Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meal Periods

Q. Can my employer require that I stay on its premises during my meal period?

A. Yes, your employer can require that you remain on its premises during your meal period, even if you are relieved of all work duties. However if that occurs, you are being denied your time for your own purposes and in effect remain under the employer's control and thus, the meal period must be paid. Minor exceptions to this general rule exist under IWC Order 5-2001 regarding healthcare workers. Pursuant to the Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Orders, if you are required to eat on the premises, a suitable place for that purpose must be designated. "Suitable" means a sheltered place with facilities available for securing hot food and drink or for heating food or drink, and for consuming such food and drink.


Ronnie Pineda said...

Russ said we are allowed to leave the property, and he never said we couldn't.

Living in the REAL world said...

Congratulations! With 5 minutes to walk to and from your car, you can leave the premisis for 20 minutes. Just enough time to drive around the block and back! Remember the 1 hour lunches? Time to play a game of cards or dominoes. Thank God we got it in writing!

Old OC said...

The question still is.....

What did we really gain by having a union?

Can somebody put them in simple list for me?

And then what did we have that we lost. Like the "1 hour" lunches that "Living in the REAL world" mentioned!

Both would be interesting lists!

Hey guess what... then you could post them on Ed's blog!!!!

Living in the REAL world said...

Yo Old OC,

Here is what we gained:

1. Ronnie and his bunch as union stewards.
2. Union dues
3. A contract

Her is the REAL WORLD:
1. No Bust outs
2. No shift differential
3. OT after 8 hours
4. No PE days
5. No TAP pay
6. No pay increases
7. Only 5 FV days
8. No 4% contribution to 401K
9. No 3% contribution to cash balance plan
10. No 2% profit sharing

OK I'm ready to slit my throat!!!

Thanks to the 190 fools who believed Ronnie!

My family thanks you too!