Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Never a Dull Moment

Yesterday as I entered the locker room at the Olympic Facility to put my costume on for work I ran across Wayne, he just finished working out, and I was assured our facility would not be closing by Wayne.

Despite the fact that the building and plants are not being watered, I was told the water pump is not running, and the buildings exterior has not been cleaned in months.

I don't know about you, but stores that look poorly kept do not get my business. Examples of stores I do not visit are Stater Brothers and K-Mart, both stores have good prices, but have a rather dirty look to them. Lets clean the east side of our building to give a positive impression to the thousands of drivers that can see our plant from the freeway.

Our buildings at Olympic are white, and situated next to the Santa Monica Freeway, dust seems to be a magnet to the buildings. If I can have a long hose placed onto the East side of the building, I will volunteer to rinse off the side of the building that all the commuters see everyday.

Back on the home front, I have decided to hire a painter to paint the interior of my house, and work a few overtime shifts on Saturday's to cover the expense. My son Bryan and I painted everything seven years ago, and it took us just over one week to cover every part of the interior.

Certain things I rather not do, like paint, change a babies diaper, give blood, get a tattoo, have a prostate exam, or do plumbing repairs. I have tried to donate blood three times, and almost passed out each time.

There have been times when I could not escape doing what I did not want to do, like the time Joanna vomited in her bed. After getting her to the bathroom to clean her up, I had to remove her blankets and sheets, all the time gagging and trying to vomit with dry heaves, a funny sight I'm sure. Most of you with children have had similar experiences, so I know I'm not alone with the things I go through.

As I keep saying, there's never a dull moment in my life.



Kanani said...

I really hate cooking as of late.
I've been doing it for over 20 years, and frankly, if I could afford one helper in the house, I'd hire a chef.

Well, it seems that the kids eat from the time they get home to the time they go to bed. I SLAVE to cook dinner after work, and they're not hungry. So short of locking the refridgerator (which I couldn't, because then I'd have to endure panic phone calls from them), all I can do is make them come sit as a formality. (No, we're not June & Ward Cleaver).

Which makes me wonder.... who was more repressed? June or Ward?

Debra Padgett said...

"Food" for thought Kanani!!!