Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Feed Burner Running Fine

Last Saturday I attended the Playboy Jazz Festival, and somewhat disappointed with the groups selected to play. The jazz was what I would call blue's jazz, just not my type of jazz, I prefer smooth jazz like played on the Wave Radio Station in Los Angeles.

This is what we see from the Olympic Facility at sunset.

Many of my fellow printers enjoy riding their motorcycles to work on warm days. And here in Los Angeles we have many warm days. Last year all motorcycles had to park at the side of the building, our current manager of the plant at that time did not like the sight of motorcycles.

The bike riders are very pleased to be able to park near the front entrance to our building, and asked that I thank those responsible for moving the parking where it belongs.

This is what many of us go through on a daily basis while attempting to get to work, Traffic.

If I worked normal hours I would take the train (Metro-Link) to work, but with the last train leaving at 8:50pm, I do not want to be stranded in Los Angeles. And taking a bus to San Dimas takes over two and a half hours, so that's not an option.

The Feed Burner is running, but will not deliver posts to your mailbox if the feed is larger than 200,000 bytes. With all the news the past few weeks, most days see much more than the limit. If I pay a fee to Feed Burner I can have unlimited (well almost unlimited) messages sent to users that opt to join the mailing list.


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Anonymous said...

I treasure the moments of those sunsets from the cafeteria window when I was at Oly from 2002 to 2003. If fact I've some of those shots with my trusty Pentax.
Bob Wright