Sunday, September 14, 2008

Metrolink Train Accident Updates

Photo Credit Zach Behrens/LAist


Nubia said...

A coworker was on that train. Fortunately, he is okay. Just a little sore.

In the crash from a few years back, I lost 2 coworkers and will not soon forget the impact it had on my life. Similar to that of 9-11.

Please keep the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Nubia said...

As I departed the Metrolink train in Glendale this morning, I was creeped out when I passed 7 wreaths placed at the station. I would guess they were in honor of those persons who boarded the train in Glendale and lost their lives in the collision.

Once I arrived at work, I received the news that two coworkers were on the train and received minor injuries. For one, it was his second time being involved in a train collision, as he was a passenger on the Metrolink that crashed a few years ago.

Again, please keep the victims and their families in you thoughts and prayers.

Richard said...

Don't railroads have something similar to "Air Traffic Control" center?

I'm trying to get some information from Jerry Ringler, who's the attorney that helped get money for the last victims of Metrolink back in 2005. Do you know anything about him? He's got an article,, on his site, but I'd like more specific information.

Do they have these kinds of accidents in other places around the country? I'm from Chicago and I don't remember anything like this happening... other than one of the "L" trains falling off the tracks above the Loop.