Sunday, June 11, 2006

Looking back at last Sunday

Last Sunday as I returned from Venice Beach I noted my garage door was open, and the garage floor was covered with water. My first assumption was, someone washed down the floor of the garage, but this notion was incorrect. Our washing machine's tub had broken free of the bolts that keep the tub in place, and the washing machine overflowed onto the floor.

If you recall, last Sunday (June 4th) it was well over one hundred degrees in San Dimas at six in the afternoon. Our central air stopped working and the house was extremely hot, my children and grand-children escaped into the pool to stay cool, as I tried to repair the central air.

To add to all this, our satellite television also stopped running, only showed Dish 101 which looped over and over on how easy it is to do home diagnostic's. This didn't help my ego one bit, because everything I tried failed.

Now the topper. My thirteen year old daughter Joanna informed me we had to go to court this Thursday, because she and her friend Nicole received a citation for walking to Nicoles house past curfew. And I wonder why my hair has turned gray?

After turning the washing machine on it's side, it appeared it would cost more than the machine was worth to repair it, so I went online and bought a washing machine from Sam's Club, it was delivered on Friday and runs great.

The central air problem was fixed on Monday morning. Appears someone broke off the heater control, and pushed it too far to the right, causing the central air not to run. Luckily I was able to find the problem myself, and saved a few dollars in the process.

The satellite television problem was caused by the Dish Network. I had to have our dish moved to another location of our roof, seems someone in my home owners association didn't care for the placement of our dish. Anyway, Dish Network moved our dish and also cancelled our service. It took a few minutes of pressing one for English, two for this, and three for that, before service was restored.

In juvenile court, my daughter and her friend were brought to tears as the judge gave them a severe tongue lashing. He also gave them twenty-four hours of community service, and gave me a thirty-five dollar fine.

The excitement never stops, but wouldn't life be boring if it did stop?

Have a great Sunday,


Kanani said...

I really hate mechanical breakdowns of any sort!
Three weeks our server at work went down. Kaput. Total bill for a new server: $5k.

Now my car needs new tires and a new radiator.
The dog's ears need to be cleaned, another dog's teeth need to be scraped.

And then there's the garage door. Oh well. It'll have to wait. It's 70 years old, it can wait another 70.

Ed Padgett said...


The serpentine belt for my car broke on the 60 Freeway last Monday as I was driving home.

I was able to pull over at Atlantic Blvd. and as luck has it, Pep Boys had my belt in stock.

The hardest part was removing the broken belt from the fan.