Monday, December 29, 2008

January, 2008 in Retrospect

Sam Zell Emulates the Los Angeles Times Pressmen

Tribune Co. Retirees New Years Gift

Producing the Los Angeles Times - It Isn't Easy

The Sam Zell Videos

David Hiller Speaks to Everyone But Operations

Operations Left in the Dark at the Los Angeles Times

Poor Dennis FitzSimons Grabs another $3 Million

Sam Zell the Billionaire the Blogger

Blogosphere Comments on Dennis FitzSimons

The Passing of Johnny Grant - 84

Take Back the Times: Many Small Papers Are Tanking As Year Begins

Martin Luther King Day

Barack Obama to Visit the Los Angeles Times

Sam Zell on Tribune Employee Handbook

Advertising Migrating to the Internet

Sam Zell Communicates with Everyone

Los Angeles Times Editor Is Fired After 14 Months on Job

LA Cowboy: What Really Happened At The LA Times! He Just Wasn't That Into You!

Sam Zell: No censoring of the Web

Barack Obama at the Los Angeles Times

Death Notification

Take Back the Times: Hiller Firing 2 Men Of Principle, Looks For A Fool

Colorful Language in the Pressroom

Non Verbal Message from Sam Zell

Joseph Mailander Published in The Times

George Carlins Rules for 2008

Sam Zell to Visit the Los Angeles Times

Colorful Language in the Workplace

February, 2008 in Retrospect

Doug Davis Wishing Sam Zell Good Luck with his Purchase of the Tribune Company

David Hiller on Sam Zell Visit to the LA Times


Take Back the Times: LAT and Other California papers Support Obama

Super Bowl Tuesday?

LA Cowboy: If You Only Read One Article All This Week...

LAist Election Party at Seven-Grand

Sam Zell to Visit THIS Thursday

Meeting Sam Zell Today

Sam Zell a Hit at LAT Olympic Plant

Sam Zell Video from Olympic

Sam Zell's Act of Urgency

Sam Zell, Newspaper Super Hero

Sam Zell Videos from LAT Olympic

Jose Ornelas Passing

A Conversation with Otis Chandler

Let Sam be Sam, but you be nice

Message from Russ Newton SVP Production

Another Round of Buyouts at the Tribune Company

Messages from David Hiller & Sam Zell

Laughter Therapy for Tribune Newspaper Workers

David Hiller Names New Editor at the Times

Message from David Hiller Publisher Los Angeles Times

Ku Klux Klan Endorses Obama

Baltimore Sun union memo

Pressroom Buy-Outs?

Car hits Md. street-race crowd; 8 killed

Tribune Employees Being Axed Today

You Can't Fix Something You Don't Understand

Save Our Trade: SHELL GAME

Pancake Breakfast To Benefit Fallen LAPD SWAT Officer

What's New at the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Buyout Files or EVSP

Outsourcing Production to the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Axed Employee Recognition Dinner

Los Angeles Times Sheds 16 Employees

More Sam Zell damage control

The Blogging Pressman Meets Doug Davis

March, 2008 in Retrospect

Hartford Courant Employees Treated to T-Shirts

$4 a Gallon Gasoline Coming Soon

Missing Pool Table at Times Mirror Square

Darrell Kunitomi Leaving the Los Angeles Times

LA Times / GCC/IBT Negotiations

In Memory of Kevin Riley Clawson

Thirty-one Pressmen Axed at Los Angeles Times

Downsizing at the Los Angeles Times

Do Tribune Employees Really Own The Company?

