Sunday, April 04, 2010

Fun Blog: Old School Man

Enjoy Old School Man!
It's hilarious, but in so many ways RIGHT ON!

"To see a movie where the main character is a man of values who despite being a flawed man is still a good person with solid Old School Man values is a breath of fresh air amongst the “sex and the city” crap Hollywood normally vomits out nowadays. And the huge success of Gran Torino at the box office and the academy awards American Film Institute (AFI), National Board of Review, Broadcast Film Critics Association and Chicago Film Critics Association Awards is proof positive to Hollywood that the American male is damn tired of seeing men portrayed as bumbling pussys on the big screen."


Nubia said...

LOVED Clint in the movie! Such a character. And if you haven't seen it, check out Samuel Jackson in 'Lakeview Terrace'. WOW, he was disturbing, but played an outstanding role!

Ed Padgett said...

I also enjoyed Gran Torino and Clint's character was tough yet in a way sweet as well.

I'm often confused for Samuel Jackson when I wear my Kangol hats, but you knew that!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Have not seen it or even herd of it ... but it's going on my must watch list. In other news, is this the first time "bumbling pussys" has been written on the LATimes Blog ? LOLOL !!!! (( shock ))

Hello Ed, Kanani, and Nubia :-)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

oooops - "HEARD" was the word, not herd ... heheee

Donald Frazell said...

My wife says thats me, as i cut my lawns with a pushmower, much bigger than Clint's. And made the kids do it when here. Got one to the naval Academy that way, the other?well Pac 10 basketball teams wanted him, but at a JC. Cant get em all, but we all have to do things our own way. Patience. And calling em like i see em.

And i call em pussys all the time over at your culturemonster blog. They got used to me and dont delete my posts anymore, as they know i am right. in attacking the vacuousness of the contempt art scene, little art there as its all about a soft and decadent lifestyle. I now have the backing of the Rev Cecil"Chip" Murray to organize the tribes, all the peoples of south LA County, to use and save the Watts Towers.

Pussy art kids never go there, too scared. Been going all my life, took the kids duirng the 90s to their music festivals, even wiht them closed with scaffolding around them. check my blog, contactng as may churches, synaggoes and temples as i can south of the 10 freeway, gonna get secular groups too. Just go, pay the admission, nd have festivals supporting and USING the Towers as they were meant to be. Nuestra Puebla, our village.

And designed a Music Museum of the Americas to build and keep em coming. chekc it out, we must begin to bond as a common humanity, the splintering of the enterteinament industry must end, adn make no mistake, Fox News and all movie and music labels break us apart for marketing and profit.

art collegia delenda est
Fine art colleges must be destroyed.
Save the Watts Towers, tear down the Ivories.
have a nice day!grrrrrr