Sunday, March 26, 2006

Randy Quaid Sues "Brokeback Mountain" Producers

Says He Was Told Movie was About Heimlich Maneuver

Hollywood was abuzz yesterday with the news that actor Randy Quaid had filed suit against the filmmakers of “Brokeback Mountain,” claiming that he had been told that the movie was a documentary about the Heimlich Maneuver.

“Randy’s angry,” said his agent, Carl Smith. “Ang Lee told him that this was a PBS documentary about the Heimlich Maneuver, and how it saved countless cowboys during the 50s and 60s who were choking on Slim Jims.

”Fellow actor Heath Ledger said that he now better understands Quaid’s behavior on the set.

“We’d be in the middle of a love scene, and Randy would be yelling, ‘QUICK UPWARD THRUSTS! UNDER THE DIAPRAGM, HEATH!’ We just figured he was drinking.”

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rb said...

That is just WRONG :-) But a good chuckle.