Friday, February 05, 2010

Changes in Production at the Los Angeles Times

The second day of the new production schedule at the Los Angeles Times Olympic Facility ran much more efficient then the first day, yet communications are still in need of improvement among staff in the press room.

Yesterday I was informed one truck load of newspapers arrived rather late (4:30 a.m.) to the distributor, this was not due to the Orange County and Olympic press rooms but a lost truck driver. No reports of late newspapers this morning, which is a positive sign.

With so many press runs running concurrently time seems to flow very quickly while working at the newspaper, our shifts are over at a blink of the eye.

Today's shift will be the biggest test of all as the press room is a very busy place on Friday's as we prepare Saturday's newspaper and the Sunday edition as well.

Word heard in the press room: "We should keep the Orange County Press room running, we need their help".

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