Los Angeles Times Union Negotiations Update

WGN Weatherman flips out - "I Own This Place"

An Homage to the Last Great Newspaper Editor

David Markland Lands New Gig

Filming of the Soloist at the Los Angeles Times

Zell exec Ed Wilson Memo

Former Colleague Needs Our Help

Tribune takes the Sun Times' prize

Tribune Profits Spent on Golden Parachutes

Sam Zell to Partners (Tribune Employees)

The Passing of Julio Barajas

Tribune Appoints Chandler Bigelow CFO

Sam Zell approves of Sun-Times ribbing

Tribune's KSWB-TV, San Diego, to Join Fox Network

Tribune Employees May Need to Refile Taxes

The latest from Uncle Sam Zell

Los Angeles Firefighter Killed in the Line of Duty

Los Angeles Times Writers Say Goodbye

Unofficial Departure List of Production Employees

April, 2008 in Retrospect

Former LA Times Blogger, Peter Viles, Meets the Blogging Pressman

Zell of an Idea - Spoof

Tribune Company Announces Name Change

Darrell Kunitomi Staying With Los Angeles Times

Video For The Pressmen

Tribune to Hold Conference Call with Lenders

Another Video podcast for The Pressmen

Tribune Co faces default threat in '09

The Pulitzer Prize Winners

Surely You Can’t Be Serious?Marc Chase - President Of Tribune Interactive!

Russ Stanton Taking LAT Editors on Retreat

Memo From David Hiller Publisher LA Times

Los Angeles Times For Sale?

In Memory of William Robert Miller

Tribune Announces Executive Appointments

Message From Sam Zell

The Fanatic Printer Speaks Out

Save Our Trade: Recent Negotiations

Newsday Sold as is...

Tribune Tobacco Use Fee Rescinded

Sam Zell's Cigarette's

Departures at the Los Angeles Times

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

San Francisco Peninsula Press Club: New Chron printer moves ahead with plant

This year's I.O. Award winners

Los Angeles Times Operations Buyouts

Lee Abrams Explains His Vision For Tribune Co.

Farewell Party at the Los Angeles Times

All For A Few Perfect Waves

Take Back the Times: Tale Of Two Newspapers: WSJ and L.A. Times

David Hiller on the Festival of Books

Tribune Buys Times Mirror Square

Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books

May, 2008 in Retrospect

Los Angeles Times Globe Lobby Closed to the Public Again

Message From Russ Stanton Editor LA Times

Save Our Trade: Negotiation Update

Compensating For Inflation

San Francisco Peninsula Press Club: Majority signs union cards at CC Times

Meredith Artley and Record Web Traffic at

David Hiller and the Town Hall Meeting


Inflammatory Comments

Tribune Names Randy Michaels Chief Operating Officer

Los Angeles Times Employee Recognition Week Video

Tribune Reports 2008 First Quarter Results

New Sam Zell Blog: Tell Zell

Message From Sam Zell 05.07.08

Opossum Attack in San Dimas

Mark Shapiro Elected to Tribune Board of Directors

Murdoch Pulling His Bid For Newsday

Mayhem at the Times Orange County Facility

Computer To Plate at Times Olympic Facility

Russ Newton SVP Production LA Times

Save Our Trade: Postcard from The Negotiation Table

Innovation at the Los Angeles Times

New Dept. in Editorial - Russ Stanton Memo

Tribune To Hold Conference Call With Lenders On June 5

Memo to Tribune employees from CIO Lee Abrams

Let's Make a Change

Twitter Over Capacity

Videos of the Los Angeles Times Olympic Facility

Tell me it aint so!

Save Our Trade: Advertiser Letter

Message from Russ Newton SVP Production

The Din at the Los Angeles Times

Jack Klunder and John OLoughlin memo


June, 2008 in Retrospect

Operations Managers Under Attack

Passing of Phil Fox - Former Los Angeles Times Employee

Take Back the Times: A Bad Pressmen's Union Letter to LAT Advertisers

Smokers Beware of Enterprise Rental Cars

Revised Letter to LA Times Advertisers

Message from Marty Keegan - Lead Union Organizer

Paul Gillin Visits the Los Angeles Times

Sammy Maloof & Winning at the Race of Life

David Hiller Singing the National Anthem

Tribune Statement Regarding Wrigley Field

Healthcare Survey for Tribune Employees

Los Angeles Times Rumor Control

Tribune Company Promotes John Hendricks to EVP/Interactive and Broadcast Sales

Ernie Hernandez Returns to the LA Times

Kodak Platesetter Beta Testing at Los Angeles Times

Take Back the Times: Harold Meyerson Says Zell Should Be Jailed

Scott Smith retires as Chicago Tribune publisher

Chicago Tribune's Blogger Meetup

Save Our Trade: 52 Annual North American Newspaper Conference

Blogger Boycott and Petition of Associated Press

Lee Abrams Speaks, and Speaks, and Speaks....

