Friday, June 02, 2006

Late Night at the Ice House

After work last night Larry Washington, my daughters, and I returned to the Ice House, and it was a ghost town compared to last week. The main showroom had maybe twenty people in the audience, and the Annex had twenty-five guests. Our host D'Militant blamed the lack of people on a basketball game being played last night, was there a game?

It was nice to escape thought's of downsizing at the newspaper for a few hours, but here I am today wondering how many employees will be leaving. And naturally I wonder if I will be one of the ex-employees not allowed onto the Times properties in the near future?

Last Sunday a large portion of production was moved to the Olympic Facility, makes many of us wonder what the future holds for our Orange County Production Facility? I'm sure we will get the answers in the next few days.

For you long time readers you may have noticed I'm saying very little about things I disagree with in the pressroom, I'm keeping it where it belongs, in the workplace. Our pressroom supervisor's have enough to worry about, like keeping their jobs through the next layoffs and buyouts.

One thing I hope not to see is security guards walking my way, they may be in the pressroom to escort me out the door.

We cannot control what will happen, so smile if you can?


Anonymous said...

The atmosphere at the LAT is tense enough not only for the workers, but for their families too. Such ponderous notions regarding the fate of the OC plant just exacerbates the stress. We don't need the help....

Kanani said...

It's a scary time for all of you. My condolences during this uncertain time.

I wonder after having read about both the Post and the NY Times--where are people getting the news these days?

I still get the paper. I also google a lot of stuff and I also glance at the online edition of the LA Times and a few others.

Executives and critics say that newspapers are competing with all sorts of media --magazines, TV, newsradio, blogs, online editions, bulletin boards. But something nags me --this might be true, but is the real truth that we have a less literate society that just doesn't read very DEEPLY anymore?

Maybe that's it.
My best to all of you here.

RB said...


Optimistically, things will work out and you'll be fine. Whatever the plan is, know that it's a positive one for those who've done their best. Just make sure your Plan "B" is in order (just in case).


Anonymous said...

For the most part everything will be fine in the pressroom. They need eleven presses for production.If your a poor worker you may have some concern.You know who you are.Stay positive you bring on stress yourself. REMEMBER we make the final product.PEACE EVERYBODY

Debra Taylor-Padgett said...

You're like a tree at the side of the shall not be moved; only to move forward to greener pastures.