Saturday, April 25, 2009

LAT Festival of Books

As I departed San Dimas for the newspaper this morning at 4:00 am a small amount of drizzle coated my windshield causing some concern that I might need to skip the Festival of Books. But as the morning rolled along the cloud cover burnt away to expose a deep blue sky, aided by a slight breeze that chilled the air.

My transformation from uniform to street clothes was completed in a record five minutes, in hopes I would have a chance to say hello to Kevin Roderick, before meeting David Markland for the Future of News panel.

As fate would have it my short fourteen-mile drive on the Santa Monica Freeway from the Los Angeles Times to Westwood wasted forty-five minutes of what little spare time I had available. By the time I reached David we had to rush over to Fowler Auditorium to take our seats.

Tomorrow the pace will be much different than this afternoon as I plan to arrive about noon for a 12:30 pm panel regarding The Soloist.

See you there.

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Palm Axis said...

looks like fun.