Charles G Laird - Father - Pressman - Pilot

Tribune Company in Default by End of Year?

Save Our Trade: June 16th & 17 Negotiations Update

Where's The New Production at Olympic?

Kanani Fong -30-

Anonymous Comments No Longer Accepted

Shout Out to the Union Members at Newsday

Otis Miller - Father - Pressman - Inventor

R.I.P. George Carlin

Save Our Trade: KFWB 980 AM Radio Spots

Tell Zell: Project 3: The Pension

Fast & Furious Hollywood Stuntman Sammy Maloof

Message from Sam Zell to Tribune Partners

Times Mirror Square Name Restored

Pressman Larry Brush -30-

David Hiller Pre-Layoff Message

Sam Zell on the Economy

Employees Rate Supervision at Tribune Company

Job Action at Los Angeles Times

Ken Reich Rest In Peace - 30 -

In Memory of Ken Reich

Take Back the Times: In Loving Memory of My Dad, Ken Reich

Kevin Roderick Coins New Word - DownZelling

July, 2008 in Retrospect

Tell Zell Rallies Employees at the Los Angeles Times

Tell Zell: In Memoriam, Ken Reich

Memo to Tribune employees from CAO Gerry Spector

Dan Neil's Hands Free Alternatives

Message From Sam Zell

Newsroom Job Cuts Los Angeles Times

David Hiller and the Newsroom Job Cuts

Goodbye Ken Reich, We'll Miss You

Pressman David Rascon Hospitalized

Save Our Trade: How Can Partners fire Partners?

Take Back the Times: Eulogy for our Father

Sammy Maloof with Joni Lamb on Daystar TV

Meredith Artley and LATimes Web Traffic

Tell Zell: July 4th surprise

Production Changes at LA Times Olympic Facility

Pressroom Job Action at Los Angeles Times?

Save Our Trade: Well here we go !

Paul Gillin of Newspaper Death Watch

David Hiller Leaving Los Angeles Times?

Russ Stanton Has Just Announced that the Firings Will Commence Immediately

David Hiller Bids Colleagues Farewell at LA Times

Tell Zell: Union meeting

Tours of Pressroom by Employees Now Banned

LA Times Employees Welcome to Use Meeting Room

Innovation at Los Angeles Times Olympic Facility

Los Angeles Times Among Ourselves

Los Angeles Times Union Meeting

Employees of the Baltimore Sun rally with chants of SELL ZELL

David Hiller Visits LA Times Production Facilities

R.I.P. Michael Kelly

LA Times 86's Horse Racing

More Older Pressroom Photo's Added to Flickr

Winning at the Race of Life with Sammy Maloof

Tribune Appoints Gilbert as EVP/Multi-Media Sales

Selling the News in Mexico City

Zell Hell Bumper Stickers

The Guide Bids LA Times Subscribers Farewell


Meredith Artley to LA Times Bloggers

Editor outlines changes in print version of The Times

NOT the Los Angeles Times

Tell Zell: Even God Rests on Sundays

More DownZelling at The Los Angeles Times

Tribune Names Marty Wilke Interim General Manager at WGN-TV

Security Alert At Times Olympic Facility

Couple Chat with Los Angeles Times Circulation

L.A. Times Editor Gives Pep Talk to Staff

Tribune Promotes Key Broadcasting Executives

Steve Charlier Named SVP/News and Operations for Tribune

August, 2008 in Retrospect

Eddie the Blogging Pressman meets Eddy the Publisher

The Jean War at the Daily News

Securing LA Times Olympic Facility From Zell Hell Banners

Jack McGrath Los Angeles Times Subscriber

Condolences to Darleene Powells and Family

Tribune Company Employee Survey

Big Web Picture at the Los Angeles Times

Nine Firefighters Feared Dead

Let's talk about character - Sammy Maloof

A Reader Speaks: Sell Back The Times!

