Friday, February 19, 2010

The Daily Struggle Producing Your Newspaper

The Olympic Facility experienced a much better day yesterday than on Wednesday with half as many web breaks as the previous day. Yet, we fell behind as the presses crashed like domino's once again and shipped forty-two thousand copies to our brothers and sisters in Costa Mesa.

With the majority of production occurring between 4:00 p.m. and midnight I'm left pondering why our press room manager and plant manager are not present, especially during these trying times?

Our press room supervisors are feeling the blunt of the problems, and are extremely lucky to take a break or even have a bite to eat as they're all wearing many hats while at the production facility.

Several colleagues have wondered out loud "What idiot came up with the idea of shuttering the Los Angeles Times Orange County Production Facility?".

Below is a short video on a web break to give the general public an idea of what we're experiencing at the Los Angeles Times on a daily basis.

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$.02 said...

"Did the 24 web breaks..."

These (web break definitions) were addressed way back in 2003... it includes the unreported and under reported-- maybe not.

Web Break: A web break is anytime that you lose a web while the press is runnung. On-stop breaks are included in this category.

Now the questionable web breaks have a home (much like the 24 accounted for).

Too bad the geniuses who made the decision not to resize the spraybars still have a home after their choice.