Thursday, April 16, 2009

Save Our Trade: De-Authorization Petition Blocked

On Friday April 10, 2009 GCC/IBT Local 140-N received a notice from the N.L.R.B. that Orange County Operator, Lee Carey filed a Petition for a de-authorization election. The purpose of de-authorization is to have the union security and dues check-off language stripped from the contract. The remainder of the contract remains in force.

Although Carey, Saterlee and Espinosa have the right, their motives are again questionable at best.

Our Attorney informed our Local that our pending board charges serve to block the attempt to have the Board grant an election at this time. We have also informed the board that we are challenging the petition and charge that the solicitation of signatures was tainted. This will prevent the petition from being considered at a later time when current charges are addressed by the board.

More on this subject as it progresses.

Save Our Trade: De-Authorization Petition Blocked


Moe said...
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grandspud said...

President Pineda said,

"...their motives are again questionable at best..."
Questionable? It is clear they are simply motivated in the manner all consumers are motivated; am I getting good value for the money I am paying.

blank said...

Is this the same lawyer that got the union that wonderful contract? Gee, I wonder how this will turn out? Seeing as how all the union wanted was dues anyway, you can bet they will fight.