In Memory of my Son - Bryan Padgett R.I.P.

Tribune Reporters Eat Penis in Beijing

Bernie Mac R.I.P.

Isaac Hayes Dies in Tennessee

Book About Sam Zell and Tribune to be Published

Staff Cuts at Times Community Newspapers

Tell Zell: Take Back the Times

Collaboration of DC Comics and Marvel Comics

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

Another New Publisher at the Los Angeles Times

Eddie Meets Eddy

Further Circulation Declines at the LA Times

Mark Kurtich Former SVP Production in the News

Tribune Appoints Hartenstein as Publisher of Los Angeles Times

Tell Zell: A Dear Eddy Letter

Can't Get Enough of Sam Zell?

Former Los Angeles Times Employees

Tell Zell: Bye Lines, LA Times

Dana Custer a New Grandfather

Kate Coe Back in the Blogosphere

LA Times Publisher Eddy Hartenstein's First Act

Los Angeles Times Media Group Names Scott McKibben Chief Revenue Officer

Mexican Fugitive Nabbed at my Brothers Home

Another Senior VP at Tribune Company

Sam Parks Leaves the Newspaper

Illegal Street Racing Takes the Lives of Three

September, 2008 in Retrospect

The Advive Goddess meets The Blogging Pressman

Gannett Acquires a Majority Stake in CareerBuilder from Tribune Company

Message from Eddy Hartenstein Publisher LAT

Winning at the Race of Life with Sammy Maloof

Former Los Angeles Times Editor Matt Welch

Tribute to the 2,973 People Who Died 09.11.01

Advice Goddess Now Carried by LA CityBeat

Tribune Says Confusion Over 2002 Article Started with Google Search Agent

Save Our Trade: Don't Sign The Petition!

Metrolink Train Accident Updates

Unprecedented Jobs Losses in the Newspaper Industry

OC Register Produced by LA Times?

Class Action Lawsuit at Tribune Company

Sam Zell reacts to his employees' lawsuit

Tribune Statement on Class Action Lawsuit

Jim Newton Returns to LA Times

Save Our Trade: Targeted for Discipline

Tribune Names Tony Hunter Publisher of Chicago Tribune

Bill McCarren Rest In Peace

Horse Racing Returns to the Los Angeles Times

Union Organizer Responds to Decertify Petition

R.I.P. New York Sun

Message from Eddy Hartenstein Publisher LAT

October, 2008 in Retrospect

Woody Johnson, one of the five Pressroom Supervisors Purged from the Newspaper

1910 Bombing of the Los Angeles Times Building

Los Angeles Times Redesign Update

Nearly 200 arrested at street racing site in Ontario

Union Negotiations at the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times to Shed 75 in Newsroom Today

Lloyd Thaxton R.I.P.

Retired Los Angeles Times Pressmens Breakfast

Save Our Trade: Proposed Seniority List

Another Tribune Company Class Action Suit?

Condolences to Al Clark and Family

Brian Quintana Raises Funds for Life Rolls On

Moves at the LAT editorial pages

Save Our Trade: Dick Lipsett needs our help!

Trivia Bowl XIV

Los Angeles Times Blogger Event

Violet Kolm R.I.P.

Sam Thompson Former Pressman at Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Redesign Update

Layoffs at the Los Angeles Times

Save Our Trade: our right to labor

Lay Offs at the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Layoffs Continue

"If I Can Help a Reporter Out..."

Tribune COO Randy Michaels' memo to employees

Can You Hear me Now Eddy Hartenstein?

25th Annual Love Ride

Get Lost With Easy-Writer: No On Prop 8

Ten Percent of Staff Let Go at the Los Angeles Times

Message from Eddy Hartenstein Publisher LAT

Los Angeles Times Love Ride 2008

Will the LA Times Release Obama Video?

