Thursday, November 16, 2006

Newspaper Workers

These are not good times for the newspaper business, with competition eroding readership on many different fronts, and advertisers looking for new and innovative ways to lure buyers to their wares.

In years gone past it was unheard of for a newspaper to fire its publisher and editor, yet that’s what happened at the Los Angeles Times. The Philadelphia Inquirer let editor Amanda Bennett go, and the Los Angeles Daily News let their publisher and twenty other employees go. The Orange County Register is giving buyouts to five hundred of its sixteen hundred workforce, and this is only a handful of all the newspapers cutting staff across the country.

I’m unsure if the bottom has been reached in this current downward trend of cost cutting, but what tomorrow holds for all newspaper workers across the country is still unclear.

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Anonymous said...

we should of heed ross perot's warning of sucking sound of jobs going south!
bob wright