Monday, April 19, 2010

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Los Angeles Times Pressmen 1930

From the collection of Frank O. H. White, son of Frank J. White whom was a pressman at the Los Angeles Times from 1924 to 1964.

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$.02 said...

Terminations and Recalls-- This isn't the first time that people have been terminated due to time spent on disability.

Why wasn't anything done then?

Why weren't (these four) people [the remaining membership for that matter] alerted to the possibility of this happenstance?

Are the people coming back going to be used like the "seasonal" nine recalled in August of '09?

As I understand it a couple of the recalls were on disability leave during the final days of the OC wind-down. And the vouchered that have been let go, then recalled, come back without the voucher pay.

I guess the company continues to get its measure. Praise be the Ex-O's of both worlds.