Thursday, February 25, 2010

Action at the Los Angeles Times

There's never a dull moment at the Los Angeles Times Production Facility called the Olympic Plant, as noted on the blog LA Now. On Wednesday morning at about 12:30 a.m. a group of six armed robbery suspects crashed into the rear gate of the building with several suspects fleeing onto the property and into the building.

The building was placed on lock down as officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, backed up with SWAT and Sheriffs combed the entire building for the suspects. One suspect was apprehended inside the men's 1st floor locker room with unconfirmed reports of two women being held at bay by our dogs that call our parking lot home.

My colleagues that completed their shifts at 12:30 a.m. were held on site until the suspects were arrested, and the trucks were not allowed to leave the property, causing two trucks to be delayed and not meeting their on time delivery.

On another note, we're now into the new printing time slot's fourth week, and shipped another 45,000 newspapers to the Orange County Los Angeles Times Facility last night, marking four out of four Wednesday's we have required help from our Costa Mesa Plant. The web breaks have eased, but mechanical problems caused the delay last night, as a clutch would not engage properly.

Today should be a much better production day at the newspaper.

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$.02 said...

Fish Bowl LA- "Times supervisors at the plant were asked by deputies to shut down and evacuate the building. After some negotiations, the presses continued to run. For a short time, no trucks were allowed to leave the property."

Reminds me of a time in the way back machine; SFV Printing Facility, Nick Ochoa, a Fire Captain, and a couple of Cops wandering through the plant. It was a bomb scare that no one let the employees know about. Some things at the LA Times never change.

Keep the presses running. Were the "prospective victims" paid OT? Wasn't this the time frame for shift change? Or will the time be cut off hours later in the week? This isn't in the contract.

Speaking of which, can we have the Supervisors negotiate for everybody now. Seems their resolution time is far and above more acceptable than higher management.

Being held at work, unwillingly, is tantamount to kidnapping-- if the argument is made for safety purposes... how was it safe to continue running?

And, on a final note; the suspect could of changed into some dirty uniforms and made out like the who's-who of OC visitors.