Saturday, November 11, 2006

Philippe's French Dipped Sandwiches

As a child my grandparents would take me to Philippe's for a really great French dipped sandwich, and a tart lemonade.

I returned to Philippe's a few Sunday's ago, and the place had not changed much. The floors are still covered with wood shavings and saw dust, the tables and chairs appear to be exactly the same as well. I did note the lacking fans that once covered the ceiling every few feet are disappearing, and being replaced with a false ceiling.

Seems this restaurant is just as popular as it was many years ago, so popular they have opened a secondary parking lot across the street for overflow parking, and there were very few empty parking stalls.

The hot mustard is still extremely hot, and must be used lightly, or the consumer will feel a sharp pain throughout their nasal cavity. Philippe's is a step back to the early days of Los Angeles.

Philippe's location:
1001 North Alameda Street Los Angeles, California 90012

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Bluesangel921 said...

Philippe's was a favorite place to go for my family as well. In fact, it still is! In our case, we used to eat there and then make hang out at Olvera Street on Sunday afternoons. Now I'm thinking that it might be fun to do that with my own family.

Thanks for the memory!