Tuesday, November 21, 2006

LA Times Anti-Union Blog

During the last union campaign at the Los Angeles Times, management created a web page with facts as they see it, for the pressmen and presswomen to view. I have been told a blog will be created very soon stating the facts once again.

Here's what Mark Lacter (LA Biz Observed) said about the facts: "Considering that no one knows who will be owning the paper in six months, it's hard to imagine any of those "facts" will be very meaningful."

When the anti-union blog is created, I will add it as a link here.

While we wait for the launch, visit Save Our Trade Blog, and Save Our Trade Web Site.


Anonymous said...


Why is the company’s blog referred to as the "anti-union blog"? You do not refer to the union blog as the "anti-company blog". How about "pro-company" and "pro-union"?

Ronnie Pineda said...

"Anti-Employee" would be the the appropriate name for their blog because thats what it will actually be!