27-- via --

450 Woolworth’s workers and customers occupy store for eight days in support of Waiters and Waitresses Union, Detroit – 1937 ~De

In 1937, during one of the worst years of the Great Depression, sitting down for one’s rights was on the agenda for people across the nation.

One of those places was a Detroit Woolworth’s on a typical 1937 Saturday morning shopping day. Woolworth’s went out of business in the USA in 1996. But in 1937, it had an empire of over 2000 stores in the USA and Canada plus more in Cuba, the UK and Germany. At precisely 11 am that February 27th, a union organizer named Fred Loew blew a loud whistle and began yelling “STRIKE! STRIKE!” Shouts and cheers could be heard as department by department the 150 “sales girls” stopped working and stood proudly with their arms folded. The sit-down strike against the USA’s most unpopular chain store had begun. 

Woolworth’s was a Five and Dime, a variety store that was the Walmart of its day. It had ruthlessly put small mom and pop stores out of business by buying huge quantities of goods directly from factories and negotiating low prices in return for long term contracts. Founder Frank Woolworth was an expert at finding cheap sweatshop and child labor in Europe. 

A poll taken in 1936 showed that 69% of Americans polled were against the growth of big chains.
But it was the strike by the Detroit saleswomen that was the most dramatic challenge to the Woolworth empire. The striking saleswomen and their union organizers asked for a 10 cent an hour raise, the 8 hour day, time and half after 48 hours, seniority rights, a union hiring hall and no retaliation against workers after the strike. Store Manager William Mayer told them that he would consider their demands on Monday if they would please go home. The strikers were unmoved.
The strikers were overwhelming young and white, though light-skinned African Americans sometimes passed as Italian or Spanish to get Woolworth jobs. Woolworth’s saleswomen were expected to be pert and engaging with the general public despite many hours of constant standing. One NYC Woolworth’s worker bought special shoes saying, “I don’t know how the other girls stand it. They get flat feel and fallen arches and little surface varicose veins.” There was little time for rests or breaks as the saleswomen were constantly harassed by managers and spies posing as customers. A woman’s “looks” counted heavily and some of the male managers demanded sexual favors for promotions and special treatment.

The women were very aware that they were part of a larger movement. The new Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) was organizing workers across the country.

Family, friends and union supporters brought in blankets, mattresses, food and other supplies. The women organized committees and set out to have as much fun as they could, talking among themselves, playing cards, dancing, knitting, doing makeup and phoning boy friends and families. There was a special Cheer-Up Committee in charge of morale. Many of the young women lived with their families and had never spent a night away from home before. 

The women were very conscious of the press attention and carefully did their hair and makeup each morning. The press insisted in calling them “girls” and trivialized their struggle in that way. But paradoxically, their media image as fun loving girls was also a kind of protection. It would be a PR disaster for the Woolworth’s management to call the cops and have them dragged out by force. The women carefully documented press coverage through their Scrapbook Committee. They were a lot more media savvy than even the media realized.

At first Woolworth’s management refused to negotiate. The strikers answered with a second Woolworth’s sit-down strike at another Detroit store and a promise of a national Woolworth’s sit-down if progress was not made. The Kresge’s chain, Woolworth’s biggest competitor, raised wages immediately. Hundreds of employers across the nation also raised wages in the hope of avoiding unionization and sit-down strikes. US Steel signed a major agreement with the Steel Workers Organizing Committee-CIO to avoid a costly shutdown.

The handwriting was on the wall for Woolworth’s and on the 7th day of the strike, management capitulated and gave in to the striker’s demands. The victory at Woolworth’s was followed by more sit-down strikes across the nation. 

Tony Pierce No Longer at KPCC - FishbowlLA

Tony Pierce No Longer at KPCC - FishbowlLA

Trinity Speakers Forum with Sammy Maloof and Bob Wieland

Sammy Maloof,  
Maloof Racing Engines &  
Bob Wieland, Team Inspiration   
Sammy Maloof a stuntman/racecar driver, Owner of Maloof Racing Engines, Inc., an author and appearances in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Fast & Furious, Rock of Ages, Spiderman 2, Rush Hour & more. He's the Founder of Winning at the Race of Life, a nonprofit that feeds the poor, teaches mechanic skills and gives people the tools they need to WIN. His big passion is telling everyone the GREAT things Jesus Christ has done in his life.

Bob Wieland is known as "Mr. Inspiration!" On June 14, 1969, Bob entered a hospital in a body bag and was pronounced DOA. But today he is very much AOA "Alive on Arrival!" Bob lost both legs when he stepped on a landmine in Vietnam, but he didn't lose his heart! People Magazine called Bob Wieland "one of the six most amazing Americans of the past 20 years." Come hear his amazing story, all by the grace of God!

