Friday, June 12, 2009

Rudy Valdez R.I.P.

Emmett Jaime III sent this over regarding retired pressman Rudy Valdez:

Hello again, its me, the bearer of bad news.

My wife received a phone call from Betty Belda, the wife of Klaus Belda, who passed away a couple of years ago. Betty told Becky that her daughter who was married to a relative of Rudy's heard that Rudy Valdez passed away and that she had no information what so ever.

If you or anybody else knows of anything please e-mail and let me know and also please pass this on to people without computers, I'm sure they would like to know. The last I heard Rudy was living in Lake Elsinore, was diabetic and had bad circulation, was helping out at a food bank. Nobody answers his phone so nobody knows what happened to him.

Thank you and take care of yourselves.

Emmett Jaime III

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