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Covid-19 by the numbers August 31st



Tuesday August  3, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 200,112,734                   4,257,682
United States
  36,049,682                     630,497        29,756,586 Recovered U.S.

Friday August  6, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 202,172,175                   4,288,524
United States
  36,427,781                     632,606        29,829,621 Recovered U.S.

Tuesday August  10, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 204,549,984                   4,324,433
United States
  36,891,917                     634,662        29,963,571 Recovered U.S.

Friday August  13, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 206,774,165                   4,356,847
United States
  37,364,700                     637,161        30,133,691 Recovered U.S.

Tuesday August  17, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 209,150,709                   4,392,086
United States
  37,894,996                     640,089        30,289,492 Recovered U.S.

Friday August  20, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 211,286,286                   4,424,907
United States
  38,383,110                     644,274        30,434,010 Recovered U.S.

Tuesday August  24, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 213,742,979                   4,462,329
United States
  38,965,740                     648,126        30,620,126 Recovered U.S.

Friday August  27, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 215,999,089                   4,497,230
United States
  39,540,401                     653,405        30,786,368 Recovered U.S.

Tuesday August  31, 2021
Worldwide cases              Deaths
 218,255,572                   4,530,479
United States
  40,058,129                     657,533        30,985,473 Recovered U.S.

Recovered from virus world wide


Source: World Stats

Los Angeles County Covid-19

August 31, 2021
New Cases: 1,938 (1,407,317 to date)
New Deaths: 33 (25,284 to date)
Current Hospitalizations: 1,709


Los Angeles County Covid-19 Trends August 1st - 31st

                  NEW CASES            DEATHS            HOSPITALIZATIONS

1ST           3,045                    5                       1,075

2ND          2,361                    5                       1,096

3RD          2,293                  20                       1,138

4TH          3,734                  16                        1,242

5TH          3,672                  19                        1,279

6TH          3,930                  17                        1,370

7TH          4,283                  13                        1,383

8TH          3,031                    8                        1,433

9TH          2,919                    6                        1,437

10TH        2,622                  22                        1,503

11TH        3,498                  28                        1,573

12TH        3,865                  23                        1,648

13TH        3,810                  19                        1,645

14TH        4,229                  21                        1,627

15TH        3,356                    8                        1,650

16TH        2,426                    5                        1,653

17TH        2,907                  30                        1,679

18TH        4,046                  32                        1,754

19TH        3,239                  35                        1,790

20TH        3,361                  31                        1,786

21ST        3,891                  32                        1,775

22ND         2,781                 10                        1,746

23RD       2,331                   7                         1,722

24TH       2,600                  39                         1,724

25TH       3,322                  36                         1,747

26TH       3,226                  31                         1,731

27TH       2,789                  30                         1,723

28TH       3,627                  30                         1,708

29TH       2,232                    5                         1,692

30TH       2,339                    6                         1,687

31ST       1,938                   33                        1,709

Press Gazette: Top U.S. papers lose 20% of weekday print circulation

The top 25 biggest U.S. newspapers have lost 20% of their weekday print circulation since COVID-19 started, according to Press Gazette, which did an analysis of Alliance for Audited Media data.

In the first quarter of 2019, the 25 newspapers had a combined circulation of 4.7 million. A year later, the figure had dropped by 11% to 4.2 million, says Press Gazette. The most recent figures for these titles show a combined circulation of 3.4 million, a drop of 20% in a year.

See more here.

TitleQ1 2019Q1 2020Q4 2020/Q1 2021Lost since Covid-19 (after Q1 2020)
Wall Street Journal1,005,410994,600786,599208,000 (21%)
New York Times465,959410,562362,76348,000 (12%)
USA Today580,518486,579183,270303,000 (62%)
Washington Post231,169206,824180,15927,000 (13%)
Los Angeles Times226,444196,588164,84532,000 (16%)
New York Post191,495162,478149,61413,000 (8%)
Tampa Bay Times**148,593137,590137,803No change**
Chicago Tribune160,542130,357118,57212,000 (9%)
Newsday (Long Island)*139,275123,905118,3796,000 (5%)
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)137,180123,881114,6979,000 (7%)
Seattle Times***119,034107,88296,41311,000 (11%)
Honolulu Star-Advertiser*110,149107,07093,58713,000 (13%)
Arizona Republic125,074103,26482,86120,000 (20%)
Houston Chronicle100,91086,33478,1128,000 (10%)
Boston Globe98,97684,83477,6797,000 (8%)
Philadelphia Inquirer103,21987,98176,79711,000 (13%)
Dallas Morning News94,21080,90472,9098,000 (10%)
San Francisco Chronicle93,03081,64768,17413,000 (17%)
Daily News (New York)121,75096,84867,98329,000 (30%)
Buffalo News87,22275,78365,61110,000 (13%)
Denver Post88,63873,15462,43111,000 (15%)
Chicago Sun-Times84,37974,97761,82513,000 (18%)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel75,18463,78455,2918,000 (13%)
St Louis Post-Dispatch74,22662,40454,5128,000 (13%)
Star-Ledger (New Jersey)76,77362,74553,06910,000 (15%)
Total4,739,3594,222,9753,383,955839,000 (20%)

