Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Morning Linkage

Jim Rainey's Long Story About Tribune Co.-L.A. Times Rifts Fell Short
Rubalcava said that when he told Hiller he does not like the new positioning of the L.A. Times editorial pages at the back of Section A, rather than the California section, Hiller had told him he was unaware such a change had been made.

Tribune Co.’s new solution: baseball?
It is no secret that the Tribune Co. is feeling the pains of dropping circulation rates and constant staff changes. The company which has investments in major media and entertainment venues across the US seems to be moving forward with raising the value of their assets, or at least one of their assets: The Chicago Cubs Baseball Team.

Tribune company math
Tribune plans to ignore the warnings of its last two publishers and cut 10% of the staff while offering less content.

Tribune Co. Looks Like a Turkey at Thanksgiving
Tribune owns the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, two venerable newspapers that are in disarray because the parent company can’t seem to generate big enough profits to satisfy its investors on Wall Street. Life at the L.A. Times is so chaotic that the paper’s editor and publisher both quit recently, rather than submit to Tribune Co.’s seemingly endless cost-cutting.

Billionaires Burkle And Broad Bid On Tribune Company...
As per recent swirling rumors, the LA Times reports that billionaires Eli Broad and Ron Burkle have put in a bid to buy the embattled Tribune Company.

Another New Bidder For Tribune Company - And Los Angeles Times!
Last week, two Los Angeles billionaires, Eli Broad and Ronald W. Burkle, made a surprise bid for all of the Tribune Company, whose assets include 11 newspapers, two dozen television stations and the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

Chicago Tribune Company Needs to Be Stopped Now
More than once, I’ve written about the goings-on at the Los Angeles Times, but as you may have noticed, those posts have never seen the light of day. Why?

The Giant Wants To Grow
Gannett, the nation's biggest newspaper chain, is reportedly interested in making a bid for pieces of Tribune Co., the nation's second-largest publisher.

It's All In Your Attitude
As mentioned the other day, The Source leaked a few rumors about the Cubs. One that was not discussed on this page is something that has to be considered as a reasonable possibility. That is: Tribune Company will sell off all their non-Chicago assets and leave a core company consisting of the Chicago Tribune Newspaper, WGN TV, and WGN Radio.

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