Join Us: 
Fridays, 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Trinity's Santa Fe Springs Store
10410 Pioneer Blvd. #2
Santa Fe Springs, 90670
Visit our web site for more information > 

Change in OC Register’s Political Advertising Policy Raises Eyebrows

Change in OC Register’s Political Advertising Policy Raises Eyebrows

iPad mini Wi-Fi 32GB Black

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Claudia Eller: Leaving LAT 'most difficult decision' * - LA Observed

Claudia Eller: Leaving LAT 'most difficult decision' * - LA Observed

Tuesday Night in the Blogosphere

Mayor Corey Booker, myself, and Eric Garcetti

Print Media's bad news keeps piling up - Nelson Mail

Variety drops daily paper and pay wall - Kevin Roderick

Many college newspapers face cuts in funding - Hilltop Views

Tribune hires bankers to sell off its newspapers unit - Romenesko

How Low Can a Port Trucking Company Go? - Frying Pan News

BuzzMedia in the Process of Laying Off 50 Staffers - Fishbowl LA

NYT and WSJ: The industry’s last newspaper war? - News and Tech

Looking back on 250 years of American newspapers - The Spectrum

TV stations strong, newspapers weak in Scripps’ 2012 results - Poynter

EO Media Group acquires three newspapers on Oregon coast - Oregonian

Today in Labor History

February 26  --  SOURCE: Union Communications Services, Inc.

Congress okays the Contract Labor Law, designed to clamp down on "business agents" who contracted abroad for 2013.02.25history-buffalo-creek-floodimmigrant labor. One of the reasons unions supported the measure: employers were using foreign workers to fight against the growing U.S. labor movement, primarily by deploying immigrant labor to break strikes - 1885

Bethlehem Steel workers strike for union recognition, Bethlehem, Penn. - 1941

A coal slag heap doubling as a dam in West Virginia’s Buffalo Creek Valley collapsed, flooding the 17-mile long valley. 118 died, 5,000 were left homeless. The Pittston Coal Co. said it was "an act of God" - 1972

A 20-week strike by 70,000 Southern California supermarket workers ends, with both sides claiming victory - 2004

Asking ALL Fellow Pro-Union Pages And ALL Who Support Organized Labor To Please SHARE. Over 200 Plus I.L.A. Family Sustaining Jobs Were Decimated In The Port Of Philadelphia / South Jersey By Holt & Del Monte Corporate Greed & Union Busting Even After Labor Agreed To Demanded Concessions , This Must Never Be Forgotten Or Repeated !!! Again ,Please Show Your Union Solidarity And Help Bring Attention To This Disgraceful Attack By SHARING With Your Friends & Followers ! Thank You And Solidarity Forever !!

What are you doing this weekend?

It's officially one week from election day, and the stakes couldn't be higher.

I'm confident I can make it past March 5th, but I'm not sure we can do it without your help. I don't know if you have plans this weekend, but I need your help knocking on doors, holding signs, and making phone calls.

Click here to sign up to help us get out the vote this weekend.

We've got activities going on all across Los Angeles -- from Saturday morning until the polls close on Tuesday. We've got opportunities for anyone who is willing to help out.
Please sign up to volunteer in your area this weekend.

Even if you are already signed up as a volunteer, check our Get Out The Vote site and indicate what shifts you are available. I know you are busy. We'll take whatever time you can give.

We've got shifts on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Election day -- sign up now to tell us when you are are available

This election matters. Our grassroots campaign is relying on you. I'm relying on you. Don't sit on the sidelines. Get involved now and I'll see you Tuesday night.

P.S. We've got momentum, but I need your help to keep it going.

Sign up now to volunteer this weekend.
Eric Garcetti- Los Angeles Mayor 2013
United States

Teko - Draw We Out - Single

Teko - Draw We Out - Single - #iTunes

A Message from Sammy Maloof

I pray and agree with you today that you break the habits of breaking focus by entertaining other thoughts !!!!  I agree that you will purge your heart with words of disciplines and consistency in all you do.!!  I agree that your words will build faith and produce victory in your inter person, and those words that come from your heart will produce a new future. You will have the mind of Christ AMEN. DONE. I love u. :) keep reading this out loud and receive it.

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Bunch of moves at the LA Daily Journal - LA Observed

Bunch of moves at the LA Daily Journal - LA Observed

Chili Most - When A Woman Needs Good Lovin

Remember when the industry use to make records with singers letting their partners know how much they loved them and how they really felt about them with messages from the heart.  Now ‘Hip Hop’ dominates the popular culture.  Therefore many have forgotten about the music that was made for lovers.

