Friday, June 23, 2006

Someone up there Likes Me

Today is payday for all Tribune employees, and Friday for some of us.

As I logged onto Wells Fargo Online Banking early this morning while sipping on a cup of coffee, I noted my checking account balance was much larger than what my checkbook reflected. Had I made a mistake with my math?

When I reached my account statement page, I had a very large smile from ear to ear from what I was seeing online. My Federal tax return was deposited into my checking account this morning, as well as my paycheck.

Four weeks ago I wrote on my blog that my fereral tax return was rejected by the taxing authority, and when I called the Internal Revenue Service to see what error I had made, I was informed my children were used on someone else's tax return.

After checking my passed years returns, I was told to mail in a hard copy of my tax return, and I would have my money within twelve weeks. But it only took four weeks, YEAH.

The person that attempted to write off my children will be getting a letter from the IRS very soon, with penalties, and fines, and also a tax bill attached.

The good guy wins once again.



Anonymous said...

So what hacker got into either your system or their system and came up with their names and such?

Bo said...

Hey "Money Bags",

Let's PARTY! Your treat:-)


Ed Padgett said...

This was a case of an ex-wife using the children's social security numbers and birthdates on her tax return.

When I called her regarding this matter, she told me "H & R Block had no problem with me using the children as a tax deduction".

I hope H and R Block will help her explain this case of fraud?

My money is safe in my checking accounting, just delayed by four weeks.

Next year I will file my tax returns as soon as my W-2's arrive.

We all get what we give out. Give it out bad, get it back bad. Be generous and kind to others, and you will get it back ten fold in a manner that will bring a smile to your face.


Ed Padgett said...


HELP! I mis-spelled account and do not know how to edit comments.

Bo said...

Seems you spelled "ACCOUNT" without Jesse's help:-) Funny how money can bring our memories back!

Have a grand weekend!


p.s. Hey, let's PARTY:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed,
I use Turbo tax every year on my income tax each year, it's great, it ask all the right questions, does the math, and even speeds up your return in a matter of a couple of weeks instead of months. I've filed both the 1040 and the FTB a couple of days before the deadline and got it from both in a matter of 10 days.
Now I am only a user of this service and not getting paid for it, but it's an option.
Bob Wright