Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Larry Coles Rest in Peace

Larry Coles at the left with Don Reese

It’s with great sadness I report the loss of former Los Angeles Times Press Operator Larry Coles. Larry left the Los Angeles Times through one of the many buyouts we have experienced at the newspaper over the last eighteen years.

His colleagues in the pressroom gave Larry the nickname Stretch, as he towered over his fellow co-workers. From what information I have gathered Larry's family will hold a private service for his internment.

A good friend of Larry’s, Pressman Don Reese, will be hosting a memorial this Sunday at the Elk’s Lodge in Downey at 4:00 p.m., which he called a Pressman's Funeral.

His son Jim preceded Larry in death.

His daughter Peggy and three grandchildren survive Larry.

Elk’s Lodge
11233 Woodruff Avenue
Downey, CA 90241-5521
(562) 803-3557



Larry Jordan said...

This is sad-----He was such a great guy and also such a great sense of humor. I can remember going out for a smoke with him and he would butt the cigarette and put it behind his ear. With all the hair he had, sometimes, I would see his hair catch on fire. He was legendary among all of us. Just too sad.

Larry Jordan

Blackthorne said...

Larry Cole and Tom Windess were the all time great pressmen. First time I came to OLY plant I was met with disdain because I was punk electrician wet behind the ears. After a few drinks at the bar all that went away. God bless ,Mr. Coles.

Old OC said...

A good man with great “common sense” who really cared for the people that he worked with. He will be missed.

Nubia said...

My sincere condolences on the loss of your former coworker, Edward. Take comfort in the fact that he made an impact on the lives of the Pressmen to follow him. Blessings to his family and may he rest in peace.