Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First Impressions

First impressions of people we meet make for lasting impressions, even if the evaluator is completely off the mark with the new encounter. Everyone judges others they encounter within three seconds, even if it’s only a quick glance.

I had an experience I will never forget with one of our Los Angeles Times executives one afternoon, his assessment of me was completely in error, but I’m certain he still feels he was on the mark.

This un-named executive asked me if I smoked marijuana upon our first meeting, and I was taken back by such an odd question. Here at the Los Angeles Times the company policy on marijuana usage is zero tolerance, this means I would be fired if I answered his question in the affirmative. So before I proceeded to answer his question I asked him “What made you ask me this question?”

He stated that he observed my earring and assumed I was a marijuana user, so any male donning an earring at the newspaper is presumed to also be a pot smoker I asked?

I explained that I have tried marijuana in the past with the same reaction, paranoia, which is rather unpleasant, so I do not use the herb. I am envious of others that smoke marijuana and have a great time while under the influence, but I’m not one of those so fortunate.

Now take a look at the Pressman Blogger, do I look like a marijuana smoker to you? Please disregard the KUSH tank top.


Kanani said...

That executive was completely out of line. He shouldn't have asked you such a personal question. It would be like if someone asked him if he took Viagra. Why? Oh, because everyone knows newspaper execs have no balls.

Ed Padgett said...


You are out of control, and I love it! Thank you for making me laugh my ass off, wonder if the executive at the Times will laugh as loud as I just did?

Nubia said...

Holy Moly, Kanani! That is HILARIOUS...and SO on POINT! Right now, I'm having a private 'Comedy Central'!

You're right...He was TOTALLY out of line and would be FIRED! If, and ONLY 'IF' he were blue collar!


Nubia said...

BTW, Edward. If you wanted to 'STUR THE POT', you would have justified grounds to do so! That question could be classified as 'harrassment' in my book!

It's the same (in my profession) as asking a potential employee if he/she's married, or if he/she has children! We, as managers, are not allowed to ask such questions for fear of a discrimination suit!

Xen said...

Great dude! This is for you...

Blackthorne said...

Definitely, a 2fer. Herb and drink aficionado.

Ed Padgett said...

Thanks Blackthorne,

I see you're an art lover, cool!

Ronnie Pineda said...

He must've been stoned himself to be asking such an intrusive question without grounds for doing so.

One of our Union reps. was asked by an Exec. if he smoked (dope) because his phone ringer was the Door's "Riders on the storm".

Maybe he needs someone to smoke with, score for him, or he wants to sell you some Kush Ed!