Today in Labor History August 31, 2021


10,000 striking miners began a fight at Blair Mountain

John Reed formed the Communist Labor Party in Chicago. (later to become the American Communist Party). The Party’s motto: “Workers of the world, unite!”. – 1919

Some 10,000 striking miners began a fight at Blair Mountain, West Virginia, for recognition of their union, the United Mine Workers of America. Federal troops were sent in, and miners were forced to withdraw five days later after 16 deaths. – 1921

The Trade Union Unity League was founded by 690 delegates from 18 states fleeing the conservative American Federation of Labor (AFL). The League was a wing of the Communist Party and pushed for organizing workers along industry lines rather than by craft, like the AFL, with all workers in a given industry together in one big union. At its peak, the League had 125,000 members and, in 1930, led a protest of nearly a million jobless workers in a dozen cities to demand relief and unemployment insurance. The League fell apart in the late 1930s due to competition from the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), which had launched a wave of successful organizing drives. – 1929

Italian American labor organizer, Giovanni Pippan was murdered during his campaign to organize the Italian bread wagon drivers of Chicago. – 1933

Nearly all 430 workers at the California Sanitary Canning Company participated in a massive walkout. The majority of the workers were Mexican-American women. They were demanding union recognition for their affiliation with the United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, & Allied Workers of America (UCAPAWA). They eventually won a union contract and wage increase. – 1939

The second Solidarity Day demonstration occurred in Washington, D.C., with over 350,000 union members demanding workplace fairness and health care reform. The first Solidarity Day took place 10 years earlier in the wake of the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controller) firings. – 1991

Detroit teachers began what was to become a 9-day strike, winning smaller class sizes and raises of up to 4 percent. – 1999

Axel Springer buying Politico

German publishing group Axel Springer has signed an agreement to acquire Politico, including the remaining 50 percent share of its current joint venture Politico Europe, as well as the tech news website Protocol from Robert Allbritton

“Politico will complement and strengthen Axel Springer’s portfolio with an authoritative voice offering inside perspective and analysis of politics and policy in Washington D.C., across the U.S., and around the globe,” said an August 26 press release from Axel Springer. “Together with Insider and Morning Brew, which are already part of the company’s portfolio, Axel Springer’s U.S.-headquartered news brands will have a significant reach,” the release said.

Allbritton will continue as publisher of Politico and Protocol.

The deal is valued at over $1 billion, say sources familiar with the matter, according to The Wall Street Journal.

News & Tech

Important Events From This day in History August 31st

1997 France Princess Diana

1997 : Diana The Princess of Wales and her constant companion Dodi Fayed are killed in a car crash in Paris as was the driver Henri Paul who was drunk at the time, the driver was trying to escape from Paparazzi photographers. The Princess had divorced from Prince Charles in 1996. Diana was known affectionately as (The People's Princess) because of her winning smile and caring attitude and her willingness to work for charities close to her heart including Aids and campaigning against the use of Land Mines. Find More What happened in 1997.

1888 UK Jack the Ripper

1888 : The first attributed to victim of Jack the Ripper "Mary Ann Nichols" a prostitute from London's East End was found mutilated and murdered in London's East End close to Whitechapel Rd because of this and other murders in the area the police file was called "the Whitechapel Murders." Jack the Ripper is thought to have murdered 11 prostitutes from 1885 to 1891 but as he was never caught , it is possible some of the murders were committed by others. "Mary Ann Nichols" and four others were definitely identified as the work of a single serial killer.

1928 U.S.A. New Service

1928 : A new service connecting Chicago and the twin cities of St Paul and Minneapolis will begin tomorrow with an integrated rail and Air service from Northwest Airways connecting with express trains to the cities, the new service will cut 8 hrs off the current travel time saving a whole day of travelling.

1934 United Kingdom $5.00 to the Pound

1934 : The value of the pound sterling has dropped below the $5.00 mark for the first time since devaluation.

1945 Japanese Prisoners of War

1945 : As Japanese prisoners of war are reaching rescue ships more and more stories of Japanese Brutality and many had spent months in solitary confinement, every single prisoner is suffering from malnutrition.

1954 U.S.A. Hurricane Carol

1954 : Hurricane Carol makes landfall on Long Island and Connecticut, resulting in nearly 70 deaths and millions of dollars in damage.

