Saturday, December 12, 2009

*The Blogging Pressman will visit Orange County LA Times

The Blogging Pressman will be heading down South to the Los Angeles Times Costa Mesa production Facility to photo document the facility and workers before the plant is shuttered next year.

So comb your hair and don the best uniforms you have as I will be snapping many pictures on Thursday and Friday next week.

*UPDATE: I will not be visiting the Orange County Facility this week as planned.


Old OC said...

Hey Ed....

Would you published, on your blog, the company memo that says the OC Plant will be shut down next year? I think I missed it.


Moe said...

An insider told me that the plant was sold to Transcontinental, and the Tribune and Register will contract with them. He also stated that the labor arrangement will shock a lot of pressmen when it is announced. Also, the Register editoral staff will move into the office space and the production employees will run the presses.

Robert said...

A lot has changed since I left the Times five years ago to work for another paper, except for one thing. Times employees are always the last ones to know what is really going on within the company. Moe heard it right; Transcon is coming in to print the Tribune and the Register, shocking not only the pressroom, but other production departments as well.