Many cold nights were spent in front of the fireplace with soft music and the one you love. There are still lovers in the world, and there are still those who just want to chill sitting in a hot bubble bath with the candles flickering and romancing that special person while listening to love songs.

There is still one music maker, who wants to romance you with sweet lyrics of love. Welcome to CHILI MOST! He is infusing the airwaves with his innovative mixture of ballads and a kick of real funk. Chili Most purpose is to heal hearts. While rapping, he will drop some funk on you making you dance and making you feel proud to be from whatever neighborhood you live in with “Good N’ the Hood”.  At the same time his message in the lyrics leads a movement calling for people of the world to “Stop The Violence” and to “Fight For Your Rights” as peaceful solutions.

Chili started performing at the tender age of three. Together with his older brother “Z-Most”, the two of them began singing in church and city choirs in their hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana. At the age of five, Chili and Z performed in school and community talent shows. While growing up in Indiana music wasn’t his only interest. Indiana is known as the basketball capital of the world. Chili, his seven brothers and one sister excelled in sports winning five consecutive state titles in football, baseball, track, and basketball.

At the age of ten Chili and Z formed a band. The two began playing concerts, talent shows, and state and county fairs. One year later they began performing on the college circuit throughout the Mid-West. Chili sang lead and background vocals, played lead and bass guitar, drums, and the keyboards.  

Chili continued to expand his talents through high school. Having won a basketball scholarship, Chili went on to college in Michigan. His brother Z relocated to Los Angeles. After graduating from college, Chili decided to join his brother in Los Angeles. Wanting very much to return to music, Chili settled into the business world while producing different styles of music. Currently he has written, arranged and produced the hot new hit single “When A Woman Needs Good Lovin’” for The Famous Chuck Strong.

Then the day came when they heard the news that ‘the Godfather of Soul’ James Brown had been arrested for a traffic ticket. Chili and Z saw that now was the moment to go back into the studio. The result was a recording of the hit titled “Free James Brown”. The two brothers led a Free James Brown Campaign helping Mr. Brown to an early release from jail. Chili approached Al Bell at Bellmark Records and the single became Bellmark’s first release.

Chili has seen the seventies, the eighties, and the nineties and is not new to the industry. As we are now well into 2012 he is back with a vengeance. Love is alive and happening with romantic candle lit nights, a fireplace, someone you love, a message of entwinement from “THE BALLAD MAN” and the twinkling stars that will lead your path. He has added two former original members of Rose Royce, Victor Nix, on keyboards and Lequient “Duke” Jobe, the baddest bass player in the industry and current members from Rose Royce Michael Nash on keyboards and Henri Garner Jr. on drums. During recording sessions he also added Grammy Award winner Gerald Albright on alto sax, former original member Andrew Woolfolk from Earth, Wind, and Fire on alto and soprano sax and Jammin’ Gemi Taylor and Charles Fearing on guitars.

Chili wants the world to know that people still hunger for romance. Are ready to hear REAL soul searching singing and show stopping performances? Well “THE BALLAD MAN”, Chili Most, featuring Z-Most are here. Look out for his C.D. “N Love With Love” with songs like “Baby Come Back Home”, “Born To Be My Girl”, “Be Your Man”, “Once In A Life Time Love” and “Hose You Down”.

News Corp will be New News Corp for a while

News Corp will be New News Corp for a while

Gannett Blog: Detroit | 1st pay raises since '08 in new union pa...

Gannett Blog: Detroit | 1st pay raises since '08 in new union pa...: The unions at Detroit's two daily newspapers ratified new, three-year contracts yesterday that will include a new health insurance plan...

WIN a beautiful 1966 AC Shelby ERA Cobra and Enclosed 20' Trailer

*We are a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing hope to communities across the country. We put on unforgettable stunt shows, feed the poor and homeless, mentor children in need, teaching them mechanic & life skills and we give children and "young at heart" adults the tools they need to WIN at the race of life. Our founder, Hollywood Stuntman, Sammy Maloof is a race car driver, hot rod shop owner, engine builder, speaker and author currently in development of his own reality show. Our team strongly believe this younger generation needs to know that there is a wonderful plan for their lives.

**For a donation of only $20, YOU could WIN a beautiful 1966 AC Shelby ERA Cobra & Enclosed 20' Trailer AND Help US CONTINUE OUR WORK! PLEASE MAKE YOUR DONATION @ OR CONTACT Tina Schneider at 626 506 5011.

*** We are asking for donations every Friday! If you would like to be included in this outreach and would like a block of tickets your help will be truly appreciated! 


Monday Morning in the Blogosphere

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