Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So much Tribune News, and so little Time

The past week we have seen the Tribune stock lifted because of the stock buyback plan, that was announced at the end of May, and the feud between the Chandler Family and the board at the Tribune Company.

Always the skeptic, I wonder if the so called feud is real or just a fabrication? What ever the case, the stock price has climbed above thirty dollars a share, now to see if it can continue on this upward trend in the coming months.

It was brought to my attention that a letter from the Tribune Board was not published here, if someone would so kind as to forward the missing letter, I will post it after work tonight.

Just as newspapers and television stations track how many readers or viewers they have, as a blogger I too keep track, to see if anyone is watching, of my users or hits. The program I use does not count pings or reloads, I only count actual visitors. I'm sure there are many bloggers that pad their daily counts, in order to have a better standing with Tecnorama or other listing services.

Last week my blog finally broke the one thousand visitor mark in a one week period, that starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Last Friday Cigna called and gave me a phone number for a child psychologist for my daughter, with an appointment for Monday, June 19th, 2006 at 2:50pm. I have been calling the number since last Friday, and the number has been busy for four days straight. I finally just started calling every number on my printout of providers, and have an appointment for this Friday.

I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and advice in these trying times at home and work. My special thanks goes out to the men and women of the pressroom office, you know who you are, that said they would get me an appointment today if I was unable to do so.

I have some additional toys I received as Father's Day gifts, like my new wireless mouse, and my D-Link that added three more USB ports to my computer.

Have heard from Wayne that our Internet access will be returned to Olympic very soon, with safeguards put in place to stop users from viewing porn.

Stay calm,


Kanani said...

Well, good luck. We've done the therapy thing. You need to ask the therapist if she or he is indeed a licensed CHILD psychologist. Also, ask what their area of interest is. Some are intersted in substance abuse, others eating disorders, dysfunctional families, etc. etc. If you're not sure this person is the right one, then look further within your HMO.

They can be a HUGE help to everyone. It's part of that circle thing getting bigger and in the end, helping you out too.

Anonymous said...

ed please see if you can ask wayne to use the same safegaurds at O.C. I've been told that " anything & everything" goes over there

Bob Wright said...

If I were to win the lottery big time, I would attempt to buy back the Times and take care of the employees much as the Chandlers did. I would give hourly employees 8 hours instead of just 7 and reinstall the panic buttons in the gym that actually work.
Bob Wright

Anonymous said...

No not true mister anonymous But if you think we need safeguards thats ok with us.We run a very nice pressroom with out tattletales. Verysmooth operations in OC COMPANY MEN AND WOMEN

Anonymous said...

Ed looking at your web site it seems as though their alot of bickering somebody does not like O.C. thats their right please remember oly or o.c. different places have different things if your jealous please transfer as for anything and everything look at the building your in. its the same business you worry about running in oly we in oc are doing fine worry about your self we'll watch our own plant. Rick Hernandez

Ed Padgett said...

Hello Rick,

With all the news about our company the past few weeks I find it healthy to allow our co-workers to vent in some manner. And even take their thoughts away from the unknown.

Unless you have some computer users in Orange County that know how to go around WebSense and CyberSitter, there can not be much they can view that would be considered offensive.

Some just like to stir the pot.

Take care Rick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ed I'm just trying to understand that all everbodys through how about supporting each other this is not the time to place one plant verse another our fellow coworkers and familys well fare are on the line. I'm very proud that at O.c. everybody that came down from oly felt welcomed were just trying our best,to "survive". The days of who has what are overgive it your best and go home for peace of mind thank you all press people oly and oc Rick Hernandez. remember whats going to happen tomorrow has already been decided worry about it will kill you. Ed have a good day