1957 Malaya Independence

1957 : The hand over of power from Britain to the country of Malaya has now taken place making Malaya an independent nation but will continue to be a member of the British Commonwealth. In 1963, Malaya united several other regions to become Malaysia.

1959 President Dwight Eisenhower Visits UK

1959 : The British prime minister Harold Macmillan and the American President Dwight Eisenhower discuss the threat of Communism to the free world, world peace and global poverty during an historic live television broadcast from Downing Street.

1978 Switzerland Climate Change

1978 : 400 of the worlds top climatologists are meeting in Geneva to discuss climate change and if changes in Climate is influenced by pollution.

1989 England Princess Anne Separation

1989 : Princess Anne the only daughter of the Queen of England announced her separation from her husband Mark Phillips, but they have stated they do not intend to get divorced.

1992 Germany Anti Immigrant Violence

1992 : A new unhealthy movement is gaining ground in Germany which seeks to blame Immigrants for the current economic downturn, this same movement is creating a surge of racist violence aimed at poor immigrant families.

1992 U.S.A. Randy Weaver

1992 : After a stand off siege of Randy Weaver's property in the mountains in Naples, Idaho, with several hundred federal agents surrounding the house for 11 days, during which his wife and one of his sons is killed. A deputy U.S. marshal is also killed during the standoff. Randy Weaver agrees to abandon the stand-off and surrender, He was then charged with murder and multiple firearms charges. He was acquitted of murder when his attorney argued successfully that Weaver's actions were justifiable as self-defense. He was eventually sentenced to 18 months in prison for the failure to appear charge relating to the original firearms charges.

1998 Dow Drops 512 Points

August 31st, 1998 : Dow Jones index drops 512 points in a single day, finishing at 7539.1. This brings the drop to close to 20% lower since highs on July 17th when the Dow stood at 9337. The fall has been blamed on problems with the Russia financial markets and worry over the latest US economic figures which indicate a slowdown in the US economy.

1999 Argentina Plane Crash

1999 : A Boeing 737 Flight 3142 belonging to Lineas Aereas Privadas Argentinas (Lapa) airlines crashes in Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires shortly after take off killing 69 of the 90 passengers and crew.

2000 Authorities Blame Firestone Tires

August 31st, 2000 : US authorities have issued a new report increasing the number of fatalities from 62 to 88 caused through faulty Bridgestone/Firestone tires fitted to Ford's Explorer range of vehicles.

2002 South Korea Typhoon Rusa

2002 : Typhoon Rusa strikes the South Korea peninsula leaving over 100 dead and the eastern port city of Kangnung nearly fully submerged, with water reaching the roofs of houses.

2005 US to Release More Oil

2005 : US authorities are to release additional oil from the country's emergency stocks to provide some relief from the damage Hurricane Katrina did to oil rigs and oil platforms based in the Gulf of Mexico. Concerns over the supply of oil had forced the price of a barrel of oil to new highs of $70.85 a barrel.

2005 Curfew Placed On New Orleans

2005 : Following the looting and lawlessness in the city a curfew is Imposed on city of New Orleans, the US Coast Guard continues finding survivors and flying them to safety. Due to lack of clean water a public health emergency is declared for the area following Hurricane Katrina.

2006 India Execution Sentence Upheld

August 31st, 2006 : The Indian Supreme Court has upheld the decision to allow the execution of two Indian Women to continue . The women had been found guilty kidnapping, using the children as young as 2 years old to beg and steal and then murdered the children.

2007 Germany Synagogue Re-Opened

2007 : The largest synagogue in Germany reopened after undergoing a three year restoration on this day. The synagogue in Berlin survived Nazi and Communist rule but fell into disrepair.

2008 Mexico Countrywide Protests

2008 : Many hundreds of thousands of people across Mexico held protests on this day. The protests were held in a reaction to the continued and increased violence in the country related to gang activities and drugs. The protesters felt that the federal and local governments have not made any major efforts to curb the violence.

2011 German City Installs Tax Meters for Prostitutes

2011 : The German city of Bonn installed a meter to tax prostitutes. The meter would tax prostitutes for soliciting on the streets at a rate of six euros per night and was installed near an industrial area frequented by prostitutes and their clients.

2012 Wyoming Gray Wolves Lose Federal Protection

2012 : Gray wolves in the US state of Wyoming were dropped from the US government's list of endangered species after a successful twenty year program to repopulate the species. New rules have stated the Wyoming needs to maintain at least ten pairs of breeding wolves and cannot have less than one-hundred of the animals, but citizens can shoot wolves on sight in most areas of the state. The changes came after ranchers complained that the wolves were killing their livestock and posing a threat on their properties.

2013 Chemical Leak in Shanghai

2013 : A chemical leak in the Chinese city of Shanghai killed fifteen people and injured another twenty-six people. The deaths were caused by the leakage of liquid ammonia in a cold storage unit owned by a seafood company.