Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trying Times for Newspaper Employees

With all the ado about buying back Tribune stock from Chicago many of the employees of the Tribune Company are wondering what the final outcome will be? Or what the company will look like after the completion of the stock tender.

Who will be sold in Los Angeles, KTLA or the Los Angeles Times? I would bet it would be KTLA, but I could be wrong.

Even after all the dust settles, the company plans to reduce operating costs by two-hundred million, so where will the cuts take place?

Many of my co-workers are asking similar questions, and with very little information coming from Times Mirror Square AKA Tribune West, we can only ponder where we stand.

Here at the Los Angeles Times Olympic Facility we have stopped watering the grass, or trimming the palm trees, which gives the place an un-cared look.

Many of the workers from the closed Chatsworth Facility have mentioned to me, this is what management did at our plant before it closed, stopped doing simply things like watering the grass.

I will do my best to keep all of you informed with any information that comes from Chicago or downtown Los Angeles.



Anonymous said...

Hey Ed,

At least you have grass, here at the "Country Club" all you can see is weeds! The place is falling apart, when it rains look out for falling ceiling tiles and water on the floor. Not very safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed,

at least you have grass! here at the "country club" all there is is weeds! The only watering going on is from mother nature, and when that happens most of it lands on the floor. Watch out for falling celing tiles!