Monday, October 15, 2007

Dream Interpretation

Sunday morning I had my first dream of my deceased son Bryan, all of my children have had dreams of their brother, with my son Nathan waking with tears after dreaming of his brother. In my dream, I left my kitchen out the sliding glass door to our backyard, but the backyard I entered had a large tree with lots of grass in the surrounding area. Our backyard consists of a cement slab with a wooden patio cover and flowerbeds made of bricks. Anyway, Bryan was asleep in his bed with all of his clothes on, and I did my best to wake him three different times in my dream, without success.

This afternoon I understood where Bryan was sleeping. Bryan was buried near a tree and his bed was placed where his grave is situated from the tree, I’m still trying to figure out what this dream means. If anyone can enlighten me to the meaning of this dream feel free to either email me or add a comment.

Thank you.


Nubia said...

I think you're right in understanding the scene.

And although I'm not one to interpret dreams, I do believe the dream came to you to bring you closer to the acceptance that Bryan is resting peacefully.


Kanani said...

Well, that must've been kind of upsetting.
Anyway, I'm sorry. These things will come and go over the years.