Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pressroom Job Action at Los Angeles Times?

According to sources, that have requested to remain anonymous, management at the Los Angeles Times feels the pressroom employees are on the verge of walking out because the Tribune Company refuses to negotiate in good faith. Many of the pressroom supervisors were trained today in the art of making straight-line make-ups, if the need were to arise and the majority of personnel in the pressroom called in sick.

After speaking with several union representatives, it was agreed this would be suicide, as Tribune Management would replace anyone and everyone with eight dollar per hour workers from California Community News.

Seems very peculiar management would cancel today’s union negotiations in order to train supervisors this morning, with my crewmembers present. And furthermore, why wasn’t the training done on Sunday or Monday mornings when no one is working in the pressroom but the five roller crewmembers?

Tribune Management is sending a message to every pressperson working in both pressrooms; get involved in a work action and you will be replaced.

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Ronnie Pineda said...

Just for the record, on Tell Zell an anonymous commenter from a sister paper suggested the writers stage a sick out on July 9th or with hold by-lines on July 10th for the purpose of sending a message to Sam and Senior Management voicing their anger over impending journalistic changes to the paper and their jobs.

I personally responded on Tell Zell to warn anyone reading this suggested action that they run the risk of dicipline including termination if they are suspected of participating in this action.

I think managements paranoia may have ran wild and were preparing a contingency plan in the event that we would in sympathy, call in sick July 9th. There are smarter and more effective ways to make your point and we would not condone an action that would jeopardize anyones employment.

I certainly hope that my assumption is correct and they aren't up to something more sinister.

If the writers want to send a message and be heard, they have to organize as we did. As at will employees, you have no voice.

Fraternally, Ronnie