Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Adventures at Work

I take it someone is reading my blog occasionally, the lawns at the Olympic Facility were watered today, it was only for thirty seconds, at least their giving the grass some much needed water.

I need to clarify something to everyone, when I mention Wayne I'm referring to Russ Newton, not Wayne Beane (sic) from the Chatsworth Facility.

Today overtime was posted for three crews this Sunday, yes, on Father's Day. At many newspapers like the Los Angeles Times free newspapers are delivered to subscribers that have the Sunday edition delivered only. This is a way to add additional subscribers to the home delivery base, but why does it have to be done this Monday? I say Monday, because the edition to be produced Sunday afternoon will be inserted into the main sections of the newspaper for Monday publication.

I was asked to work by several of the men that have plans for this Sunday, but I also have plans and will be unable to work for them this Sunday. We did the same thing on SuperBowl Sunday, and since I'm not a sports fan I worked for someone that wanted to enjoy their day off.

Why not move this Sunday's bonus day to June 25th, this would make many in the pressroom happy, and allow everyone to spend the day with their familes.

Stay positive,

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