Thursday, June 08, 2006

Warning for Digital Camera Users

On Friday's at the newspaper my crew is sent to lunch by different crews, all depends on what crew finishes their press run first.

Last Friday I left my digital camera on my press console and had lunch with my crew members, and felt no need to take my camera with me at lunch time, I trust my co-workers.

After downloading all my pictures for the week, I came across several pictures that I did not take, but needless to say I was laughing out loud.

I pull gags and jokes on many co-workers, and this time they got me with their little stunt. I love their sense of humor, and hope you do as well?



Bluesangel said...

That was funny! I laughed out loud. At least they showed some restraint and didn't moon you!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of the Butt sisters? Well it looks like the Butt brothers were in town!

Anonymous said...

Not bad....what does the front of those guys look like???

RB said...

That was pretty cute, Guys! Giving Ed a taste of his own medicine, huh? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! :-)