Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And The Survey Says.....

Just a reminder, the employee survey of Tribune Executives, managers, and pressroom supervisors will cease on July 15th, 2008, so be sure and rate the raters before the deadline.

You will only be allowed to take the survey once; from each computer in your possession or that you have access to, because
IP addresses are stored. And you thought you were anonymous.

After guiding two colleagues through the survey, the men thanked me for allowing the tables to be turned. But I reminded the men I was not responsible for the creation of the survey, my cousin Ronnie Pineda came up with this great idea.

You can access the survey from
Save Our Trade or go directly to the survey from here.


Ronnie Pineda said...

For the record, the website hosting the survey prevents an IP from taking the survey more than once. It does not disclose that information under the survey settings I created for allowing respondents to participate in this survey.

Had I chose the option of sending invites through the eSurvey website to individuals inviting them to take the survey, I then would have been provided tracking access to that information. I obviously did not choose that option.

The website can verify the matter of anonymity.

Here is the actual language from the site:

Option 2: Link to survey from your web page Support our site by using this option (that contains a link to our site).

Please note that using this option, eSurveysPro.com cannot track the identities of your respondents so be sure to include survey questions that ask for the respondent’s identity if needed.


This survey IS 100% anonymous!

grandspud said...

Wow, cleaver idea. It's amazing how creativity and the internet is changing the way we communicate.

Ronnie, do you know what the marketing is behind this site? Do they charge to put on a survey or is it free? I'm just wondering how they make money from the idea.

Every time I walk into a Fry's or Best Buy, I feel more and more dated. There is always a new gizmo that blows me away.

Old OC said...

I nominate Mr. Ronnie Pineda for Publisher/CEO of the Los Angeles Times! Do I hear a second? Good!

Now, Mr. Pinede how would you get us out of this economic mess so that we don’t go bankrupt and have to cut more jobs?

Ronnie Pineda said...

Potato head, This website offers both free and paid surveys. I'm assuming they make their money on the surveys where they actually target individuals and invite respondents by e-mail.

There are limits to the amount of free respondents in that mode and you can, if you choose, pay to increase those numbers.

Potato head Jr. AKA (Mr OC)
Thanks for the nomination, I decline, but I will suggest that major cut's from the top down would be the best place to start! Do I hear a second, Good!