Saturday, June 03, 2006

Calling in Sick Today

Yes, I've decided to call in sick and not blog this afternoon.

Baby sitting my grandchildren this morning, and as soon as my daughter Krissy arrives home I'm off to Venice Beach for lunch. From Venice I will drive South to Redondo Beach about 2:30, hoping Urban Dread is playing today at Naja's?

I will return tonight with photo's of my travels at the beach.

Enjoying this heat.



Anonymous said...

I don't get it!

Many comments on this blog are about people at the Times being afraid of losing their jobs. Yet, you post for all the world to see the fact you called in sick then spent much of the day at the beach and going to a concert. That's not the behavior I'd expect to see from a concerned or "frightened" employee.

Companies I worked for would have fired me pronto. It's called fraudulent use of sick time.

I suspect you'll not post this but I just wanted you to consider another person's perspective.

I enjoy following all the "drama" on this blog. Maybe an upcoming episode will enlighten me as to why I'm wrong on the behavior thing. Perhaps I was just raised in a culture that can't comprehend. After all, the concepts of having control over your own life, holding yourself personally responsible, and showing appreciation for blessings bestowed are pretty outdated concepts.

Hope you don't mind a "viewer" chiming in now and then.

Jess Espinoza said...

It was a figure of speech, Ed's scheduled days off from LAT are Sunday/Saturday; calling in sick was in reference to his "second job", this blog. Read the first sentence of his post.

Bluesangel said...

Thanks, Jesse, for clearing that up. As a friend of Ed's since 1969, I appreciate that someone would come to his defense. To the outraged "Anonymous", please choose a name and post it. I think there are already too many "anonymous" readers. We are all connected to Ed in one way or another, which makes us one big, happy family. . .

By the way, Ed, I hope you had a nice day off, no matter what you did.

Love you!

RB said...

Smart guy, that Jess! I picked up on that right away. Didn't wonder once why he wrote it, because he's not stupid enough to jeopardize his livelihood. Realized a while back that this is how he throws people off!

Perhaps "anonymous" will analyze the postings a bit deeper from now on!

Anonymous said...

That is the beauty of being anonymous I dont know who is BLUSANGEL tell us your real name.No it really doesnt matter. Maybe happy coworkers Peace everybody company man OCpressroom

Bluesangel said...

"Anonymous", please re-read my comment. I didn't ask you to reveal who you are, I just asked you to choose a name and use that when you post a comment. As I'm sure you're aware, there are several "anonymous" readers (and commentors) on this blog. If you choose a name to use, it helps maintain the friendly banter on this blog. I'm sorry if you misunderstood my comment, I did not mean it to insult, provoke or anger you. As I said in my previous comment, we all have a connection to Ed in some form or another making us like "family" with the ability to agree or respectfully disagree. Once again, please accept my apology.