Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tribune Press Release

The Noise You Can't Ignore Grows Louder in Chicago

CHICAGO, July 1, 2008 -- Wikipedia says, "The Jacor name is retired from broadcasting," but the roaring bark of Jacor’s mascot bulldog is being heard loud and clear in Chicago. That bark added more bite this week when Tribune Interactive President Marc Chase named Jana Gavin senior director/business development for Tribune Interactive.

Gavin is part of a growing team of Jacor veterans now working for Tribune, which includes Chase, Sean Compton (senior vice president/programming for Tribune Broadcasting), Steve Gable (chief technology officer), Russ Gilbert (vice president/digital innovation) and Special Consultant Roy Laughlin. Sam Zell owned Jacor Communications and Randy Michaels, Tribune chief operating officer, ran the media corporation from 1993 to 1999.

During that time, Michaels and his Jacor warriors dominated radio by having the best-programmed and highly-rated stations, and built Jacor into a vastly-valued and widely-respected company by focusing on its audience, employees and investors. Michaels became chief executive officer of Clear Channel Radio when it acquired Jacor in 1999; the transaction provided a healthy profit for Jacor’s shareholders.

"When I hear Chase, Compton, and now Jana Gavin referred to as ‘Clear Channel’ people, I laugh. Media veterans know they are Jacor!" said Kim Johnson, Tribune Interactive’s senior vice president/local sales (who never worked for Jacor, but wishes she did). "Jacor people are known for being fierce competitors and playing to win, so teaming up with the great staff already at Tribune gives us a significant leg up on the rest of the market. Sales people know it’s easier to sell media products with the largest and most-loyal audiences. And Jana knows how to make the cash register ring from her time at Jacor as vice president/non-traditional revenue, where she was responsible for an $85 million annual budget."

Gavin’s appointment is effective immediately. She will be based in Columbus, Ohio.

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