Outsourcing of Security at the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Blogger Peter Viles -30

L.A. Times Protest - Obama/Rashid Khalidi tape

Save Our Trade: Rumor Control and Negotiation Update

November, 2008 in Retrospect

Barack Obama Elected President of the United States

LAT no longer has a Washington bureau

McManus responds to LAT staffer's memo

Circulation Increases by 142,000 Copies at the Los Angeles Times

Tribune Sees Huge Demand for Post-Election Newspapers

232,000 Additional Los Angeles Times Nov. 5th Edition

Save Our Trade: SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Outsourcing of Computer Help Desk Not Working at Tribune

Electronic Village: Mississippi Officials Tell Kids Not To Say 'Obama'

Courage Campaign Repeal Prop 8

Harvey Tallmon Rest in Peace Sets New Record

Tribune Reports 2008 Third Quarter Results

How Californians Voted

Mitch Mitchell Rest in Peace

Never Know Whom You Might Meet?

Jess Rogers R.I.P.

Downsizing Continues at the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Pressman Loses Home to Fire

The Future of News with Lee Abrams

Eddy Hartenstein Stops the Presses

Save Our Trade: Almost There! Negotiations Complete

You Are One in A Million

Save Our Trade: Ratification Meeting Information

Congratulations Andrew Nystrom

Producer of Superman Returns and Batman A Child Molester?

Join the Newspaper Professionals Team at Kiva

December, 2008 in Retrospect

Sam Zell's Tribune Company Slips into Bankruptcy


It fought the fire the only way it knew how

The Foothill Cities Blog is Back

Follow the Los Angeles Times on Twitter

Los Angeles Times Online Audience

Tribune Company hires FTI Consulting

Pearl Harbor Day Attack

Tribune Filing for Bankruptcy this week?

Monday Morning Tribune Bankruptcy News

Sam Zell on Tribune Restructuring

Los Angeles Times Pressrooms Ratify Union Contract

street-hassle: LA Times/Trib pageviews their way to bankruptcy

Letter from the publisher Eddy Hartenstein

Tribune Company to Voluntarily Restructure Debt Under Chapter 11

Tribune bankruptcy 12/08/2008

Save Our Trade: Los Angeles Times GCC/IBT Represented Pressroom Employees Ratify CBA 140 YES to 57 NO

Tribune Employees Biggest Losers in Bankruptcy

Tribune Company Appears in Bankruptcy Court

Employee Payroll and Health Benefits Continue Uninterrupted

Save Our Trade: Labor,Management Forum Held Yesterday

Porchia Brothers Suffer a Great Loss

Christmas Cancelled for Los Angles Times Employees

Save Our Trade: We Want Our Lunch Breaks!

Los Angeles Times on Twitter

Iraqi Throws Shoes at Bush

Save Our Trade: Local Officer Nominations Meeting

God Rest Ye Weary Journalists

Mack Reed demonstrates surface at BarCamp

Save Our Trade: Courtesy Call with a Threat on the Side

California Snow Storm

Easy-Writer: Book Review-The Soloist

JOUR M02 Writing and Reporting for the Media: Creditors Picked in Tribune Filing

HowStuffWorks Show: Paper Pulp

Hollywood Producer Brings Christmas to Homeboys

Officer Nominations

Merry Christmas Everyone

GOP memo indicates vendetta against unions

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Night News

Roller Crew Member Brandon Grim

Officer Nominations

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We will be hosting two Nomination meetings on Sunday January 4, 2009 at the
Crowne Plaza / Commerce Casino.

6121 Telegraph Rd
Commerce, CA 90040
(323) 728-3600

The meeting times will be:
10:00 am to 11:00 am
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

The purpose of this meeting is to nominate the officers, executive board members and shop stewards. There will not be any voting taking place and is only for casting your

In order to be nominated for one of the following positions you should be present at one of the meetings. If you cannot attend and you want to nominate someone, put it on paper, sign it and have it delivered by someone who will be attending the meeting.


Executive Vice President

Vice President, Los Angeles

Vice President, Orange County

Shop Stewards
3 in L A (1 per shift)
3 in Orange County (1 per shift)

Secretary Treasure

Recording Secretary

Executive Board Member L A

Executive Board Member Orange County

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Mike HugginsMarty Keegan

Hollywood Producer Brings Christmas to Homeboys

Boyle Heights native-turned Hollywood producer, Brian Quintana, returned to his birthplace today to bring Christmas cheer to Homeboy Industries. The Los Angeles based charity was founded by Father Gregory Boyle and is perhaps the nation's most recognized center for gang-impacted and at-risk youth.

Quintana enlisted companies he does business with to compile a Holiday gift bag that has Hollywood's charitable community buzzing. And that is no easy task in any economy. Warner Bros. Entertainment donated the new Batman DVD, Universal Studios provided the Mummy DVD, Disney furnished the Wall-E DVD, the Spectacle Group supplied the new Guns N' Roses CD, Warner Records contributed an assortment of CDs, Joe Francis gave very tasteful Girls Gone Wild caps, Coffee Bean tossed in $5 gift cards, OPI delivered nail polish, Shorty's and Planet Salon shelled out the cosmetics, and M&M/Mars Inc. dished out the sweets. In total Quintana provided over $30,000.00 worth of merchandise to 500 youth from three charities.

Quintana is currently co-producing Superman:Man of Steel for Warner Bros. Pictures. "I am grateful for my success and believe it's my duty to give back," stated Quintana. Quintana once shared a one bedroom home with eleven family members most of whom were gang affiliated. At age fifteen Oprah Winfrey's "A Better Chance" program facilitated him attending The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut before graduating from UC Berkeley. His Hotchkiss scholarship was provided by none other than M&M/Mars Chairman Forrest E. Mars, Jr.. Prior to producing, Quintana served President Bill Clinton, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and countless other politicians.

As a member of the Honorary Committee, Quintana enlisted his Hollywood colleagues to support Homeboy's 20th Anniversary dinner earlier this year. Hollywood supporters of that event included Warner Bros. Entertainment, Dreamworks SKG, Wendy & Barry Meyer, Katie Mc Grath & JJ Abrams, Carol & Frank Biondi, Lynda & Stewart Resnick, Kirk Kerkorian, Anjelica Huston, Herb Alpert, Eva Longoria, Martin Sheen, LAPD Chief William J. Bratton, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

To make a Holiday pledge or for more information Quintana asks that you log onto

Monday, December 22, 2008

HowStuffWorks Show: Paper Pulp

Learn the process for making paper pulp in this clip from the "HowStuffWorks" show on Discovery Channel.

Monday Morning News

Pressmen Bill Conover and Keith Hutchins

JOUR M02 Writing and Reporting for the Media: Creditors Picked in Tribune Filing

From the Chicago Tribune:

Tribune Co.'s official committee of unsecured creditors will include Wall Street banks and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Merrill Lynch Capital Corp. and Deutsche Bank National Trust also won seats on the eight-member committee of unsecured creditors, which represents the interest of all holding debt not backed by collateral.

Tribune Co., the Chicago-based owner of the Chicago Tribune, filed for bankruptcy Dec. 8, less than a year after real estate billionaire Sam Zell took it private as an employee-owned company in an $8.3 billion deal that saddled it with debt. Most of the company's $13 billion in debt isn't guaranteed by Tribune Co.'s newspapers and broadcasting stations.

> Newspaper Guild Local Named to Creditor Committee in Tribune Bankruptcy Filing

> Sun-Times Media Group: We'll Return to Profitability At A 'Fraction' Of Size

JOUR M02 Writing and Reporting for the Media: Creditors Picked in Tribune Filing

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Links

LAT Olympic Pressmen Ed Santos and Mike Brierley

Easy-Writer: Book Review-The Soloist

By Kanani Fong

Last year, in the Los Angeles Times, columnist Steve Lopez chronicled his accidental fall into the life of a homeless man who played Beethoven, Saint Saëns, Mozart and Brahms on a battered violin while standing near a tunnel in downtown Los Angeles. Lopez's column became the number one read for me, so engrossing was his account of his friendship with a man the world will get to know, former Julliard student, cellist, and schizophrenic, Nathaniel Anthony Ayers.

Entire article can be read here at Easy-Writer.